ATP rookie finals start next year and settle in Milan with bonuses and no points
ATP Rookie Finals Poster Recently, ATP officially announced that it will start creating a new tournament for top young players at the end of 2017.  This game is called the ATP Freshman Finals and will take place in Milan, Italy, November 7-11, 2017.  Of course, the ATP Milan Road points ranking can only be started in January 2017. The top 7 players at the end of the season are directly shortlisted, and the last place is won by foreign card players.  ATP Executive Chairman Kolmod said that we are honored to be in Milan, Italy, which will provide a platform for future talents to showcase their talents.Several cities are attracted to this event, and we are very happy to cooperate with the Italian Tennis Federation in Milan.  The total prize money of this event is $1,275,000. Like the Barclays year-end finals, the Freshman Finals are divided into two groups, and each group advances to the semi-finals.However, there is no point reward for this game.

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AlphaGo 2.0棋风更稳健 想找BUG不容易
­  柯洁与Alphago的人机大战第一场结束,柯洁小负AlphaGo。 ­  柯洁与Alphago的人机大战第一场结束,柯洁小负AlphaGo。赛后柯洁表示AlphaGo展现出精彩的实战能力,暂时还没有看到弱点。我觉得以前他还是有弱点的,但现在对棋的理解和判断远胜于我们,所以想赢只好通过找BUG,但真的很难。­  据了解,新版Alphago采用了增强学习的策略,下棋技巧上远胜初代依靠监督学习战胜李世石的初代Alphago,它曾化名Master拿下所有高手,加之谷歌在人工智能底层架构TensorFlow的提升,让Alphago速度更快。­  Deepmind创始人哈萨比斯曾表示:”本次比赛的宗旨是探索新的围棋打法。alphago再过一万年也不可能穷尽所有围棋的定式。这次比赛其实不是人机大战,而是人类使用电脑作为工具探索新的东西,就像哈勃望远镜让人类发现新的领域一样。人工智能可以帮助专家以更快的速度解决问题。本次比赛的目的也不是alphago还是棋手赢,最终还是人类赢。”

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CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala was released, Song Dandan didn’t play a sketch in the opening song and dance
On January 23, CCTV Spring Festival Gala released the program list.”2020 Chinese New Year Gala” will land on CCTV at 8 pm on January 24.This year’s Spring Festival Gala continued the stage setting of the main venue + sub-venue. The main venue in Beijing cooperated with the Zhengzhou branch in Henan, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Dawan branch venue jointly presented a “grand gathering”.In view of the recent epidemic prevention situation, the two venues in Zhengzhou, Henan, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area were recorded.During the Spring Festival Gala, comedians such as Song Dandan, Shen Teng, Ma Li, Jia Ling, as well as young idols such as Li Xian, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Yi Xian Qianxi, Zhang Yixing, etc. will gather on the Spring Festival Gala stage.Song Dandan can be regarded as the most popular “Spring Festival Gala Facing”, this year she will participate in the opening Chinese New Year song and dance “Ode to Spring Tide” on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.Air Force Song Dandan revealed in an interview with CCTV that this will be her last appearance on the Spring Festival Gala.In the previous life, she said that 95% of her time will be reserved for children, sirs, and elderly people, hoping to enjoy life with her family more.Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Guo Li

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Doubts about the use of troops | The main defender of the Super 16 team is worse than the injured Zhang Lin Peng?
Zhang Linpeng, who was injured, scored into Oolong.Figure / vision Chinese national football team against the Philippines, Syria has not been able to get the desired result in a row, although the team members have problems, but Lippi’s decisions are also debatable.In previous years, Zhang Linpeng has been appointed as the best right back in the country, and none of them.Note that it is right-back and not center-back.However, Lippi did not believe in evil, and instead wanted to transform Zhang Linpeng into a central defender, perhaps injured by the Asian Cup.At the UAE Asian Cup earlier this year, the country was out of a more foolproof way.In the quarter-finals against Iran, Feng Xiaoting, Liu Yiming and Shi Ke’s three central defenders were slammed by opponent strikers.Lippi was furious after the game, and the three of them never entered his sight again.It has to be said that Lippi is stubborn in the selection of people. He does not give players who have made mistakes a chance, and he has to use all the players he finds.Zhang Linpeng had an injury before the match. Only he knew whether the accidental score of Oolong was caused by the injury.However, knowing that it was hurt or even entrusted with a heavy responsibility, Lippi was unconsidered.In the list of 23 people before the game, only Zhang Linpeng, Zhu Chenjie placed the authentic halfback, where have all the other halfbacks gone?At present, there is a lack of excellent central defenders in China, but it is not to the extent that no one is available. At least half of the main defenders of the 16th Super League team are not worse than Zhang Linpeng who played with injuries.Zhang Linpeng’s oolong is just a microcosm of Lippi’s stubbornness.In the Air Force’s selection process, Lippi seems to have fallen into a mindset. Players with outstanding performance in the league cannot always get into Lippi’s eyes.This may be related to Lippi’s selection method. Before the national team training competition, the task of watching the league’s selection of players was completed by his assistant. Lippi spent more time in Italy.This working mode may also be one of the reasons for the selection bias.In addition to Zhang Linpeng, Exxon’s use has also been criticized by many previous people.The highest and best at the center position is naturalized because the national football team hopes to use his impact and ability to solve the long-term problem of power weakness.However, in the Air Force’s top 40 games, Lippi all let Exxon play as a winger. Exxon, far away from the penalty area, was naturally unable to exert its technical and physical advantages. Lippi’s move was tantamount to self-defense.

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Tesla’s Xiaopeng Weilai is shortlisted for the new partnership’s tax-free purchase catalog
On March 13, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the new energy vehicle model catalog (thirtyth batch) exempted from vehicle purchase tax. Tesla, Xiaopeng Automobile and Weilai Automobile and other large auto companies were listed.The catalog shows that the model selected by Tesla is the model 3 long-endurance version, and the mileage of the national standard working condition reaches 668 kilometers.This means that this Chinese-made model 3 long battery life version can fully enjoy the replacement of new energy, and the replacement is exempt from vehicle purchase tax.It is worth mentioning that Xiaopeng Automobile and Weilai Automobile also have new models selected for this tax-free purchase taxation catalogue. Among them, Xiaopeng Auto ‘s new car P7 is included in the four models.The cruising range of the four-wheel drive and the advanced four-wheel drive are 706 kilometers, 568 kilometers and 552 kilometers respectively.The 2020 ES8 of Weilai Automobile is also selected. The cruising range of the two versions is 415 kilometers and 485 kilometers respectively, and it is expected to start delivery in April this year.Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Liu Baoqing

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Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Globe Award. Whom do Messi love more than you?Love to kill for many years
At the end of 2016, at the end of the year, peerless double pride in international football has also handed over an updated competition.Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, two top players in the world, competed fiercely in the three major battlefields of La Liga, the Champions League and the national team.Beginning with Messi’s fifth Golden Ball Award on January 11 and ending with a draw at the National Derby in Camp Nou, the match between the two Mr. Golden Globes continued for a year!Messi’s figures for this year are good enough, but 2016 is undoubtedly the year of Ronaldo.Because the Cristiano Ronaldo Champions League and the European Cup champion are in hand, just like holding the dragon against the sky, it is enough to command the world. This morning, Cristiano Ronaldo finally won the annual Golden Globe Award.  Cristiano Ronaldo    Delauna Cup    big ear cup    tears Lianlian    grape wine wine luminous cup, this summer’s C Ronaldo finally won the first trophy of the national team!From the age of 19 to the age of 31, people witnessed the whole process of a man from being frivolous to lifting weight.From the days when he was wet and studded, studded earrings, and a glorious life as a man and a ball, to the No. 7 shirt received by Figo, until the moth of the fire that stopped at the France Stadium this summer, his tearful eyebrows,This is the whole process of C Ronaldo as the ball king.  In the European Cup final, Ronaldo’s tears wet the field.From the opening stage, he cried on the stretcher and became a tearful man, and 100 minutes later he shed tears of happiness on the podium-tears run through the final.The first crown of Portuguese history will last forever.Yes, Peerless Shuangjiao burst into tears in the finals of the two Intercontinental Cups, and this space dialogue finally declared victory with Ronaldo.Because he won the Delaunay Cup, everything he paid was worth it.With this championship, Cristiano Ronaldo’s historical position has risen rapidly, completely not inferior to Ronaldo, Zidane and other top players who won the championship, and Cristiano Ronaldo still has time, he can improve his historical position.  Don’t forget, Ronaldo has just won the Champions League trophy before this.Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid in a penalty shootout in the Champions League final and won the Champions League for the 11th time.The last Ronaldo who played in the penalty shootout calmly scored a penalty. The Portuguese striker after the goal broke off and celebrated with excitement. Ronaldo became the first player in history to score more than 50 goals in six consecutive seasons!Taking the Champions League and the European Cup two trophies in a row, Ronaldo, 31, achieved a right-handed embrace of the Delaunay Cup and the Big Ear Cup.Only 9 people have done this feat before.Ronaldo and Real Madrid teammate Pepe wrote the most beautiful summer in his life.  In the new season, under the leadership of Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid marched all the way, slamming the Messi rival Barcelona.At the UEFA awards ceremony on August 25, Ronaldo was voted the best player in Europe last season and became the second player to win this award twice after Messi.On November 19th, Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid 3-0 in the Madrid derby. Cristiano Ronaldo completed a hat trick and became the top scorer in the history of Madrid derby with 18 goals.Zidane said after the game that after this game, Ronaldo had already locked the Golden Globe.  Among the winners of the 2016 Golden Globes announced by “French Football” this morning, Beijing time, Ronaldo was elected without any suspense.To date, Ronaldo has won the Golden Globe 4 times, Cruyff, Platini and Van Basten, who have won more than 3 times, after Messi, who has won 5 times.Cristiano Ronaldo did not appear at the awards, he aimed at another goal in Japan-World Club Cup champion.  The discussion about how long Ronaldo can remain active on the green field has not stopped.In this regard, Ronaldo said: I hope that the Qatar World Cup 2022 will be the last competition I participated in!By then, he will be 37 years old.He also stated that he hopes to renew the contract with Real Madrid: I want to play here until the age of 41, and then retire.  Ferguson, the Manchester United godfather who discovered Ronaldo at the time, said: His fighting spirit and competitiveness are praised. His love and desire for football is incredible.Generally speaking, top players can only maintain the peak period of 5-10 years, and then go downhill.But Ronaldo has maintained this state for more than 10 years, which makes him so outstanding.This year’s world football, no player can achieve the achievements of Ronaldo. This year, the Portuguese lived in glory.2016, how could it not be Ronaldo?Further reading: Ronaldo won the 2016 Golden Globe Awards 2016 Golden Globe Awards Ceremony Top 17 List Previous 12 Next

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17-year-old Xu Shilin became the top seed of the Australian Open Youth Competition, may be the next Li Na, January 26. The Australian Open youth match started the day before. Just 17-year-old Xu Shilin appeared at the Melbourne Park as the number one seed. She also became the first Grand Slam number one seed in Chinese tennis history.From the end of 2014 to becoming the first women’s single of the International Networking Federation, to the Australian Open as the number one seed, this is the height that Li Na has failed to reach.Xu Shilin started to study in the United States at the age of 8 and became a youth group last year.1  This new generation player from Guangdong has been learning to play tennis in the United States since he was 8 years old.Xu Yang, a father of tennis coaches, worked around to raise expensive tuition fees for Xu Shilin. After school, the father and daughter could only practice on public tennis courts in the United States.Three years later, Xu Shilin received a full scholarship from the US International Tennis School for her talents and achievements.Today, an entrepreneurial friend of Xu Shilin’s father sponsors the father and daughter in his own name.  All efforts and efforts ushered in the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. 16-year-old Xu Shilin won the Youth Olympic Games and became the No. 1 player of the International Youth League in November.Several sponsors have been signed and won the media’s attention. Xu Shilin, who is fluent in English and quite open-minded, is regarded as Li Na’s successor.In Melbourne Park Stadium, Xu Shilin at least achieved the history that Li Na failed to achieve-she became the first top seed from China in the Grand Slam singles.I haven’t seen Li Na, but have been given guidance by Carlos. He is known as Li Na’s successor. Xu Shilin has become another focus in this Australian Open without Li Na.Many foreign media have focused their attention on Xu Shilin, and the topic is to fill the vacancy left by Li Na.Wang Peng, head coach of China Women’s Net, also believes that Xu Shilin has the conditions to become the next Li Na.  However, regarding the name of Li Na’s successor, which is widely followed by the media, Xu Shilin revealed that he had never seen Li Na.We don’t know, but if we have the opportunity to ask her for advice.However, Xu Shilin had an exchange with Master Li Naen Carlos, and got Carlos’s advice for two months.Counting, Xu Shilin is also Li Na’s sister.According to Xu Yang, Xu Shilin’s technology advanced by leaps and bounds during those two months of guidance.With a personality of Europe and America, he has become the world’s first    as the number one seed in the Australian Open. Xu Shilin’s future is very promising.With a pretty personality in Europe and America, Xu Shilin shouted his tennis career goals and became the world’s number one!  In Xu Shilin’s plan, the Australian Open won the youth championship, and in the future will be transferred to the real professional field, saying goodbye to the youth field.In this Australian Open competition, Xu Shilin has hired a new foreign coach.After the Youth Olympic Games, Xu Shilin won the Guangzhou Open, Wuhan Open and China Open with his outstanding performance. He has played against top players such as Wimbledon runner-up Liski.The future of the 17-year-old star is already full of imagination.相关新闻莎娃让彭帅吞蛋  昨天,2015澳网女单第四轮展开焦点战,中国金花彭帅连丢两盘以3:6、0:6不敌俄罗斯美女莎拉波娃,遗憾无缘八Strong.Despite losing, Peng Shuai has tied his best record in the Australian Open.  At the scene of the game, the reporter saw Peng Shuai bandaged on both legs.However, as far as the reporter knows, Peng Shuai’s injury is actually not on the leg, but on the spine, and the injury is not optimistic.In fact, the spine has always been an old injury, and there are often pains that press the nerves, so it is more troublesome.Now that the film has been sent to the German doctor, we have to wait for further results.Peng Shuai said.Peng Shuai coach Ma Weikai revealed that at the beginning of last year, Peng Shuai had experienced a career downturn and almost had plans to retire.(Fujio)

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20115 Asian Cup without a draw to break the 84-year dust record in world football
On January 19, after the whistle of the national football match against North Korea ended last night, a record of 84 years was broken.There have been no draws in the 20 group matches held since the start of the Asian Cup.In the 1930 Uruguay World Cup, there was no record of a tie in 18 consecutive games.It is worth noting that this record may further improve the subsequent schedule.There are no draws in this Asian Cup dating back to 84 years ago. In the first World Cup in 1930, a total of 18 games were played from the first to the final of the group stage, and there were no draws in these 18 games.Created a record of no draw in the World Series. In this year’s Brazil World Cup, 12 games have not yet been drawn before the start of the game. This has been a continuous record since the 1930 Uruguay World Cup. The remaining 10 games before the start of the gameThere were wins and losses in the field. The previous record was maintained by the Italian World Cup in 1934. The long-term record is 9 games. Other intercontinental competitions have either been interrupted due to the schedule or because of a long history. There is no way to break this record.The reason for the draw in the competition is usually because of the points system used in the group stage. A draw is often a result that is satisfactory to both parties. The final stage will not be a rush, and in the knockout stage, the two sides are more cautious, so the draw is moreEasy to produce.  Since the start of the Asian Cup, the teams have played offensive football. The host Australia has scored eight goals in the first two games. The UAE, Jordan, Japan and other teams have scored more than 4 goals in the game. ChinaAfter the team was also unpopular, all three games were played, and in the Asian Cup before the national football, even the first game in the 2004 local battle also achieved a draw, and the two subsequent matches have also produced a draw.After the Chinese team ended the Group B event with a victory yesterday, it finally broke the long-standing record.(Datian)

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China Cup China Men’s Football Team vs Croatia Premiere Video Live Address
At 15:35 on January 14th, the finals of the first and third China Cup International Football Championships took place at the Guangxi Sports Center, and the national football team played against terrorism.National Football VS Colombia live broadcast address: LeTV Live (without plug-in) CCTV5 (CNTV without plug-in) Chinese men’s football VS Croatia side starting level 1 has been announced: Chinese national team’s starting goal appearance list (541): Goalkeeper: 1-Shi Xiaotian;Defenders: 4-Fan Xiaodong, 6-Gao Zhunyi, 5-Yang Shanping, 17-Cui Min, 13-Deng Hanwen; avant-garde: 11-Yin Hongbo, 8-Cai Huikang, 3-Pei Shuai, 15-Chi Zhongguo; forward: 21-Hui Jiakang; Substitutes: 7-Wang Jingbin, 10-Hu Rentian, 12-Zou Dehai, 14-Feng Gang, 20-Wang Jinxian, 22-Chi Wenyi’s first starting exit appearance list (442): Goalkeeper: 12-Priscaro; Defenders: 19-Pivaric, 4-Datkovic, 13-Filipovic, 17-Hulanovic; Avant-garde: 3-Barisic, 8-Antolic, 15-Misic, 16-Tudor; Forwards: 9-Malici, 14-Ivanushech; Substitutes: 1-Rivakovic, 5-Barak, 6-Matas, 7-HereTum, 10-Andrea Serevich, 11-Pelosevich, 18-Ozobi? lost to Iceland 0-2, Croatia defeated Chile 2-5 after penalty shootout, China and Croatia lost in ChinaCup 3, 4 meet in the game.In history, the two teams have no record of confrontation in the international A-level competition.According to the latest FIFA national team ranking, the Chinese team ranked 81st with 424 points and ranked 8th in Asia; Croatia ranked 14th with 1103 points and ranked 9th in Europe.  Judging from the battle of China-Iceland, most of the national football team members are indeed not in the best condition, and the players’ physical fitness is difficult to support the 90-minute game.According to the agreement between Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Club and the National Football Team, Shenhua International will return to the club to prepare for the AFC Champions League after the first match of the China Cup. Therefore, Cao Yunding, Mao Jianqing and Bai Jiajun left the national football team. Li Jianbin had previously withdrawn from the national team due to injury.  In addition, Shang Gang right-back Fu Huan also left the national team due to injury. Chen Zhongliu did not participate in training for two consecutive days due to physical reasons. Therefore, in the battle of China and Croatia, only 17 players can compete, including 3 goalkeepers.  There are three adjustments to the national football index for the starting match against China Ice. Shi Xiaotian, Cui Min, Pei Shuai replace Chi Wenyi, Cao Yunding, Mao Jianqing.Seven conservative rotations, Pivaric, Filipovic, Antolic, Misic still start.  In the national football, Lippi sacrificed a 5-guard formation, the goalkeeper was Shi Xiaotian, and from the left to the right, Fan Xiaodong, Gao Zhunyi, Yang Shanping, Cui Min, Deng Hanwen, Cai Huikang, Pei Shuairen served as double backs, Yin Hongbo, Chi Zhongguo hit a double front waist, can pull the edge when defending, Hui Jiakang as the single arrow.

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21 seconds Rockets last Samurai 20 + 3 + 2 Ariza for Pasha handsome true value!
In the Western Conference finals of the playoffs, the Houston Rockets lost 106-110 away to the Golden State Warriors, 0-1 behind.Rocket forward Trevor Ariza played 34 minutes, 7 of 10 shots, 4 of 5 three-pointers scored 20 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 1 turnover.  This game is the first time the Rockets have entered the Western Conference Finals since 1997. For veteran Ariza, this is also his first experience in the Western Conference Finals since playing for the Rockets twice.Ariza’s performance has been impeccable. Ariza certainly values this round of the series. It is placed. He entered the Rockets as a substitute for Chandler Parsons, but in the Rockets, his performance is not inferior to Parsons.The record is better than the Mavericks of Parsons, he should naturally prove himself further.  In addition, Ariza and the Warriors core Stephen Curry have a poor relationship. The two had a conflict in the game on January 21 this year. Ariza collided with Curry and was angry that Curry was about to start, and ArizaWas fined for a technical foul.  In today’s game, Ariza’s performance was initially satisfactory.At 9 minutes and 53 seconds, he received Smith and scored a layup.Since then, he has been cruising on the perimeter and missed a 3-pointer, but also made a long 2-pointer.In the final stage of the first quarter, he also received veteran Priggioni’s pass and made a 3-pointer.  In the second quarter, Ariza’s performance also did not relax.He started firing continuously in the beginning, and after a three-pointer shot, there was a counterattack layup.Tiezha’s vitality is worthy of recognition. The only shortcoming is that the 8:59 layup missed and became a stain.  If it’s just a simple shot and a three-pointer, it’s nothing more than Ariza’s regular-season regular performance.Ariza’s most heartbreaking game is his tenacious style in adversity.  After three quarters, Ariza has scored 17 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist. His shooting percentage is surprisingly convincing 6 of 9 shots.In the case of Howard’s injury, his 17 points surrounded the Rockets’ firepower breakthrough. In addition to Harden, he was the only Rockets player to appear in double figures.  But in the fourth quarter, Ariza’s performance was even better.At 8 minutes and 29 seconds, Ariza took a rebound after returning to the field and then assisted Josh Smith to make a three-pointer; while on the defensive end, Ariza’s style was also very solid, although it appeared at 2 minutes and 23 seconds.An out of bounds error, but he immediately steals Klay Thompson as a substitute.  At the end of the Rockets’ fight, almost all of the team’s physical fitness slots have been empty, but Ariza is an exception.With 21 seconds left in the game, the Rockets trailed 5 points 103-108, but Ariza still did not give up. He steals Drummond Green’s pass and turns to attack.In the Warriors half, Ariza first passed the ball to Jason Terry at the top of the arc, and then rushed straight to the left corner without stopping. Terry knew how to divide the ball to the corner when the opponent was fighting.Arizayan hit his fourth 3-pointer.This ball also chased the score to 106-108, forcing a long timeout for the Warriors.  Although the Rockets didn’t make a comeback in the end, Ariza’s overall performance was almost impeccable.He and Smith’s play almost saved the Rockets. If it wasn’t Howard’s accidental injury, maybe the Rockets have really snatched a victory from the Warriors.As long as Ariza can maintain such a performance, there will always be suspense in the West End who can laugh to the end.(Grunt)

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