Clever use of wolfberry to eliminate fatigue

Wolfberry is a plant with strong vitality and productivity, which is very suitable for eliminating fatigue.

It can promote blood circulation, prevent arteriosclerosis, and prevent the accumulation of gallbladder in the liver. In addition to the various vitamins contained in wolfberry, the comprehensive operation of amino acids and linoleic acid is necessary to promote metabolism in the body., Can also prevent aging.

  Lycium barbarum leaves can be used to make “medlar tea” for reorganization; red fruit “medlar” can be used for cooking or making tea; wolfberry root is also known as “earth bone skin”, which is generally considered to be used as a medicinal material, so it can be described as exhaustiveIts use.

And long-term consumption of wolfberry or wolfberry tea, there will be no complications.

  Chinese wolfberry has a wide range of effects, such as antipyretics, treating diabetes, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, and it can be cured after boiling wolfberry root, which can lower blood pressure. As for wolfberry tea, it can treat deficiency, coldness, and stomach., Liver and kidney disease, tuberculosis, constipation, insomnia, hypotension, anemia, various eye diseases, hair loss, stomatitis, skin care, etc.

However, because the effect of warming the body of wolfberry is very strong, people who reduce high blood pressure, people who are too irritable, or those who eat a lot of meat on weekdays and cause their faces to turn red are better not to eat it.

Conversely, if the body is weak, people who often catch colds, and people with poor resistance are better to take it every day.

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Baby Nutritious Food

No matter how clever the babies are, they may not eat. At this time, mothers may wish to make a dish of pine nut fish for the little ones.

  Process: slippery taste: salty sweetness edible: breakfast | Chinese food | dinner | sippy taste: Yuding is white and tender, pine nuts dry and crisp, nutritious and delicious.

  Ingredients: 50 grams of pine nuts, 200 grams of black fish, 20 grams of egg whites, 20 grams of starch (corn), seasoning: 15 grams of cooking wine, 4 grams of salt, 2 grams of white sugar, 3 grams of pepper, 1 gram of sesame oil, 10 grams of green onions, 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams Vegetable oil 120g cooking method 1, peel the fish and cut into 0.

5 cm square small dices; 2, 5 grams of cooking wine, 2 grams of refined salt, 0 pepper.

5 grams, egg whites, 15 grams of starch. Grasp the diced fish and sizing them; 3, add the oil into the spoon and heat it up, and then put the diced fish into the spoon and fish out;15 grams of oil remain, add cooking wine, spring onion, ginger, fresh soup, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, pepper, boil; 6. Hook with 10 grams of wet starch (5 grams of starch and water), add diced fish, pine nuts and mix well, Sprinkle sesame oil out of the spoon.

  Production Tips This product has a frying process, which requires about 500 grams of lard.

  The nutritional energy of this recipe is 707.

93 thousand, cal vitamin B60.

01 mg, protein 46.

14 grams, aunt 47.

77 grams, glucose 28.

53 grams, folic acid 5.

54 μg, precipitated fibers 5.

3 grams, plasma 182 mg, vitamin A55.

05 mcg, carotene 69.

3 micrograms, thiamine 0.

15 mg, riboflavin 0.

45 mg, niacin 7.

33 mg, vitamin C0.

35 mg, vitamin E25.

32 mg.

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5 threats to women’s skin in summer

The arrival of summer makes women love and hate. What they love is summer food, cold drinks and a good opportunity to show their stature. Hate is that summer will bring a lot of impurities to the skin and even cause scars.

. Summer women’s skin faces 5 threats. How to deal with the arrival of summer makes women love and hate. What they love is summer food, cold drinks and a good opportunity to show their figure. Hate is that summer will bring a lot of harm to the skin.It can even lead to scarring.

For beauty-conscious women, the skin is the most gorgeous dress. Protecting the skin is to delay their aging.

So what does summer pose to women’s skin?

  1. The threat of eczema Although it is said that eczema will occur in any season, it is prone to be more frequent in summer due to summer light, heat, climate change, and the use of food and chemicals.

In the summer, eczema is easy to occur on the skin folds and folds, and itching, pimples, pustules, etc. often occur.

And if wet care is not done properly, it is easy to leave scars.

In addition to targeted treatment of eczema, attention should also be paid to the prevention of eczema.

For example, in terms of clothing, pay attention to changing clothes frequently and try to wear cotton clothes; eat allergic foods in the diet, eat less irritating foods; pay attention to regular schedules in the living environment, clean indoors, and avoid allergens.

  2. The threat of sister-in-law Although sister-in-law is prone to occur frequently, it is not a child’s patent, and some adult women will accidentally change into sister-in-law.

There will be dense pimples, itching, and tingling on the skin after the child appears, and there will be mild desquamation after the child has subsided.

Make women’s skin look red and dirty, which seriously affects the appearance.

  When the mules appear, they can only keep the skin dry, so that the symptoms no longer worsen, and they fade away as soon as possible.

But the best way is to prevent the emergence of gardenia, which is caused by the human body sweating and not being dried in time, which leads to hair follicle induction.

Therefore, in daily life, women should pay attention to loosening and replacement of clothing, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin. After sweating, wipe with a dry towel and warm water and wash.

  3, sunburn and tanning In traditional aesthetic thoughts, fair skin is king.

But after the summer, UV rays in the sun can cause sunburn and tan.

First of all, sunburn often causes skin erythema, bright red, and even blisters, accompanied by a burning sensation and tingling sensation. Over time, the sunburned area will become black and the skin will peel.

Subsequently, tanning is lighter than sunburn, and the skin will turn black after tanning. At the same time, ultraviolet rays in the sun will cause skin dryness and wrinkles.

For the damage to the skin from the summer sun, first of all, the use of sunscreen products is indispensable. Different sunscreen products have different effects on the skin. There are differences between sun strength, sun protection, and sun protection.

The reason is to actively treat the skin after sunburn and tanning, such as applying with aloe vera gel, analgesic with watermelon peel, and applying a mask.

  In addition, it is easy to tan in summer. In addition to paying attention to sun protection, you must pay attention to supplementing skin health vitamins. For example, vitamin C can inhibit the synthesis of melanin, vitamin A can promote smooth skin, and vitamin B can improve skin roughness.phenomenon.
  4. Sanitary napkin allergic women’s skin problems have been extended to the external surface. Summer is also the peak period of female sanitary napkin allergies. The high temperature in summer makes the use of sanitary napkins easy to cause changes in privacy, warmth, and induce allergies.

In addition, some sanitary napkins contain flavors, fluorescent agents, chlorides, etc. These substances also easily cause induction problems. At the same time, women do not change the sanitary napkins continuously, which may also cause some gynecological problems.

  Therefore, women also face skin problems in private places in summer. When purchasing sanitary napkins in summer, care must be taken to avoid allergens. Once itching, tingling and other discomforts occur, they need to be replaced in time.

On the other hand, some medicine sanitary napkins are effective, but they are not suitable for everyone, so they can be avoided when buying.

And daily needs to be replaced in time to avoid gynecological problems caused by overlapping heat.

  5. Threats brought by mosquito bites In the summer, temperature rise and humidity also provide conditions for the reproduction of insects. Mosquito bites cause the skin to appear red and swollen, itchy and itchy, skin ulcers, and even leave scars and infectious diseases.

To deal with mosquito bites, we must first pay attention to prevention. In the summer, mosquito coils, insecticides, and mosquito liquid are used to drive mosquitoes.

In fact, you can put lavender grass indoors, and the night fragrant can also have a certain mosquito repellent effect.

After being stung by mosquitoes, you can wash with soapy water and then apply antipruritic and analgesic products.

  Therefore, the arrival of summer has also brought a lot of problems to women’s skin. Facing these problems causes skin problems, which not only cause appearance discomfort, but also cause skin diseases.

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How women can relieve dysmenorrhea

Women have less abdominal pain and even severe and unbearable after menstruation or menstruation, called dysmenorrhea.
Dysmenorrhea is caused by severe contraction of the uterine smooth muscle.
At the beginning, there were symptoms such as flatulence, tightness, coldness, falling, and pain in the lower abdomen. Then there were paroxysmal severe abdominal pain, and even accompanied by nausea and vomiting and chills.
銆€銆€Moxibustion cures dysmenorrhea, mainly for dysmenorrhea caused by organic disease in women’s reproductive organs.
Before treatment, first diagnose and then symptomatic treatment.
According to the meridian line, the main point and the matching point are accurately taken, and then moxibustion is carried out.
銆€銆€Main point: Guan Yuan 3 inches under the umbilicus, midline, and acupoints.
When taking acupoints, you can use the supine position. The Guanyuan point is located in the lower abdomen and the front midline. Draw a line from the navel to the top of the pubis. The line is divided into five equal parts, from the navel to three-fifths.hole.
銆€銆€Gas sea on the midline of the lower abdomen, when the navel is 1.
5 inches.
銆€銆€Sanyinjiao In the inner side of the calf, when the foot is 3 inches above the tip of the iliac crest, the medial edge of the humerus is behind; sitting on the knee to form a right angle.
銆€銆€Matching points: secondary sputum, middle scorpion, Tianshu, return, curved bone.
銆€銆€During treatment, the patient first selects the supine position, ignites the moxa stick, and smokes in the air about 2 cm from the acupoint to have a burning sensation on the local skin.
Then change to the prone position, the same method of moxibustion to treat the second or middle acupoints on the back.
Once a day.
銆€銆€The selection of acupoints is generally used daily in the main points.
However, the matching points can be alternately selected from 2 to 3 per day.
銆€銆€The choice of treatment time usually starts a few days before the menstrual cramps and several days after the menstruation is clean.
銆€銆€Moxibustion treatment of dysmenorrhea is through the unique odor of Ai Ye and the stimulation of warmth to adjust the body’s function, to relieve the uterine muscle reflex phlegm, relieve phlegm and blood circulation and relieve pain.
This is what Chinese medicine says. “The general rule is not painful, but the pain is not acceptable.”

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Expert customization: fattening fitness diet recipe

There are many people who say that no matter how they eat, there is no way to make themselves fat. They want to know how to eat both scientifically and nutritiously, and to make themselves “fat”.

銆€銆€In fact, whether it is fattening or losing weight, it must be carried out on a health-based basis. Therefore, if it can rule out its own diseases that cause it to be thin or obese, then the scientific adjustment of diet can achieve the purpose of adjustment.

銆€銆€Today, dietitians have made detailed fattening diets for people who want to 鈥渇at鈥?themselves, so don’t miss it.

銆€銆€Yam porridge can increase the fate of Zhang Ailing’s novel “Flower Tune” in Sichuan, she is a standard beauty, but when she is seriously ill, she will be scared to pedestrians when she is thin.

So she said with emotion: “When you get fat again this time, you don’t want to lose weight anymore!”

It is so easy to lose weight, it is so difficult to add a pound of meat!

.” Although weight loss is currently a major trend, if a person becomes thinner, it is not only not beautiful, but also scary.

This fat person does not know the bitterness of the thin man. It is not so easy to increase fat. It is not possible to blindly increase fat. It is necessary to implement the fattening plan only when the disease is ruled out.

銆€銆€The following dietitian Li Lihua gave a brief introduction to a fattening diet: yam porridge[raw materials]yam, cheese, sugar.

銆€銆€[Method]First, wash the fresh yam, smash the mud, add the rice porridge when cooked, mix well, then transfer into the cheese, sugar to eat; the second is to dry the yam powder, take 30 grams each time, add cold water and mix thoroughlyOn the stove, simmer cooked, continue to stir, take off after two or three boiling, transfer into the cheese, sugar can be eaten.

銆€銆€銆怑fficacy銆慣he yam tastes sweet and flat, can make up for the virtual win, long muscles, moisturizing the hair, for the treatment of weight loss, beauty and wonderful products.

The cheese can nourish the lungs and nourish the skin.

The combination of the two can be used to transport the spleen and stomach and fund the source. Therefore, it is very effective in patients with thin and thin skin.

銆€銆€[Addition and subtraction]The body is thin, and there are many yin deficiency, blood deficiency and less, so the diet should eat more Gan Runshengjin products, such as milk, honey, eggs, scorpion (salmon), sea cucumber, white fungus and so on.

銆€銆€[Dessert]Milk, almonds, sesame seeds, cashews and other foods, a small amount, you can add almonds and sesame powder to the milk to drink, cashew nuts can be eaten as snacks, so there will be good results.

In addition, the difficulty of increasing weight and losing weight requires both determination and perseverance.

銆€銆€The method of reducing nutrient loss during cooking can cause nutrient loss in many cooking processes. Dietitian Li Lihua said that these substitutions should be paid attention to during the cooking process to ensure that a large amount of nutrients are not lost.


Selection of raw materials The choice of raw materials is the beginning of the cooking process. Fresh, tender raw materials should be chosen instead of old and deteriorated raw materials. Otherwise, the nutrients of the raw materials have been destroyed, especially vegetables and fruits.

For vegetables and fruits, they should be used immediately, not stored in the warehouse, and other raw materials can be stored too long.


Reasonably sort out the purchase of raw materials, and carefully remove the inedible parts, such as peeling off the hard skin, shaving the yellow leaves, removing the dirt, and sorting as much as possible, so as to avoid waste, but the parts that deteriorate and rot are firmly removed.

It can also be used reasonably for those that are not commonly used, such as celery leaves, lettuce leaves can be eaten, and iron and carotene are high in content.


Carefully clean the finished raw materials and wash them carefully with clean water.

When cleaning, pay attention to wash away the dirt, do not soak with water too much, so as not to cause excessive loss of vitamins and inorganic salts.

After washing, it is filled with a device that can filter water, and the raw materials are separated according to different parts and uses.


Before cutting, it should be processed by knife. In this exchange, it should be noted that it should not be placed after cutting. Instead, the raw materials should be used as soon as possible to prevent oxygen in the air from oxidizing vitamin C and vitamin A.

Do not wash after cutting, you should wash and cut.


Before the cooking of some dishes, it is necessary to carry out preliminary ripening treatment to shorten the calcination time and maintain the shape and shape of the raw materials.

There are many methods for initial ripening, mainly boiled, steamed and fried.

The most common is boiling water hot material, in this process should be used fire, water, water after boiling the raw materials, quickly recover after the break, let it cool as soon as possible, can reduce the loss of vitamins, water after steaming and steamingHow should the soup be used?


Reasonable use of cooking methods should first choose the cooking method that is suitable for raw materials and meet the requirements of cooking, such as frying, boiling, frying, steaming, can be used as well.

For frying, boiling, if it is not a long time to cook, you should “cook quickly” and quickly become a dish.

Eat as soon as possible after cooking.銆€銆€Appropriately smashing, hanging paste, thickening, can reduce the loss of nutrients, and keep a small amount; the reasonable combination of animal raw materials and plant raw materials can protect vitamins; proper vinegar and fermentation are beneficial to the absorption of inorganic salts.

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Children want to grow up two recipes to help children grow up

Pork bone spinach soup preparation method: Wash the pork spine with water, chop it, put it into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, first use the fire, then simmer for 2 hours, then put the washed spinach into the soup.Cook for another 10 minutes, wait until warm, add seasoning to taste, drink soup and eat spinach.

Nutritional secret: Pork spine contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other inorganic salts. The enzyme contained in spinach has a good effect on the secretion function of stomach and phosphate.

This side is a better soup supplemented with inorganic elements such as magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Chicken liver egg porridge?

Method: first wash the rice with water, add the casserole, add appropriate amount of water to cook the porridge, until the rice is flowering; then wash the chicken liver, smash the mud, stir fry with sesame oil, spare; egg shelling and evenlyPut a little sesame oil in the pan and chop it.

Put it into the porridge together with the hot chicken liver, cook until the porridge is thick, wait for the temperature, and add the seasoning to taste.

2-3 times a day.

銆€Nutritional secret: every 100 grams of chicken liver contains 18 grams of protein, 21 mg of calcium, 260 mg of phosphorus and rich in vitamin A.

Eggs contain egg protein and egg globulin required for the growth of infants and children, as well as rich inorganic salts such as calcium and phosphorus.

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