[How to make white wine with figs]_how to do _ making method

When it comes to wine, most boys have endless topics.

When going out for a party, they drink to regulate the atmosphere.

But there is no innovation in ordinary liquor. Adding other things to the liquor will have different effects and bring an unprecedented taste experience.

Fig sparkling liquor is loved by most people. Below we introduce the specific method of fig sparkling liquor.

First, just soak directly, figs have a wide range of anti-cancer effects ① apply all the nameless swelling and poison, scabies, scabies, yellow water sores, fish mouth poison, milk knots: appropriate amount of dried figs, adjust sesame oil.

② Treatment of sore throat: fig fresh fruit is dried, ground, and throat blown.

③ treatment of lung heat hoarseness: 30 grams of figs, decoction and sugar.

④ cure hemorrhoids, prolapse of the anus, constipation: fresh figs eat 10 or dried fruit, pig intestine, decoction.

⑤ More than Jiujia: Fig 5?
7 pieces, decoction.

Material: Figs, rice wine, honey.

Method: Select the ripe figs, wash them, remove them slightly, mash them, put them into a clean glass jar, and use white wine and fig rice wine 2 to 1 to 0.

Add liquor and honey at a ratio of 5 and stir to make the figs immersed in the wine, sealed, and shake the glass jar every 3 days. One month later, it can be opened to remove the residue.

Second, tools / raw materials container, can seal figs, white wine, rice wine. Method / Step 1 Select ripe figs, clean them, dry them, mash them slightly, put them in a clean glass jar, and use white wine fig rice wine 21 to 0.

Add liquor and honey at a ratio of 5 and stir to make the figs immersed in the wine. Seal 3 and shake the glass jar every 3 days. After one month, open it to remove the residue.

Precautions contain high sugar. Patients with hyperglycemia should be used with caution in patients with cerebrovascular accidents, mild liver, and normal blood potassium metabolic paralysis.

Those with thin stools should not eat raw three. Figs contain sugars, citric acid, malic acid, minerals, vitamins, as well as proteins and a small amount of degrading enzymes.

Fig wine has very good health effects. In addition to laxative effects, it also has appetizing, lactating, deworming, anti-inflammatory, swelling, and antidiarrheal effects.

1. Homemade homemade fig wine practice A, tools / raw figs 1 kg, honey 150 g, white wine 2 kg B, method / steps: choose mature figs, pick overripe and crackers, wash them, and cut off the fruit.

Home-made fig wine mashes the figs a little.

2. I used homemade homemade fig wine to add honey. I made 2 kg of figs, so I used a little more than 300g of honey.

When pouring white wine, be sure to use grain wine, not alcohol blended wine.

In the sintered glass bottle, after being stirred, sealed and immersed for about 1 month, and shaken once every 3 days.

After opening, filter to remove residue, and you can take it.

3, precautions because it is health wine, so you can not drink more, drink 15 every night before going to bed?
20 ml

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[Can you eat pork with fever]_Fever_Effect

In the process of fever, a large number of people have no appetite, because the fever becomes a person’s body temperature becomes higher, and it will also make a person feel top-heavy, light-headed, dizzy, nauseous and nauseous.

And in order to prevent the fever from causing more serious consequences, everyone must treat their fever symptoms in a timely manner, and pay attention to their eating habits during the fever, try to eat some light food, but you can continue to eat pork during the fever?

Can you eat pork with a fever?

Everyone is very concerned about this problem, because everyone knows that this problem will be related to their physical health, and often it will affect their normal life.

When it comes to fever, maybe many people will behave indifferently, because they don’t need to worry about the fever when they are in jail, it will be fine in a few days, and sometimes they don’t need the help of drugs.

In fact, the above situation exists, but it is still rare.

Most of the time, the fever still needs medical treatment. In addition, there are many foods that can not be eaten during the fever, because these foods may worsen a person’s fever, which is something everyone is worried about.

So, let ‘s talk about the issue of whether pork can be eaten by fever.

Fever can be pork, just don’t eat spicy and cold food.

Fever diet taboos: 1. Do not eat eggs. Many people think that eating eggs when fever is sick is not only light and easy to digest, but also nutritious, which is good for restoring health, but this method is unscientific.

Fever patients eat eggs, because the body increases in the body, because it can not be dispersed and distributed, in fact, “oil on the fire” will burn more severely.

Doctors say that eggs are rich in nutrients, but they should not be eaten during fever, especially fried poached or scrambled eggs.

Eating eggs exacerbates the symptoms of fever, as eggs mainly contain egg protein and ovoglobulin, which is a complete protein, 99.

7% can be absorbed by the body.

After eating eggs, there will be a certain amount of extra content, which will increase the body volume and exacerbate fever symptoms.

2. Don’t eat river mussels, also known as river mussels. It has natural cold discharge and has the power of nourishing the shade and cooling.

In addition, due to environmental pollution and excessive heavy metal content in river fresh, the elimination of fever and stomach is aggravated by the workload, which is not conducive to absorption and excretion.

3. Don’t eat persimmons. The persimmons are inherently cold and condensed and stayed. They have the effect of nourishing yin and moisturizing, but do not cause wind-chilling fever crowds. More food will easily converge, delay the healing of the fever, and worsen.

4. Avoid coriander. For people with fever, coriander must be avoided. When we have a fever, we will all have different levels of qi deficiency, and coriander flavor will dissipate. If we eat it at this time, it will consume gas.Thereby aggravating the degree of fever.

Not only people with a fever cannot eat coriander, but people who are prone to fever should also stay away from coriander to avoid causing or aggravating qi deficiency.

Experts point out that postpartum patients who have recovered after the illness often have a certain degree of qi deficiency, so they should also avoid eating coriander.

Therefore, people with fever can actually eat pork, and proper consumption of pork will not aggravate the fever and will not affect their physical health.

In addition, when you encounter a fever in your life, there are many foods that you cannot eat, as mentioned above: eggs, river mussels, persimmons, coriander, etc. These foods are allIt is not edible.

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Cosco Haineng (600026) 2018 Annual Report Comments: 18Q4 oil tanker season promotes turning to losses and optimistic about oil tanker offensive market in the second half of 2019

Matters: COSCO Haineng released annual report data: the company achieved operating income of 122 in 2018.

86 ppm, an increase of 25 in ten years.

64%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

0.5 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 94.

05%; net profit after deducting non-attribution is 0.

67 trillion, down 94 a year.


Looking at quarters: Q1-4 realized revenue of 24 respectively.




0.94 million yuan, the previous change was -9.

87% / 11.

06% / 46.

59% / 59.

57%; attributable net profit is -0.

85 / -1.

31 / -0.


7.3 billion.

Q4 succeeded in pushing profitability back to profitability.

Comment: Foreign trade oil tanker: 18Q4 peak season market promotes this to produce a loss.

1) 18 Q1-3, due to the fact that OPEC and other major oil-producing countries have cut production more than expected, international crude oil prices have continued to rise, crude oil trade and transportation demand have been phased down, and freight rates have been sluggish; 2018 average VLCC-TCE1.

USD 60,000 / day, down 12 before.


Initially, the company’s foreign trade oil transportation business achieved total revenue of 66.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 12 in ten years.

58%, gross profit is expected to be 0.

15 billion (since the long-term average price is below the breakeven point, it is estimated to be about 2.

USD 80,000 / day).

2) The fourth quarter reflects the peak season flexibility.

In 2018, the industry gradually demolished 32 ships, with basically no increase in supply, showing flexibility in the peak 杭州桑拿网 season of Q4, and the average price of VLCC reached 4.

30,000 US dollars / day, an increase of 147% in the past, and exceeded the profit and loss line, becoming the main driving force of the company’s overall performance distortions and losses.

Domestic trade oil transportation: Mergers and acquisitions of oil product fleets increase business share.

The company’s domestic trade oil transportation business realized revenue in 201842.

0.6 million yuan, an increase of 44 in ten years.

65%, contributing about 11.

600 million, an increase of 10 in ten years.9%.

Among them, the domestic crude oil business contributed revenue23.

96 ppm, a decrease of 2 per year.

93%, contributing about 8 gross profit.

64 ppm, a decrease of 9 per year.

2%; domestic trade refined oil business contributed revenue 17.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 417 in ten years.

1%, mainly because the company completed its capital increase and acquired the PetroChina product oil fleet acquisition, achieving a substantial increase in gross profit2.

62 trillion, an increase of 273 in ten years.

twenty four%.

It is expected that in 2019, the company’s domestic trade oil tanker market performance will maintain steady growth.

The LNG fleet is gradually delivered and operated, contributing a pre-tax profit increase of 72 per year.


In 2018, thanks to the intensified expansion of the “coal-to-gas” policy, China’s LNG import volume continued its rapid growth momentum to reach the 5,400 target, a 41% replacement growth.

The company has a total of 26 LNG fleets operating in 2018, with an annual increase of 10 vessels.

Among them, the company ‘s previous layout of the Russian Yamal project added 7 LNG transport operations. It is expected that all fleets of the LNG sector will be transported in 2020.

LNG contributed pre-tax profit in 20184.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 72 in ten years.


The rate of return of the LNG business project is stable. It is expected that the ship will continue to be delivered and put into operation in 2019, so that the business profit growth rate will continue to increase.

Investment suggestion: We think the industry will start its cycle inflection point in 18Q4, and it is expected to usher in a smoother upward trend in the second half of 2019.

Demand-side increase looks at the increase of US crude oil exports in the second half of the year (driving trade volume and increasing line spacing to increase turnover); the supply side will enter a two-year delivery low season after the delivery peak in 2019;The traditional peak season, therefore, tends to the annual strategic point of view: the offensive in the second half of the year depends on the tanker.

It is expected that the company’s net profit in 2019-20 will be 1.2 billion and 2.2 billion respectively (the original forecast for 20 years was 19).

5 billion, corresponding to the average industry freight rate 3.

50,000 US dollars / day, now forecast the average price is 3.

80,000 US dollars / day, optimistic about the industry recovery profit forecast adjusted to 2.2 billion), corresponding to PE is 21/11 times.

Short-term catalysts include progress in Sino-US trade talks and increased US oil and gas imports.

Highlight the “Recommended” rating.

Risk reminders: macroeconomic fluctuations, declining oil demand, and peak ship deliveries.

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Dongfang Shenghong (000301) Interim 上海夜网论坛 Report 2019: Filament Positioning High-end Profit Stable Large Refining and Chemical Project Steady Progress

The company’s first-half performance is in line with expectations, and its high-end filament product positioning is highly resistant to cyclical cycles. In the first half of the year, the single-ton profit of the filament was more than 520 yuan. Yuan / ton is equivalent to the industry; large refining and chemical projects are progressing smoothly. It is expected to be put into production in the second half of 2021, which will realize the integration of the industrial chain.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

The company’s first half performance was in line with expectations.

The company achieved operating income of 12.3 billion yuan in the first half of the year, + 16% per annum, and net profit attributable to its 重庆耍耍网 mother 8.

0 billion US dollars, a year + 11%; of which Q2 operating income is 7.9 billion US dollars, a year + 14%, a chain of + 83%, attributed to the mother’s net profit4.

800 million, previous + 20%, + 52% MoM.

The company’s first half performance was in line with expectations, the filament business was stable, the PTA business was consolidated in the second quarter, and the industry’s prosperity improved to contribute revenue and profit growth.

The company’s filament products are positioned at the high end and have strong profit stability.

The company’s polyester filament DTY varieties account for about 60% of its products, high-end product positioning, and strong ability to resist cyclical changes. The company’s DTY gross profit margin was 14 in the first half of the year.

1%, a decline of 3 per year.

9 pcts, lower than POY, FDY varieties 6.

1, 8.

2 pcs decline.

In the first half of the year, Guowang Hi-tech, a subsidiary of Shenghong, had a net profit of 2.


The net profit per ton of filament is about 520 yuan / ton, and the profitability is higher than the industry average of about 300 yuan / ton in the first half of the year.

It is expected that the increase in production capacity of the polyester filament industry in 2019-20 is basically the same as the long-term demand growth of the industry. The current localization process of upstream PX products accelerates the transfer of industry profits to the downstream. It is expected that polyester filament will maintain a relatively high level of profitability.

Consolidation of Hongkong Petrochemical PTA assets contributed to the increase in performance.

Company in the first half of the year 19.

Hong Kong Petrochemical acquired 150 tons of PTA production capacity at a consideration of US $ 900 million. The project assets were consolidated in April, and Q2 Honggang Petrochemical contributed net profit1.

90ppm (Q1 PTA assets 88 million yuan profit plan into non-recurring profit and loss), single ton profit is about 500 yuan / ton, which is comparable to the industry average.

The Hongkong Petrochemical Phase II 240 company’s new PTA production capacity is progressing smoothly. It is expected to start production in 2020, which is an important growth point for the company’s future earnings.

The company’s fixed-increasing project was approved by the CSRC, and the large refining and chemical project is progressing smoothly.

The company announced that the final refining and chemical integration project of Shenghong Refining & Chemical 1600 with an increase of US $ 5 billion was approved by the CSRC.

The total investment of the company’s large refining and chemical project is US $ 67.7 billion, and the capital required for the project construction is approximately US $ 19 billion. Currently, the internal financing of the proposed increase project has reached US $ 10.5 billion, and the subsequent funding gap can be supplemented by its own funds.

The company’s large refining and chemical project is expected to be delivered in mid-June 2021, and it is expected to be put into operation in the second half of 2021. At that time, the company will realize the integrated layout of the interconnected industrial chain, which will be an important growth point of the company’s future performance.

Risk factors: the risk of sharp fluctuations in international oil prices, the risk of intensified trade disputes between the United States and China, and the risk that the company’s projects under construction are less than expected.

Investment suggestion: Maintain the company’s profit forecast for 19-2114.



3 trillion, the corresponding predicted EPS is 0.



43 yuan, the current corresponding PE is 14/12/12 times.

Taking into account that the company’s currently under construction Dalian Refining and Chemicals will bring a substantial improvement in the company’s performance after 2021, maintain a “buy” rating and maintain a target price of 8.

3 yuan (corresponding to 23 times PE in 2019).

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TCL Group (000100): Major asset reorganization completes key semiconductor displays and materials

Event: The company released the 2019 semi-annual report on August 12, and realized operating income of 437 in the first half of 2019.

82 ppm, a decrease of 16 per year.

64%; net profit attributable to mother 20.

92 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.


In April of this year, the company successfully completed the reorganization of smart terminals and supporting businesses. The TCL Group shifted from related diversified operations to focus on the semiconductor display and material industry, and led the industry to develop industrial finance and investment businesses.

Excluding 杭州桑拿 the impact of restructuring business data, for pro forma purposes, revenue for the first half of 2019 was 261.

19 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

94%, net profit attributable to mother is 20.

92 ppm, an increase of 42 in ten years.


Opinion: The release of production capacity has accelerated, and operating income has grown rapidly.

The company’s business income has grown rapidly.

Among the main business income, Huaxing Optoelectronics’ operating income was 162.

7.7 billion, accounting for 37.

17%, an annual increase of 33.

53%; Hanlinhui’s operating income was 88.

1.4 billion, accounting for 20.

13%, an annual increase of 24.

17%; industrial finance and investment business operating income is 3.

6.8 billion, accounting for 0.

84%, an annual increase of 76.

0%; through reorganization, the company further perfected its business strategy, optimized organizational processes, and improved business efficiency and competition.

Streamline business structure, capital structure and operating efficiency are continuously optimized.

Among the related expenses, sales expenses are 23.

8.3 billion, down 46 each year.

47%; administrative costs are 12.

67 ppm, a decrease of 31 per year.

51%; financial expenses are 6.

500,000 yuan, an increase of 37 in ten years.

03%; R & D funding is 18.

8.1 billion, down 8 every year.


Changes in the scope of consolidation after the company’s asset reorganization led to a decline in sales expenses and management expenses, and an increase in financing scale led to an increase in financial expenses. At the same time, the company continued to increase R & D investment and enhance the company’s core competitiveness.

Focusing on core business, Huaxing is expected to maintain its leading position in the industry.

After the company completes the reorganization and replacement, it will focus on the semiconductor display and materials industry.

Huaxing has always maintained the industry leading position with its extreme efficiency and cost control. The production capacity of some of the company’s LCD production lines has continued to increase. It is expected that Q4 Wuhan T4 AMOLED production line will achieve mass production. At the same time, the company will also accelerate the development of printing and evaporation OLED light-emitting materialsThe future growth potential is huge, which is expected to consolidate the industry’s leading position.

Maintain the “overweight” rating.We are optimistic about the company’s continued growth in the semiconductor display industry after major asset restructuring.

Expected company after restructuring in 2019?
In 2021, the EPS will be 0.



37 yuan, corresponding to PE is 12/11/9 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: industry competition intensifies and panel prices fall.

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Cushions over 19 cm are dangerous!

With the popularity of mechanization and office computers, people who work in a sitting position are becoming more and more common. Some sedentary people often place a cushion on a car chair, sofa, or stool to prevent back pain.Low back pain should also pay attention to methods.

Not too thick or too thin, 19 cm is suitable.

  First of all, the cushion must be placed on the waist, it is not correct to put it on the back.

Because there are 5 lumbar workers in normal human body, they do not necessarily grow on a straight line because of their physiological needs, but they have a forward convex shape protruding forward in the middle. From the side, the lumbar spine is like a small bag with a gentle slope.

So the correct sitting position should be.

Lift your chest up, and when you need to lean back, straighten your waist and leave the back of the chair.

When sitting on the sofa, try to sit back, let your hips sit on the floor of the sofa, and lean tightly on the back of the sofa.

  First of all, the cushion should not be too thick, a cushion with a height of 10 cm is better.

In this way, the human body presses backwards, compressing exactly 5-8 cm, which is most in line with the physiological lordosis of the lumbar spine.

Too thick causes excessive forward flexion of the lumbar spine.

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5 Questions about Self-Exam Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal relationships in the workplace are very subtle and complicated. If you are not careful, you will become passive. It can be said that everyone who has worked in the workplace will have deep feelings.

Correcting in time, introspecting one’s own behavior, and carrying out active and effective psychological adjustments, so that oneself can adapt to changing interpersonal relationships, may be a good way to enhance survivability.

  Therefore, it is necessary for people in the workplace to do a self-check on the following aspects: First, will you count others?

  Anyone will hate the calculations behind others. Calculating others is also one of the most dangerous behaviors in the workplace. The consequences of such behaviors will be cast aside by colleagues, and lose their jobs or even lose their reputation.

If you often have the idea of putting your career at the top as “enemy” or “enemy”, and do everything you can to defeat the other party, then it is necessary for you to replace it. As the boss, he absolutely does not want his ownThe bosses are entangled with each other. The boss hopes that each employee can give play to their strengths and bring more benefits to themselves, and each other will only increase internal friction and damage their own business. The colleagues around them are also those who like to move aroundPeople who use dark arrows and dark arrows because everyone wants a harmonious and relaxed working environment and work with people who share their interests.

  Second, do you often compromise with others?

  Of course, there will be competing elements in dealing with colleagues, so it is important to use the attitude of acceptance and rejection correctly.

A person who can only refuse others will invite everyone’s participation, while a person who will only compromise with others will not only be aggrieved by himself, but also be regarded as a good old man with low ability, unbearable capacity, and easy to be used.

Therefore, we must pay attention to adhering to certain principles in our work, and we will inevitably get involved in such incidents that endanger the interests of the company, help gangs, and harm others.

In such cases, pay attention to maintaining neutrality and avoid being used by others.

  Third, do you like to ask others about their privacy?

  In a civilized environment, everyone should respect the possibilities of others.

If you find that you have a strong interest in the private ownership of others, you should reflect on it.

Peering into the privacy of others has always been a matter of low personal quality and no cultivation.

Maybe there are many situations that happen unintentionally. Sometimes, you occasionally find the strange secret behavior of a good friend, and you tell others by accident, so that you will not cause harm to your friends or even lose your friendship.

Occasional faults may be compensated by explanations, but if such incidents occur several times, then you have to psychologically replace your problems.

In addition, in addition to learning to respect others, you must maintain a proper distance in your interactions with colleagues, and be careful not to intrude into the “territory” of others, so as to avoid being ignored by bored people.

  Fourth, do you often work with emotions?

  If you are often affected by unpleasant events at work and make you emotionally out of control, then you have made a taboo.

If you see something that you do n’t like and it is obvious, it will only cause your colleagues to hate you.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, and should try to learn to be tolerant or silent about someone or something they don’t like.

Your own likes and dislikes are not necessarily in line with other people’s opinions. If you often and easily comment on others, you will also cause other people’s disgust.

  Five, do you often borrow money from colleagues?

  It is important to manage the economic relationship between colleagues.

Because you usually party and play together, there may be more economic exchanges. The best way is to use the aa system.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with borrowing money from colleagues in special circumstances, but remember to return it as soon as possible.

If you often borrow money from others, you will be considered an unplanned person, and others believe that you have mistrust in your dealings with others.

Remember not to owe anyone a dollar, and take this as a principle.

Of course, do n’t stick to the rules, do n’t insist on refusing when your colleagues are pleased to entertain, and remember to say more congratulations.

  The above five areas are very sensitive areas in workplace interpersonal relationships. If you find that your behavior has changed with these rules during the self-examination, don’t be stubborn. Be sure to adjust your mindset and try to correct it.

  There are many rules in the workplace that need to be followed. Everyone in the workplace should maintain the good habits of self-examination and self-examination. Some of them should be changed as soon as possible and appropriately compensated. Otherwise, it takes time to warn and adjust the psychology and behavior with a positive attitude.

Only in this way can our interpersonal relationships in the workplace be harmonious, and we can enjoy that kind of warmth in work and life.

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Clever use of wolfberry to eliminate fatigue

Wolfberry is a plant with strong vitality and productivity, which is very suitable for eliminating fatigue.

It can promote blood circulation, prevent arteriosclerosis, and prevent the accumulation of gallbladder in the liver. In addition to the various vitamins contained in wolfberry, the comprehensive operation of amino acids and linoleic acid is necessary to promote metabolism in the body., Can also prevent aging.

  Lycium barbarum leaves can be used to make “medlar tea” for reorganization; red fruit “medlar” can be used for cooking or making tea; wolfberry root is also known as “earth bone skin”, which is generally considered to be used as a medicinal material, so it can be described as exhaustiveIts use.

And long-term consumption of wolfberry or wolfberry tea, there will be no complications.

  Chinese wolfberry has a wide range of effects, such as antipyretics, treating diabetes, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, and it can be cured after boiling wolfberry root, which can lower blood pressure. As for wolfberry tea, it can treat deficiency, coldness, and stomach., Liver and kidney disease, tuberculosis, constipation, insomnia, hypotension, anemia, various eye diseases, hair loss, stomatitis, skin care, etc.

However, because the effect of warming the body of wolfberry is very strong, people who reduce high blood pressure, people who are too irritable, or those who eat a lot of meat on weekdays and cause their faces to turn red are better not to eat it.

Conversely, if the body is weak, people who often catch colds, and people with poor resistance are better to take it every day.

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Baby Nutritious Food

No matter how clever the babies are, they may not eat. At this time, mothers may wish to make a dish of pine nut fish for the little ones.

  Process: slippery taste: salty sweetness edible: breakfast | Chinese food | dinner | sippy taste: Yuding is white and tender, pine nuts dry and crisp, nutritious and delicious.

  Ingredients: 50 grams of pine nuts, 200 grams of black fish, 20 grams of egg whites, 20 grams of starch (corn), seasoning: 15 grams of cooking wine, 4 grams of salt, 2 grams of white sugar, 3 grams of pepper, 1 gram of sesame oil, 10 grams of green onions, 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams Vegetable oil 120g cooking method 1, peel the fish and cut into 0.

5 cm square small dices; 2, 5 grams of cooking wine, 2 grams of refined salt, 0 pepper.

5 grams, egg whites, 15 grams of starch. Grasp the diced fish and sizing them; 3, add the oil into the spoon and heat it up, and then put the diced fish into the spoon and fish out;15 grams of oil remain, add cooking wine, spring onion, ginger, fresh soup, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, pepper, boil; 6. Hook with 10 grams of wet starch (5 grams of starch and water), add diced fish, pine nuts and mix well, Sprinkle sesame oil out of the spoon.

  Production Tips This product has a frying process, which requires about 500 grams of lard.

  The nutritional energy of this recipe is 707.

93 thousand, cal vitamin B60.

01 mg, protein 46.

14 grams, aunt 47.

77 grams, glucose 28.

53 grams, folic acid 5.

54 μg, precipitated fibers 5.

3 grams, plasma 182 mg, vitamin A55.

05 mcg, carotene 69.

3 micrograms, thiamine 0.

15 mg, riboflavin 0.

45 mg, niacin 7.

33 mg, vitamin C0.

35 mg, vitamin E25.

32 mg.

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5 threats to women’s skin in summer

The arrival of summer makes women love and hate. What they love is summer food, cold drinks and a good opportunity to show their stature. Hate is that summer will bring a lot of impurities to the skin and even cause scars.

. Summer women’s skin faces 5 threats. How to deal with the arrival of summer makes women love and hate. What they love is summer food, cold drinks and a good opportunity to show their figure. Hate is that summer will bring a lot of harm to the skin.It can even lead to scarring.

For beauty-conscious women, the skin is the most gorgeous dress. Protecting the skin is to delay their aging.

So what does summer pose to women’s skin?

  1. The threat of eczema Although it is said that eczema will occur in any season, it is prone to be more frequent in summer due to summer light, heat, climate change, and the use of food and chemicals.

In the summer, eczema is easy to occur on the skin folds and folds, and itching, pimples, pustules, etc. often occur.

And if wet care is not done properly, it is easy to leave scars.

In addition to targeted treatment of eczema, attention should also be paid to the prevention of eczema.

For example, in terms of clothing, pay attention to changing clothes frequently and try to wear cotton clothes; eat allergic foods in the diet, eat less irritating foods; pay attention to regular schedules in the living environment, clean indoors, and avoid allergens.

  2. The threat of sister-in-law Although sister-in-law is prone to occur frequently, it is not a child’s patent, and some adult women will accidentally change into sister-in-law.

There will be dense pimples, itching, and tingling on the skin after the child appears, and there will be mild desquamation after the child has subsided.

Make women’s skin look red and dirty, which seriously affects the appearance.

  When the mules appear, they can only keep the skin dry, so that the symptoms no longer worsen, and they fade away as soon as possible.

But the best way is to prevent the emergence of gardenia, which is caused by the human body sweating and not being dried in time, which leads to hair follicle induction.

Therefore, in daily life, women should pay attention to loosening and replacement of clothing, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin. After sweating, wipe with a dry towel and warm water and wash.

  3, sunburn and tanning In traditional aesthetic thoughts, fair skin is king.

But after the summer, UV rays in the sun can cause sunburn and tan.

First of all, sunburn often causes skin erythema, bright red, and even blisters, accompanied by a burning sensation and tingling sensation. Over time, the sunburned area will become black and the skin will peel.

Subsequently, tanning is lighter than sunburn, and the skin will turn black after tanning. At the same time, ultraviolet rays in the sun will cause skin dryness and wrinkles.

For the damage to the skin from the summer sun, first of all, the use of sunscreen products is indispensable. Different sunscreen products have different effects on the skin. There are differences between sun strength, sun protection, and sun protection.

The reason is to actively treat the skin after sunburn and tanning, such as applying with aloe vera gel, analgesic with watermelon peel, and applying a mask.

  In addition, it is easy to tan in summer. In addition to paying attention to sun protection, you must pay attention to supplementing skin health vitamins. For example, vitamin C can inhibit the synthesis of melanin, vitamin A can promote smooth skin, and vitamin B can improve skin roughness.phenomenon.
  4. Sanitary napkin allergic women’s skin problems have been extended to the external surface. Summer is also the peak period of female sanitary napkin allergies. The high temperature in summer makes the use of sanitary napkins easy to cause changes in privacy, warmth, and induce allergies.

In addition, some sanitary napkins contain flavors, fluorescent agents, chlorides, etc. These substances also easily cause induction problems. At the same time, women do not change the sanitary napkins continuously, which may also cause some gynecological problems.

  Therefore, women also face skin problems in private places in summer. When purchasing sanitary napkins in summer, care must be taken to avoid allergens. Once itching, tingling and other discomforts occur, they need to be replaced in time.

On the other hand, some medicine sanitary napkins are effective, but they are not suitable for everyone, so they can be avoided when buying.

And daily needs to be replaced in time to avoid gynecological problems caused by overlapping heat.

  5. Threats brought by mosquito bites In the summer, temperature rise and humidity also provide conditions for the reproduction of insects. Mosquito bites cause the skin to appear red and swollen, itchy and itchy, skin ulcers, and even leave scars and infectious diseases.

To deal with mosquito bites, we must first pay attention to prevention. In the summer, mosquito coils, insecticides, and mosquito liquid are used to drive mosquitoes.

In fact, you can put lavender grass indoors, and the night fragrant can also have a certain mosquito repellent effect.

After being stung by mosquitoes, you can wash with soapy water and then apply antipruritic and analgesic products.

  Therefore, the arrival of summer has also brought a lot of problems to women’s skin. Facing these problems causes skin problems, which not only cause appearance discomfort, but also cause skin diseases.

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