Constipation with food therapy

[Introduction]Due to the improvement of our living standards, our food is becoming more and more refined, so that more and more people suffer from constipation.

Today I will recommend a few treatments to everyone.

  Due to the improvement of our living standards nowadays, our food is becoming more and more delicate, and thus more and more people suffer from constipation.
Today, Xiaobian came to recommend several food treatments for constipation, which can effectively improve the constipation.

  [Fruit citron sheep]Formula: Cistanche 30 grams, 1 pair of sheep kidney.

  Method: Remove the fascia of the sheep kidney and cut it thinly, and mix it with soy sauce, starch, and rice wine to slightly marinate.

Add Cistanche to the right amount; cook for 20 minutes, remove the residue and leave the juice.

Re-enter the sheep kidney and boil until boiled, add onion, ginger salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil and serve.

  Effect: Wenyang laxative.

  Usage: 1 time daily, 2 times in the morning and evening.

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Reasons for children to eat more orange and green vegetables

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin.

The source of human vitamin A is through eating animal foods such as liver, kidney, cod liver oil, milk, poultry eggs, etc .; the second is the intake of vitamin A precursor (carotene) from plant foods, which is converted into vitamins in humanOne.

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for our body. It can maintain the normal ability of the eyes to adapt to darkness, maintain the normal structure and function of epithelial tissues such as skin, eyes, digestive tract, etc.Normal growth is good.

Therefore, it plays a very important role in the normal growth and development of infants.

  Reasons for children to eat more orange-green vegetables. The orange-green vegetables and fruits we are talking about contain rich carotene, but only about 1/6 of the carotene in the replacement can be really used by the human body.Because it is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is more easily dissolved and absorbed in the presence of fat.

Therefore, when making this kind of food, you must put oil or cook it with meat.

Orange green vegetables and fruits include carrots, spinach, pea sprouts, red sweet potatoes, pumpkins, laver, apricots, persimmons and more.

Why can’t fruit be a substitute for vegetables?

  There are many varieties of fruit, with good color, aroma and taste, which are good for helping digestion and increasing children’s appetite.

The nutritional value of fruits is similar to that of light-colored vegetables, which are mainly rich in inorganic salts, vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Acidic fruits such as fresh dates, hawthorn, citrus and other vitamin C content are high, and because the fruit can be eaten raw, the nutrients contained in it are heated without being destroyed, so the nutritional value is higher than that of vegetables.

However, there is a certain amount of fruit on the market, and the vitamin C content of fruits preserved during the winter and spring season has been affected. Most of the vitamin C has been destroyed due to the high temperature treatment during preparation of canned fruits.

Therefore, children even have the conditions to eat fruits every day, or they cannot fully meet the vitamin C requirements.

  Vegetables come from a wide range of sources, especially in the south. Fresh vegetables are cheap and readily available in all seasons.

Green vegetables are rich in inorganic salts and vitamin C, which can be reconstituted into various forms for children’s consumption. It is an irreplaceable part of the composition.

Therefore, vitamin C supplementation should be based on vegetables, and fruit alone cannot achieve this goal.

More importantly, vegetables contain more cellulose than fruits, and cellulose can promote bowel movements and excrete stool.

Children who have been constipated often do not eat vegetables.

So after eating fruits, you should still pay attention to eat more vegetables every day, especially fresh and dark green vegetables.

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Four ways to make peace between husband and wife

Lead: Sure enough, after they proceed, the life of the couple becomes more harmonious than before.

Especially for couples who are irritable and have high self-esteem, the role of the love convention is more obvious.

  It is not terrible that a relationship problem occurs between husband and wife. If you master the four tactics of restoring husband and wife relationship, you can still reconcile.

  First, on the contrary, the strengths of the other couple are generally seeing each other’s shortcomings, so that the more they look, the less they are pleasing to the eye. In fact, the other party is certainly not the only one without advantages, but if the contradiction between the couple develops to the point that they think the spouse has only shortcomingsIf there is no merit, it is probably because of negative empathy on both sides.

At this time, you should use the method of discovering advantages, that is, consciously discovering the advantages of your spouse to solve the problem.

American psychologists have a three-week plan called Improving Husband-Wife Relationships, which requires couples who are not in harmony with each other to ask themselves to discover each other’s advantages and tell each other within three weeks.

The first few days may feel a little awkward, but after a few days it will be natural.

By the end of the twenty-first day, most couples found that it was difficult for each other.

Of course, the purpose of this method is to make the couples who have different feelings come out of the complications of negative empathy. As long as this purpose can be achieved, the time can be short or long.

  Second, looking at the problem from another perspective, research by psychologists found that about half of the couples who have become weaker in feelings are only because each other has a stronger personality, and as a result, they ca n’t get along with each other.

In fact, if you look at it from another angle, you will find that many things do not involve the principle of right and wrong, so don’t take these too seriously.

Another thing is to change your behavior.

Whether they can tolerate each other, understand each other and adapt to each other’s personality.

If you can do not demand the other side, first change yourself, I believe that the emotional crisis between the elder wife will not be easy to form.

  Third, a couple of love conventions often quarrel over small matters. Later, the husband feels that he hopes to use the following conventions: 1.

Be patient with each other in everything; 2.

2. If you disagree and want to speak aloud, leave each other for a while; 3.

Husband and wife should treat each other with sincerity; 4 Husband and wife show love to each other; 5.

6. If one party is unhappy, the other party wants to help the other party to forget the unhappy things; 6.

Every night before going to bed, couples need to check each other’s events and plan tomorrow’s events together.

Sure enough, after they did this, the life of the couple became more harmonious than before.

Especially for couples who are irritable and have high self-esteem, the role of the love convention is more obvious.

  Fourth, leave the law for the time being. Most couples have had such a psychological experience, get along day and night, and once separated, think about it.

The reason is simple. The separation provides favorable conditions for both sides to calmly think about the problem.

Moreover, people generally have the mentality that memories of past things have a certain instinct to promote goodness and abandon evil over time, and happy things will gradually become prominent.

Therefore, for those couples who are not in a harmonious situation, they should consciously use the temporary separation method; so that the couple’s beautiful feelings can be awakened in the separation.

  Tips: Most couples find it difficult to copy each other.

Of course, the purpose of this method is to make the couples who have different feelings come out of complications of negative empathy. As long as this purpose can be achieved, the time can be short or long.

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Six ways to help children cope with emotional crisis

Xiao Sha got up early in the morning and said, “I don’t want to go to kindergarten at all today.

After arguing with her best friend Deline, she ignored me again, which made me sad . “With age, my child’s life gradually expanded from family to kindergarten, school, emotional problems encounteredIt’s getting more complicated.

  ”Xiao Sha has no appetite at all; Xiao Sha is very upset; Xiao Sha is so nervous that her stomach hurts; Xiao Sha really wants to cry”, and all this is just for “arguing with good friends”.

For adults who have been fighting for hundreds of years but have forgotten their childhood experience, this is just a small setback in life. For children, it is a real physical reaction and psychological feeling.

It is uncomfortable to have a conflict with a good friend. If this good friend is well-connected with his peers, his reputation is high, and the child ‘s situation is more difficult.

“It is quite lethal to children.

  However, social conflict is the best time for children to develop their emotional processing skills.

From observing the emotional expression of others, describing their emotional feelings, imitating the emotional processing of others, and experiencing solutions, etc., children learn everything about emotions, and from this they develop more elements, more flexibility, and coordination.More sophisticated emotion processing skills.

  When a child encounters friendship setbacks, parents can do this: 1.

Believe in your child’s feelings and accept your child’s emotions2.

Carefully observe the child’s physiological response when his emotions come 3.

Guide your child to observe how others solve problems 4.

Encourage your child to tell sad things to someone they can trust.

Tell your child that one way won’t work and remember to see if there are other ways to go 6.

Trying to make the child understand that the loss sometimes makes us better. Parents can also tell him the truth by telling stories.

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Jumping skipping rope to “jump” away osteoporosis

There are many benefits to skipping. In a busy metropolis, if you can give yourself a few minutes, skipping and exercising, it will bring unexpected benefits to your body.
  Yang Maowei, a professor of orthopedics at the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, believes that skipping is conducive to increasing children’s coordination and flexibility.
For these children, skipping rope is undoubtedly an exercise that can be easily completed and can meet the child’s amount of exercise in a short time.
  Rope skipping can prevent the mystery of osteoporosis: low price, unlimited venue, convenient and flexible, suitable for all ages, playing a sport.
  The answer: skipping rope.
  There are many benefits of skipping ropes, such as boosting vital capacity, immunity, etc.
For different people, there are different benefits.
  Fatty: Enhance flexibility and coordination. Nothing likes to eat junk food, study all day, and lack of exercise, resulting in more and more fatty.
  A well-known British fitness instructor has calculated and compared the various sports methods based on the calories consumed for half an hour. The results are: 450 cards for track and field, 250 cards for basketball, 330 cards for bicycles, 300 cards for jogging, and walking.75 cards and 400 skipping ropes.
By comparison, you can clearly see the advantages of skipping ropes, and children who are nervous in learning can basically strengthen their whole body muscles in half an hour, eliminate excess fat on the hips and thighs, and achieve the amount of exercise withoutObese.
  White-collar workers: Ease the pain of cervical and lumbar vertebrae and beat white-collar workers.
Sitting in front of the computer all day, I rarely engage in strenuous exercise. Once operated, my body will be sore for a few days and cannot be relieved. However, exercises that are too regular, such as yoga, are difficult to complete on time and on a periodic basis.
  Therefore, skipping rope, because of its simplicity and unlimited space, can not only be a daily exercise for white-collar workers, but also professor Yang Maowei of orthopedics believes that skipping rope can also help relieve muscle soreness.
  This is because skipping is a sport that can coordinate the whole body, so it can increase the strength of the whole body’s muscles. While rocking the rope, it can also involve the arms and shoulders. The shoulder and waist muscles can be fully exercised.
Long-term rope skipping, muscle strength increases, sore shoulders, neck and waist can naturally ease.
  Middle-aged and elderly: reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.
hzh{display:none;}  冠心病、心肌梗塞这些心脑血管疾病,也困扰着许多中老年人,有什么适合他们的运动健身方式呢?  Yang Bo, deputy chief physician of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Fourth Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, pointed out that German experts have done statistics. Rope skipping can indeed effectively reduce the number of cardiovascular hospitalizations, reduce the chance of heart stents, and alleviate the deterioration of coronary heart disease.
  This is because skipping rope can effectively promote the blood circulation of internal organs such as the heart, liver, lungs, spleen, stomach, and kidneys, speed up metabolism, and thus improve the function of organs.
Yang Bo emphasized that patients with myocardial infarction can also skip rope, but to control the frequency, not too fast.
  Orthopedics professor Yang Maowei analyzed that rope skipping can also effectively promote bone cell metabolism and prevent osteoporosis.
The calcium content in human bones is just like a bank. Only when you are young and keep depositing, will you not get osteoporosis and serious calcium deficiency when you are old.
Rope skipping has the effect of increasing bone strength.
  Reminder: Patients with varicose veins are not suitable for skipping. Although skipping is good, it is not suitable for all people.
  Yang Bo reminded that people with varicose veins, joint disease and mobility problems are not suitable for skipping.
  Varicose veins are caused by maintaining little change in posture for a long period of time. Blood accumulates in the lower limbs, and the venous valve is destroyed over time. The venous pressure is too high, causing varicose veins.
The main force of the rope skipping movement is on the lower limbs. Repeated jumping movements can easily cause the lower limbs to swell and lead to worsening of the condition.
  Those who need to stand for a long time, such as teachers, salespersons, and nurses, are high-risk people with varicose veins.
Therefore, for these people, Yang Bo suggested that it is best to go to the hospital for related examinations and make sure that there is no varicose veins before doing rope skipping.

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Decompression Yoga soothes shoulder and neck problems

Busy office life makes you live under stress all day long. How should you reduce stress in the face of such stress?

Hurry up and practice decompression yoga so that you can enjoy tranquility and joy in the bustling.

  Office Decompression Yoga This is a group of yoga exercises for the office crowd, consisting of six poses.

It can promote blood circulation, soothe nerves and reduce stress; it can effectively relieve fatigue caused by sedentary office postures, especially pain in shoulder, neck, hip and leg muscles.

  1, soothing style points: placed on the back of the ear, stretch upwards when inhaling, exhale time to relax.

(Effectiveness can be achieved on the chair: when the office is tired, doing two soothing styles can relax the shoulder position and improve head blood supply.

  2, dance-style points: hands try to grasp the toes from the intervention, do not flip.

The chest expands when inhaling, the back end relaxes when exhaling, and the legs try to lift back and up.

  Efficacy: Fracture and strong spine, promote blood circulation in the back, nourish spinal nerves.

Can effectively alleviate a variety of low back pain, correct humpback, improve poor posture.

  3, triangle-shaped points: depression, back, top on the same horizontal plane, once exhaled the body continues to bend downwards.

  Efficacy: This is a posture method for the whole body of the abdomen, which can nourish the spine and back nerves, increase strength, increase lung capacity, and reduce waist and abdomen.

  4, the triangle twist type points and effects are the same as the triangle type, in addition there is an effect of increasing waist twist distortion.

  5, chairlift squat points: When squatting, the knee joint spreads out in the direction of the toes, to their own limits, straight forward.

  Efficacy: Because of work, you will often sit for a long time, which will make the blood circulation of your legs weaker and weaker. This posture exercise will strengthen your legs, feet, knees, and uterine muscles, which is good for the legs of sedentary people.Nourishing effect.

  6, single-leg tilt points on the chair: hook feet, straight tail, let your body continue to bend down every time you exhale.

  Efficacy: skeletal muscle, legs, nourishing bones, brain and legs, it has a good effect on back pain and periarthritis.

  Tips: 1. Take about 10 minutes to practice yoga in the middle of work, which can give us a good rest, both physically and mentally, so as to maintain a strong energy and good self-confidence, and better complete other tasks.

  2. Persistent and intense work, the mind is very tired.

Regularly combing your hair with both hands can speed up blood flow to the head, allow your brain to be fully fed, and maintain strong energy.

  3. One or two exercises cannot completely change the sub-health status of the body. A healthy body requires a long-term healthy and regular lifestyle, including regular work and rest time, healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

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Psychological assistance after the earthquake

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder, referred to as PTSD.

This concept first appeared in the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association in 1980.

The identification criteria mainly include three groups of symptoms: re-experiencing the situation (re-experiencing the wound event through painful memories, dreams, or hallucinations), evading or indifferent reactions (always avoiding things that are associated with injury events, or indifferent to the usual response)), More irritating symptoms (difficulty falling asleep, high alertness, exaggerated startle response, etc.).

People with one of the three symptoms can be identified as PTSD.

Research shows that approximately 75% of people may have witnessed, witnessed, or encountered an event that is enough to be called a wound, such as a natural disaster, a traffic accident, a violent attack, or physical abuse. These events seriously threaten or harm themselves orThe safety of others’ lives.

  After the earthquake, people in the disaster area are facing multiple disasters such as loss of loved ones, displacement, lack of living materials, and even danger to life. The psychological damage caused by the disaster may include stress disorder after the wound, extreme helplessness and fear, and lossand many more.

My cousin at Wenjiang University in Chengdu told me, “I was in the dormitory when the earthquake happened, and I felt that the building was shaking a lot. My legs were soft when I ran, and I was scared!

After the earthquake, the teaching building was severely cracked and could only sleep on the basketball court without sleep all night!

“My friends working in the urban area of Chengdu told me” I was wearing high heels and couldn’t run when the earthquake happened. Many people were crying. Although there were no casualties, the water stopped after the earthquake. Everyone started to buy and consume a lot.Depressing!

“Due to the collapse of many school buildings in this earthquake, students have become one of the largest casualties.

The wounds caused by disasters to children and adolescents will affect their future lives more severely than adults, and may hinder the development of children’s healthy mentality such as independence and autonomy.

PTSD crisis intervention can relieve mental and physical symptoms and prevent adverse consequences.

Due to the timeliness of crisis intervention, it is also necessary to intervene psychological intervention for survivors at the first time.

The current major interventions include cognitive behavioral therapy, imaginative recall therapy, psychological evacuation, and a combination of other psychotherapy techniques.

  It is gratifying to see that relevant departments have organized the deployment of professional psychiatrists to the disaster areas for psychological intervention and intervention; some folk psychology volunteers have also begun to provide crisis intervention commissioning manuals through the network for post-disaster psychological prevention and evaluation.Online psychological consultation, etc., work together to contribute to the psychological crisis intervention after the disaster.

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Find the root cause of fitness plan failure

Hollywood actresses are mostly muscle training enthusiasts, such as Madonna, Angelina o Julie, muscle training is their only way to maintain the curve.

Is this because 80 kilograms of energy are consumed per day for every kilogram of muscle?
Between 260 calories, and only 2 conversions per kilogram of adult consumption?
6 kcal.

Therefore, as long as you add a kettle-like muscle to your body, you can consume a large refrigerator.

Seeing here, will you refuse muscle exercise?

  Before implementing the bodybuilding plan, you must whisper in your heart: Actually, I also planned a bodybuilding plan at this time last year, and I swear to lose weight at this time last year!

But why your fitness program doesn’t always work as expected?

It’s another spring, you still can’t wear that tights?

Experts point out: You are likely to make the following three classic mistakes: ◆ Ignore muscle training: When we talk about muscles, we always think of bodybuilders. In fact, muscles can be presented in beautiful forms, like Brad PittMuscle or the front of Hillary os Wunk.

Hollywood actresses are mostly muscle training enthusiasts, such as Madonna, Angelina o Julie, muscle training is their only way to maintain the curve.

Is this because 80 kilograms of energy are consumed per day for every kilogram of muscle?
Between 260 calories, and only 2 conversions per kilogram of adult consumption?
6 kcal.

Therefore, as long as you add a kettle-like muscle to your body, you can consume a large refrigerator.

Seeing here, will you refuse muscle exercise?

  ◆ Only do the same kind of movement: There are 3 basic movements of movement: front and back, left and right and rotation.

The treadmills we often do, step on bicycles, and lift weights are all forward and backward.

If you only do the same type of exercise, you can’t greet your muscles one by one.

So add other sports!

Turn the hula hoop to exercise large waist muscles; raise your legs with one foot to strengthen abdominal and waist muscles; jump at fixed points to increase leg strength and coordination.

  ◆ Do not record exercise results: If you really want to lose weight and keep fit, just record the exercise results carefully!

Don’t underestimate the training of these digital fitness instructors. The speed, length and heartbeat on the treadmill can show your physical fitness, and all changes will accurately reflect your physical condition.

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4 mistakes to wash your face

People often do “invalid labor” in daily life. Taking washing the face as an example, there are four things that should not be done, which are time-consuming and wasteful and are not good for skin health.

  Should not use a washbasin and not say whether the washbasin is clean, just say that the wash water in it, after hand and face interaction, became more and more muddy, and ended up with uncleanness.

It’s far better to wash your face with running water by hand: first wipe your hands clean, then wash your face with one hand, one cleaner than the other, and it won’t take a few to get clean.

  Should not use soap facial skin has a large amount of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, every time every moment is synthesizing a natural “advanced cosmetic cream”, forming an invisible protective film on the skin.

It is slightly acidic and has powerful antiseptic skin care.

The alkaline soap not only destroys its protective effect, but also stimulates the sebaceous glands to “produce oil”.

The more you “degrease” with soap, the more oil your sebaceous glands produce.

  Should not use hot water to completely remove the protective film on the face, so after washing the face with hot water and soap, human skin will feel very tight and uncomfortable.

In fact, even in the severe winter, you don’t need to wash your face with hot water. You can use only cold water to wash away the dust at both ends.

  Wet towels that should not be wet for a long time are conducive to the growth of various microorganisms. Washing your face with a wet towel and rubbing your face is tantamount to absorbing various bacteria into the body.

Towels should always be kept clean and dry.

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May drink a cold drink before exercise can help lose weight

In addition to diet, exercise is the key to maintaining a slim figure.

And, in addition to hard training, skillful training should be added.

The latest article from the famous American fashion magazine “Metropolis” lists 5 slimming tips that are worth trying.


Have a cold drink before exercise.

  A new study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Science states that drinking a large glass of smoothie before fitness can run for 10 minutes, especially under high temperatures.

Cold drinks help lower body temperature before exercise and increase exercise time.


Cleaning the room is exercise.

  Psychological hints are good for fitness.

Take stock of some daily activities and classify them all as fitness, such as climbing stairs, carrying heavy objects or walking the dog.

A Harvard study divided hotel employees into two, called “cleaning rooms is good exercise,” and the other group gave no information.

After 4 weeks, the weight, blood pressure, trace content, waist-hip ratio, and body mass index of the participants in the former group were significantly lower than those in the other group.

The reason is that they think they are exercising, not working hard.


Running or walking backwards.

  Reverse movements such as walking or running backwards are more laborious and costly.

Do n’t start too fast and do n’t take too long at the beginning, then gradually increase the exercise time and amount of exercise.


Drink 1-2 cups of caffeine beverage 90 minutes before exercising.

  An article published in the United States “International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Metabolism” states that caffeine in coffee, tea, cola and other beverages can inhibit fatigue-causing chemicals in the brain and extend exercise time.


Help others.

  A Harvard study found that activities such as helping strangers to pull doors, donating charity, and drinking tea for colleagues increased their willpower and endurance.

Breakthroughs, helping others, help self-discipline, can resist the temptation of unhealthy food; instead, you can encourage yourself to actively exercise and exercise harder.

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