Reasons for children to eat more orange and green vegetables

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin.

The source of human vitamin A is through eating animal foods such as liver, kidney, cod liver oil, milk, poultry eggs, etc .; the second is the intake of vitamin A precursor (carotene) from plant foods, which is converted into vitamins in humanOne.

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for our body. It can maintain the normal ability of the eyes to adapt to darkness, maintain the normal structure and function of epithelial tissues such as skin, eyes, digestive tract, etc.Normal growth is good.

Therefore, it plays a very important role in the normal growth and development of infants.

  Reasons for children to eat more orange-green vegetables. The orange-green vegetables and fruits we are talking about contain rich carotene, but only about 1/6 of the carotene in the replacement can be really used by the human body.Because it is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is more easily dissolved and absorbed in the presence of fat.

Therefore, when making this kind of food, you must put oil or cook it with meat.

Orange green vegetables and fruits include carrots, spinach, pea sprouts, red sweet potatoes, pumpkins, laver, apricots, persimmons and more.

Why can’t fruit be a substitute for vegetables?

  There are many varieties of fruit, with good color, aroma and taste, which are good for helping digestion and increasing children’s appetite.

The nutritional value of fruits is similar to that of light-colored vegetables, which are mainly rich in inorganic salts, vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Acidic fruits such as fresh dates, hawthorn, citrus and other vitamin C content are high, and because the fruit can be eaten raw, the nutrients contained in it are heated without being destroyed, so the nutritional value is higher than that of vegetables.

However, there is a certain amount of fruit on the market, and the vitamin C content of fruits preserved during the winter and spring season has been affected. Most of the vitamin C has been destroyed due to the high temperature treatment during preparation of canned fruits.

Therefore, children even have the conditions to eat fruits every day, or they cannot fully meet the vitamin C requirements.

  Vegetables come from a wide range of sources, especially in the south. Fresh vegetables are cheap and readily available in all seasons.

Green vegetables are rich in inorganic salts and vitamin C, which can be reconstituted into various forms for children’s consumption. It is an irreplaceable part of the composition.

Therefore, vitamin C supplementation should be based on vegetables, and fruit alone cannot achieve this goal.

More importantly, vegetables contain more cellulose than fruits, and cellulose can promote bowel movements and excrete stool.

Children who have been constipated often do not eat vegetables.

So after eating fruits, you should still pay attention to eat more vegetables every day, especially fresh and dark green vegetables.

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Find the root cause of fitness plan failure

Hollywood actresses are mostly muscle training enthusiasts, such as Madonna, Angelina o Julie, muscle training is their only way to maintain the curve.

Is this because 80 kilograms of energy are consumed per day for every kilogram of muscle?
Between 260 calories, and only 2 conversions per kilogram of adult consumption?
6 kcal.

Therefore, as long as you add a kettle-like muscle to your body, you can consume a large refrigerator.

Seeing here, will you refuse muscle exercise?

  Before implementing the bodybuilding plan, you must whisper in your heart: Actually, I also planned a bodybuilding plan at this time last year, and I swear to lose weight at this time last year!

But why your fitness program doesn’t always work as expected?

It’s another spring, you still can’t wear that tights?

Experts point out: You are likely to make the following three classic mistakes: ◆ Ignore muscle training: When we talk about muscles, we always think of bodybuilders. In fact, muscles can be presented in beautiful forms, like Brad PittMuscle or the front of Hillary os Wunk.

Hollywood actresses are mostly muscle training enthusiasts, such as Madonna, Angelina o Julie, muscle training is their only way to maintain the curve.

Is this because 80 kilograms of energy are consumed per day for every kilogram of muscle?
Between 260 calories, and only 2 conversions per kilogram of adult consumption?
6 kcal.

Therefore, as long as you add a kettle-like muscle to your body, you can consume a large refrigerator.

Seeing here, will you refuse muscle exercise?

  ◆ Only do the same kind of movement: There are 3 basic movements of movement: front and back, left and right and rotation.

The treadmills we often do, step on bicycles, and lift weights are all forward and backward.

If you only do the same type of exercise, you can’t greet your muscles one by one.

So add other sports!

Turn the hula hoop to exercise large waist muscles; raise your legs with one foot to strengthen abdominal and waist muscles; jump at fixed points to increase leg strength and coordination.

  ◆ Do not record exercise results: If you really want to lose weight and keep fit, just record the exercise results carefully!

Don’t underestimate the training of these digital fitness instructors. The speed, length and heartbeat on the treadmill can show your physical fitness, and all changes will accurately reflect your physical condition.

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Reminder: Preparedness for Hiking

For young people and middle-aged people, hiking can certainly improve their physique. However, if they are not prepared for the disease prevention of hiking, it may be counterproductive. Pay attention to the following points: 1.

Prevent fatigue.

The key to prevention is that one must walk in the correct position, the other is not to be anxious, and the third is to be able to walk, take small paths instead of aligned roads, and even take the roads and not allow the center and uneven roadsides.


Prevents feet from foaming.

In case of wrong shoes or wrong posture, if you feel pain or friction in a certain part of your foot while walking, you can put a piece of medical tape there or a piece of single-sided tape on the corresponding part of your shoes. In general,This prevents foaming.


Protect against cold and heat.

Hiking in the north should bring some light-weight and cold-proof clothing. If you walk on the vast northern plains, the wind speed penetrates, and the clothing should be adjusted in time.

Hiking in the south, protect from heat and rain in summer.


Stop thirst.

It is best to prepare a pot of green tea and add some salt before departure.

Tea can quench the thirst, and salt can prevent excessive sweating and lead to insufficient salt in the body.


Wash your feet with hot water to get tired.


Carry some commonly used medicines with you.

Such as cold medicine, heatstroke medicine and trauma medicine.

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New Mommy slimming “44” rule

The 30-year-old new mother, Kelly, just gave birth to a small baby and saw her belly in the mirror. She was saddened and thought, not so bad. The formerly beautiful Kelly disappeared.
  A month later, Kaili couldn’t wait to start a weight loss journey. First, let Mr. buy a rider and practice a bicycle at home. The food always asks for lightness, and blames her mother for cooking too much for her.
  Many new moms like Kelly want to restore their body shape as soon as possible, but gynecologists and experts believe that after all, in a special period, slimming can not be too blind.
  4 slimming mistakes: ?

生育后马上做减肥运动  妇产科专家们认为,新妈咪不宜在生育后马上做减肥运动,刚生育不久就做一些减肥运动可能会导致子宫康复放慢并引起出血,而剧烈一点的运动则It will slow down the recovery of the new mother’s surgical section or vulvar incision, because during the pregnancy, the body’s hormones change, so that the connective voxels soften, and some joints are particularly vulnerable in the weeks after birth.
  If the new mother is a caesarean section, the situation is even more dangerous.
Therefore, the new mommy should be selected for a good time to not be able to damage the body. She will usually start postpartum slimming exercises 4-6 weeks after delivery, while caesarean section mothers usually diagnose after 6 to 8 weeks.The wound is restored before it can be used for postpartum slimming exercises.
  ? 哺乳期减肥  哺乳期间不适合减肥,因为节食不当可能会影响乳汁的品质,但要提醒各位新妈咪的是,要想减肥,就好好喂奶,因为哺乳可以让你消耗卡路里,即使多摄取汤汤水Water, your weight will not increase a lot.
If it is breastfeeding, weaning can be considered for weight loss after 6 months of birth. If breastfeeding is not performed, it can be slimmed down according to its own health status at 3 months after delivery.
  ? Losing weight in the case of constipation The massive discharge of postpartum water and gastrointestinal disorders can easily lead to constipation, so the new Mommy should eliminate constipation before slimming, because constipation is not conducive to slimming.
Consciously drinking plenty of water and eating more fiber-rich vegetables is an effective way to prevent and treat constipation. Sweet potatoes, carrots, and white radishes are quite effective in treating constipation.
When the constipation is more serious, you can drink more yogurt and milk. In the morning, you can drink a large glass of water to speed up the gastrointestinal motility. You can drink 7-8 glasses of water every day.
  ? Anemia also needs to lose weight New Mommy loses a lot of blood because of fertility, and anemia can cause slow recovery after childbirth.
If you do not solve the anemia, slimming will definitely increase anemia.
Iron-rich foods such as spinach, brown sugar, fish, meat, animal livers, etc., as well as low-fat tuna and beef, should be frequent visitors to the new mom recipe.
  4 principles of slimming diet: The confinement is tonic, which is the main reason for many new moms to lose their postpartum body. The new mommy drinks a lot of greasy soup, and the calories definitely exceed the standard.
Therefore, the diet must take into consideration both the qualitative side and the quantitative side.
  Postpartum lactating moms should consume no less than 2,000 kcal per day. If they are not breast-feeding after birth, the calorie intake should be controlled within 1800 kcal.
It should also reduce the intake of edible oils and sugars and increase the intake of vegetables. It is recommended to eat foods that are prone to satiety and have low calorie content, such as seaweeds and mushrooms.
The food is mainly high-quality protein food such as meat, fresh fish, soybean, tofu and milk.
  ?Fish instead of meat: Fresh fish, especially white fleshy fresh fish, have lower fat content than other meats and contain almost no cholesterol.
  ?Replace snacks with fruits: If you want to eat snacks, choose some fruits to eat, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.
  ?Replace 1/2+1/2+1 with 1/2+1+1/2: The best for breakfast, lunch and dinner is 1/2 bowl for breakfast, 1 bowl for lunch, 1/2 bowl for dinner, although the same dayTwo dinners, but the effect of eating 1 bowl at night and 1 bowl at noon is quite different.
  ?多吃菜少吃饭:对那些不到肚胀不放碗的妈妈很难瘦身成功,这时应减少饭量,增加菜量,  瘦身小帮手:束腹带和束腹裤  市场上有许多束腹带和束The pants are for sale, and the new mommy can be bought for trial. Maybe it will help you lose weight successfully.
  Shun Maoma can use corset belts and corset pants after delivery. The corset belt can help reduce the waist circumference after delivery. The corset pants can help to effectively tighten the abdomen and waist circumference, reduce the buttocks and prevent back pain.
The corsets and corsets are best used only during the day and should be unlocked at night to ensure good blood circulation.
  Caesarean section Mummy, generally only after two days after delivery can use the corset belt, corset belt can help caesarean section Mummy support the waist bone, reduce the pain caused by abdominal bending, the use of corset pants should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

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Nine yoga moves to lose a small belly every few minutes

First, hold the knee type 1 supine on the ground, legs close together, bend and bend, hold the front forward with both hands, pull it up, the feet are hooked up and separated.

Stop 15-20 breaths and relax.

Repeat 10-15 times.

Second, hold the knee type 2 supine on the ground, legs together, curved and bent, hold the front forward with both hands, pull it up, the foot board hooks up and inward.

Stop 15-20 breaths and relax.
Repeat 10-15 times.
Third, the cobra is lying on the ground, legs are straight and straight, the back of the feet is attached to the ground, the two hands are placed on the chest side, the five fingers are close together, the fingertips are forward, and the chin is pointed.

Hold the palm of your hand, straighten your arms, raise your head, head and abdomen, and raise your head up, eyes looking at the ceiling.

Stop 5-10 breaths at this point, then bend your elbows and slowly lower your upper body to return to the starting position.

Repeat 5-10 times.

Fourth, leaning over and lying on the back lying on the ground, the legs open into a large shape, both hands open, the back of the foot straight.

Turn the upper body to the right and bend it to the left, keep the legs still, then turn the right foot to the comfortable position, face down, stretch the waist.

Stop 5-10 breaths at each point and return to the reclining position.

Repeat 10 times each side.

Fifth, lie on one leg and tilt on the back to the ground, legs straight, hands raised to the sides, palms down.

Bend your right knee, lift it over the left leg and stick it to the ground while turning the left side to the right.

Stop 5-10 breaths, then return to the reclining position and repeat the same movement with the legs.

Do it 10 times each side.

Sixth, the legs are bent and twisted on the back of the ground, the legs are bent and twisted to 90 degrees and lifted up.

Then put the legs down to the right, the right leg is attached to the ground, the right hand bends the elbow to the legs, and the head does not twist to the left.

Stop 5-10 breaths and repeat.

Do it 10 times each side.
Seven, lying on the ground and lying on the ground, the legs open into a large shape, two hands and five fingers together, placed under the navel about a finger distance gently around the navel around the circle for 1 minute.

Eight, side lying massage abdomen right hand flexion elbow pad on the side of the head lying on the ground, legs together curved, right hand holding the abdomen, gently sway for 1 minute.

Nine, relaxed and lying on the ground, legs open and shoulder width, straight instep, hands bent elbows on the head, head turned to the side, relax the whole body.

After each of the above actions, you can relax as the end action.

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Keep your eyes moist and bright, pay attention to details

There are usually two reasons for dry eyes: first, because the supply of tears is reduced, and second, the amount of evaporation of tears increases.

銆€銆€The reduction of tears is a feature of modern people.

Tears are difficult to avoid under stress and are reduced at night.

Tears also decrease as they age.

Office automation equipment, the lifestyle of night owls, increased social pressure and drying due to the expansion of air conditioners have increased the number of tears.

銆€銆€The reason for the increase in evaporation is that the number of blinks is reduced by gazing at the screen of the personal computer and the game machine; the oil layer on the surface of the tear is damaged for some reason.

The oil layer is secreted from the sebaceous glands at the eyelids at the edge of the eyelids, but is often interrupted.

If you use a towel to apply heat to your eyes, it will improve your blood circulation and your eye muscles will be eliminated.

銆€銆€Looking down the anti-dry eye to adjust the position of the computer and the angle of the display, so that the angle of view between the eye and the display can be reduced in perspective, which can effectively reduce the evaporation of the tears, which can effectively alleviate the dryness of the eyes.

This overlooking approach is equally effective for older people reading books or watching TV.

銆€銆€The function of eating banana anti-dry eye banana to protect the eyes is first related to the potassium content.

Excessive salt intake in the human body can cause a large amount of water to remain in the cells, causing redness and swelling of the eyes.

Potassium in bananas can help the body excrete these excess salt, allowing the body to reach a balance of potassium and sodium, and relieve the symptoms of eye discomfort.

銆€銆€Bananas contain a lot of beta carotene.

When the human body lacks this substance, the eyes become painful, dry, blind, blind, and lose weight. Eating more bananas can replace these symptoms and even reduce eye fatigue to a certain extent to avoid premature aging.
銆€銆€Blinking against dry eye Blinking is equivalent to rest. Normal people blink once every five or six seconds. People who often feel distorted eyes blink down to blink every few seconds or even twenty seconds.

The number of blinks is greatly reduced, and the vascular nerve regulation is disordered. The cornea, which is usually moisturized by eye drops, becomes dry and congested.

銆€銆€Apply hot eyes to dry eyes or apply massage around the eye. Cover your eyes with a hot towel or handkerchief (close your eyes), 1 or 2 times a day, each time for about 10-15 minutes.

You can also use your thumb to gently press the bone around the eye socket, starting from the upper part of the eye socket, moving toward the fundus in the direction of the nose, and then moving toward the fundus in the direction of the nose, you can control the blood vessels and increase the blood circulation of the eye.

銆€銆€Do not blow the wind from the air conditioner of the air conditioner to remove the moisture from the eyes, increase the evaporation of the tears, and speed up the interference of the eyes.

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