Chacha aerobics

Taking the concept of physical exercise and happy mind without losing its Latin style and characteristics, combined with the basic movements and steps of aerobics, it has become a fitness fashion.

The most unique and recognized Latin aerobics is precisely the aerobics, which is characterized by four beats and five steps. The tunes are cheerful and fun. The movements have a witty and fancy style. Arms cooperate to give a playful and neat feel.
As long as you use beauty and Shen Yun to perform exercises, it will definitely enhance the body’s heart and lung functions, beautify, and delay aging before it can work.

It only takes 20 minutes a day to keep practicing shortening, the waist and abdomen will become thinner, and the body will be more fit.

The following introduces a set of Chacha Latin aerobics routines.

  The first section: 1 shot, the right foot step back and the left foot point, the center of gravity falls on the right foot, the arms are bent and placed on the waist to swing naturally.

  2 shots, the center of gravity moved to the left foot.

  3-4 beats, using the rhythm of the joints to the right and stomp down in place.

  5 shots, the left foot step forward and the right foot point, the center of gravity falls on the left foot, the arms are bent and placed on the waist to naturally shake 6 beats, the center of gravity moves to the right foot.

  At 7-8 beats, use the rhythm of a joint to the left and stomp down.

  The second quarter: the same as the first quarter.

But 3-4.

7-8 move left and right and merge.

  Third quarter: 1 shot, right foot on the top of the left foot, the center of gravity moves forward, while the body turns 90 degrees to the left, the right hand with five fingers lightly support the right hip and elbow abduction, the left hand palm down and left oblique upwardPull up.

Look at 7 o’clock.

  After 2 shots, the center of gravity then moved to the left foot, while the body turned 90 degrees to the right, with both arms bent and placed on the waist to swing naturally.

  3-4 beats, right and merge.

  5-8 shots, same as 1-4 shots, but in opposite directions.

  The fourth quarter: the same as the third quarter.

But the one-arm falling electric field of the arm pulls the palm down on the head.

  The fifth quarter: 1 beat 2 beats, facing 1 point, right foot, left foot crossed forward two steps in turn, the arms naturally bend and swing.

  3 shots, 4 shots, lift your knees and knees right and left twice, with your hands and five fingers lightly supporting your sides and elbow abduction.

  5-6 shots, same as 1-2 shots.

  At 7 and 8 shots, the right toe is slightly forward and the knees are lifted, and left and right are swung twice.

  The sixth quarter: 1 shot, the left arm side raised flat palm, right hand five fingers skin elbow abduction.

With your right foot, point your body at the same time as turning 270 degrees to the left.

  At 2 shots, continue to turn 90 degrees to the left with your left foot at the same time, with your arms up and facing 1 point.

  3 shots, 4 shots, and move right together.

  5 shots, the left toe points to the outside of the right foot, the arms are naturally on the side, and the face is 1 point.

  6 shots, turn 360 degrees at a fixed point.

7 shots, 8 shots, left and combined.

  Seventh quarter: 1 shot, take a step back with your right foot, lift your toe down with your left foot, and cross your arms forward.

  2 shots, left foot down.

  3 shots, 4 shots, once to the right and jump in steps, with both arms raised sideways.

  At 5 shots, the left foot is turned forward by 90 degrees and the center of gravity is shifted to the left foot. The left finger supports the elbow abduction.

  After 6 shots, the center of gravity shifted to the right foot.

7 beats, 8 beats, left and combined. Eighth beat: 1-2 beats, face 8 o’clock, right shoulder, right hand, right foot rubbing step forward.

  3-4 shots, left shoulder, left hand, left foot rubbing step forward.5 shots, point your right toe forward and your left shoulder forward.

6 shots, turn left to a fixed point at 180 degrees and 4 o’clock.

  At 7-8 shots, the body turns 135 degrees to the left to face 1 point, making a right and stepping together, the arm swings naturally.

  You can choose music to practice this routine (Kent Jian English Taxi High School’s “Dance Dance” and “Linbad”).

Every exercise must pay attention to the body language’s expression of music, and at the same time listen to each story in the music, expressing the love for a better life through rich facial expressions.

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