Pay attention to eating coarse grains of all ages

Nowadays, too many “rich and noble diseases” are caused by people over-eating, and some people are afraid of over-refined foods, and they are overly pursuing coarse grains, so that the price of coarse grains is higher than fine grains.

Medical experts point out that if you do not distinguish between ages, eating too much “crude” is also bad for your health.

  Coarse grain contains a large amount of cellulose. The cellulose itself is implanted in the large intestine to produce mechanical stimulation, promote intestinal peristalsis, and make the stool soft and smooth. This is very beneficial for preventing bowel cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by high blood lipids.
  If you are between the ages of 25 and 35, it will affect the absorption of proteins, inorganic salts and certain trace elements by the body’s functions, and even affect reproduction.

  For a man, the diet should be rich in zinc, selenium, vitamin E and C.

For example, eating, cooking, frying, soybeans, human body protein absorption and digestion rate is only 50% at most, and after processing soybeans into tofu, the absorption rate rises to 90%. The processed tofu is because it destroys the fiber in the beansVegetarian ingredient

For example, if you eat too much high-fiber food for a long period of time, it will increase people’s protein supplementation, slightly reduce the amount of supplementation, and lack of trace elements, which will cause damage to bones, heart, blood and other organ functions, and reduce the human immune system.

  At the age of 35 to 45, the metabolic rate begins to slow down.

  Should eat less sweet food, should eat a variety of dried fruits, coarse grains, soybeans, fresh fruits, etc.

  45 to 60 years of age should pay special attention to understand the importance of regulating and supplementing the body.

  Hypertensive patients should eat less salt and eat potassium-rich foods such as dried apricots, beans and dried fruits.

When the law reaches menopause, eat more soy products, which can minimize bone metabolism.

Middle-aged men are worried about prostate disease and can arrange a diet rich in zinc, vitamin E, and low-saturation animals.

  People over 60 years of age are prone to cancer, heart disease and stroke.

  Therefore, it is better to eat a diet rich in antioxidants and a diet rich in zinc, such as fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils, fiber, oily fish and low-faecal animals, which can reduce the degree of disease damage.

In addition, cellulose will be combined with heavy metals in the body and harmful metabolites in food to convert into the body.

Eating moderately high fiber-containing foods is good for the human body and is worth promoting.

However, cellulose also has its disadvantages to the human body, and middle-aged people are not good at eating high-fiber foods, so there should be a degree.

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