Making cloth diapers: There are two common styles

Experts recommend using cloth diapers for babies during the day and diapers during sleep at night, so alternate use can effectively reduce some of these problems.

Diapers are now readily available, but what about cloth diapers?

  How to make cloth diapers does not prevent going to the store to buy some soft light-colored cotton gauze. After washing it with non-irritating laundry detergent, blanch it with boiling water and expose it to the sun to achieve the purpose of disinfection.Diapers of suitable size and thickness.

  Dark-colored cloth may have a stimulating effect on your baby’s skin, causing diaper dermatitis.

Therefore, the color of the diaper is white, light yellow, and light powder. It is better to avoid dark colors, especially blue, blue, and purple.

  There are two types of box diapers: triangle and tube. Diapers are generally about 40 cm long and 16-20 cm wide. The thickness is preferably 3-4 layers of cotton.

The strap for fixing the diaper can be placed directly on the baby’s abdomen with elastic loops, or it can be fixed by knotting the cloth tape next to the diaper.

It seems that the strap should not be too thin or too tight, so as not to damage the skin.

  Triangular diapers can be made of 65 cm square cloth, folded diagonally into triangles, and fixed with safety pins when in use.

The boy’s urine tends to flow forward.

Generally prepared about 30 grams can meet the exchange.

  Cloth diaper size The size of the diaper is generally 36cm × 36cm. It can also be made into an accessory of 36cm × 12cm, or it can be made into a triangle.

It may be that the size of the diaper should be widened and extended with the child’s age.

  Number of cloth diapers The number of diapers should be extra. A baby needs about 20-30 pieces a day and night.

Diapers should be prepared before the baby is born, washed and disinfected before use, and dried in the sun.

  The method of wrapping diapers is to cover the anus and external genitalia with a tubular diaper first. The direction of urine flow of the baby boy should be upward, and the abdomen should be thicker, but do not cover the umbilical cord to prevent urine from suspending the umbilical cord.Thicker.

Triangular diapers are wrapped around and tied around the sides of the tibia, but it should not be tied too tightly, so as not to affect the breathing movement of the abdomen.

The other corner can be snapped up at the end.

Because the baby’s knee joint is shallow, when wrapping the diaper, the natural position of the baby’s legs should be placed in an “M” shape, exactly like the legs of a frog.

  Changing and washing cloth diapers For washing, parents must be diligent. Once parents find that diapers have feces, they should immediately change them to prevent the bacteria in the feces from decomposing urea in the urine to produce ammonia to stimulate the skin and cause diaper dermatitis.

  Cloth diaper washing steps: 1) Soak in soapy water and rub; 2) Rinse with running water; 3) Scald with boiling water for 5-10 minutes; 4) Dry in the sun.

If it is rainy, dry with a dryer; 5) Fold it up and put it in a clean cabinet.

  Do not pad plastic with diapers. To prevent baby’s urine from being blocked, blankets are used to placing a layer of plastic or rubber cloth on top of the diapers.

However, because such articles are not breathable and do not absorb water, urine is not easy to leak, which causes the small environment of the baby’s buttocks to protrude, the temperature rises, and diaper dermatitis and mold infection are prone to occur.

In order to prevent urine from soaking the mattress, cotton is not hindered at night. Cotton pads are made of thick pads, which are placed outside the diapers, but the interval between replacements should not be too long.

  Pay attention to seasonal changes in the use of cloth diapers. The climate is hot in summer and the air is humid. Do not use the diapers that have just been exposed when changing diapers. Use them after they have been cool. For the purpose of preventing diaper rash, increase the number of babies.When it ‘s time to bare buttocks, and the weather is cold in winter, you should use a hot water bottle to warm the diaper when changing diapers, or you can put it in the adult’s cotton coat and warm it up before using it to make your baby feel comfortable when changing diapers.

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