ATP rookie finals start next year and settle in Milan with bonuses and no points
ATP Rookie Finals Poster Recently, ATP officially announced that it will start creating a new tournament for top young players at the end of 2017.  This game is called the ATP Freshman Finals and will take place in Milan, Italy, November 7-11, 2017.  Of course, the ATP Milan Road points ranking can only be started in January 2017. The top 7 players at the end of the season are directly shortlisted, and the last place is won by foreign card players.  ATP Executive Chairman Kolmod said that we are honored to be in Milan, Italy, which will provide a platform for future talents to showcase their talents.Several cities are attracted to this event, and we are very happy to cooperate with the Italian Tennis Federation in Milan.  The total prize money of this event is $1,275,000. Like the Barclays year-end finals, the Freshman Finals are divided into two groups, and each group advances to the semi-finals.However, there is no point reward for this game.

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[How to make pumpkin filling with chocolate]_Homemade method of pumpkin filling with chocolate_How to make pumpkin filling with chocolate_How to make pumpkin filling with chocolate

Everything is dying in the winter. Of course, the diet can’t be ambiguous in this bleak season. You must actively carry out diet and health care. After learning to make chocolate-filled pumpkin pie, this dish can help you increase more, reasonably replenish qi and blood, and let you in the winter season.The body can also become stronger and stronger, and with an appetizer, it’s awesome!

1. Cut the pumpkin into small pieces and steam it in the pot. 2. Cook the pumpkin through a strainer with a spoon and twist it into pumpkin puree.

Add honey for a sweeter taste.

3. Put the glutinous rice flour in the pot, add pumpkin puree 4 and the dough a little to make it smooth and moderate in humidity.

5. Take a small piece of dough, press in the middle, add chocolate pieces, and close.

6. The dough is wrapped in chocolate and pressed into a round cake.

7. Crush the oatmeal with a blender. 8. Brush the cake with water on both sides and dip it in oatmeal.

9, add oil to the pan, burn until the oil is slightly bubbling, reduce the heat, add pumpkin pie, and fry until it turns golden brown.

10, pumpkin pie with homemade honey fruit tea, delicious and nutritious non-greasy.

Cooking is a big thing, and housewives may not enjoy the cooking process. In the cooking process of chocolate-filled pumpkin pie, you can find the joy of cooking. You can make delicious dishes during the rest periodGospel for beginners.

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[How to measure blood lipids at home]_How to test_How to test

Middle-aged and elderly people are prone to elevated blood lipids, and once they occur, blood lipids cannot be dropped all at once, and they need to be constantly adjusted to maintain blood lipids within a reasonable range.

Therefore, in this process, it is very important to constantly grasp the situation of your own blood lipids. It is necessary to master the method of measuring blood lipids at home.

So how do you measure blood lipids at home?

Let’s take a look below.

There are five methods for self-testing hyperlipidemia.

If middle-aged women have yellowish-brown eyelids, blood lipids have increased.

Eyelid warts are small yellow rashes that mostly grow on the eyelids and can even cover the entire eyelid.

It may be as large as rice grains in the early days, slightly selected.

It should be noted that the tarsal skin is separated from the normal skin and the border is irregular.


If the fingers cross yellow, it means that the plasma and neutral aunt are too high.


If the body’s hypertension is too high, the patient’s eyelids, elbows, thighs, heels, etc. will bulge yellow patches.


When the neutral adult is too high, the patient’s wrists, arms, hips, chest, chest and other parts of the skin will appear a lot of soft soybean-sized small acne scars, the skin is normal skin, no pain and no itching.


People with diabetes accumulate high blood pressure in the liver, which can cause liver enlargement. The patient can touch the lower edge of the liver when breathing deeply.

High blood fat diet should pay attention to the following points: 1, usually eat more light food, some more vegetables, more fruits can reduce blood lipids, so in the usual diet, you must eat less meat,Eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as foods that contain thicker fibers, such as apples, hawthorn, broccoli, celery, tomatoes, etc.

2, excessive intake of sweets or starch, such as rice, noodles, cakes, biscuits, etc., can be converted into triglycerides in the liver, causing endogenous triglycerides in plasma to increase, which is not conducive to regulation and lowers blood lipids.

3. Eat less high-cholesterol, high-fat foods that can cause triglyceride to increase, such as egg yolk, fatty meat, animal offal, crab, river shrimp, animal oil, etc.

You can usually choose to eat a variety of lean meat, milk, vegetables, soy products, jellyfish, etc., especially eat more vegetables containing more cellulose, can reduce the absorption of intestinal cholesterol.

4. Drink plenty of tea daily. Tea polyphenols in tea can inhibit lipid peroxidation, anticoagulation, fibrinolysis, antiplatelet aggregation, lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, atherosclerosis, and protect the heart muscle.
Drinking tea is best to drink green money willow horseradish leaf tea (golden tea, moringa leaves, kudzu root, mulberry leaves, green money willow leaves, corn whisker), you can drink before and after meals, which can greatly reduce the highBlood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia.

5. Eat more grains, fresh seeds and meat.

Eat less junk food and more food with additives.

Examples include sausages, bacon, ham fumigated and frozen foods, and canned foods.

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First Venture (002797) 2018 Annual Report and 19Q1 Quarterly Report Comment: Solid Income Advantage Expands, 6 Billion Increases Are on the Way
Event: First Venture achieved operating income in 201817.700,000 yuan, at least -9.40% (adjusted); net profit attributable to mother 1.24 ppm, -70 per year.59%; EPS0.036 yuan.At the end of 2018, the company’s total assets were 335.64 trillion, +1 a year.34%.Net assets 88.20,000 yuan, at least -0.62.The leverage multiple (net of customer margin) is 6.55.ROE1.41%, a decrease of 3 per year.44 units.A cash dividend of 0 per 10 shares will be distributed in 2018.10 yuan (including tax), the total payout is about 0.3.5 billion (including tax). In the first quarter of 2019, First Venture achieved 杭州桑拿网 operating income8.1 billion, ten years +81.89%; net profit attributable to mother 2.86 trillion, ten years +313.91%; EPS0.08 yuan / share; ROE3 in the first quarter.29%.As of the end of 2019Q1, the company’s total assets were 385.0.2 million yuan, ten years +14.71%; net assets 88.32 trillion, ten years +0.34%. The solid income business continued to lead, further expanding the brand advantage.In 2018, the company’s fixed income business achieved revenue of 41,488.760,000 yuan, an annual increase of 236.64%.The company is one of the five brokers with “national bank bond market maker qualification”.Since entering the inter-bank market in 2003, the company’s spot trading volume has maintained the top 5 in the industry for more than 10 consecutive years. The brokerage asset management scale ranks in the top 20.As of the end of 2018, the company’s asset management business was entrusted to manage assets of 2,111.2.4 billion. Investment suggestion: On April 25, the company issued a non-public offering plan, which is expected to raise 6 billion, not more than 700 million shares.It is assumed that the fixed increase in 2019 will be completed, which will help the company’s various business lines to expand. Expected current company PB3.05 times, higher than the industry average. Risk reminder: the activity of stock line trading declines; market risk risks; capital market reforms fall short of expectations; proprietary investment changes fall short of expectations.

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Haige Communications (002465): Big orders settle again in Beidou navigation sector worth looking forward to

Event: The company announced on July 4 that it has recently received an extended order contract with customers of special institutions, with a total amount of about 2.

20,000 yuan, mainly for wireless communication, Beidou navigation products and supporting equipment, the contract supply time is 2019-2020.

Opinions: (1) The completion of large 重庆耍耍网 orders lays a solid foundation for 19 years of operation.

The size of this order reached 2.

2 trillion, accounting for 5 of the company’s 2018 revenue.

41% will effectively strengthen the operating foundation of 2019.

(2) The upward trend of military orders resumes and strengthens industry confidence.

This order is mainly for wireless communications, Beidou Navigation and its supporting facilities. At the same time, according to the company’s announcement, the company announced the date of the wireless communication in 2019, and Beidou Navigation’s major contractual amounts exceeded 700 million yuan.The total revenue of the wireless communication + Beidou navigation sub-section is more than 34%.

The upward trend of military orders continued to be clear.

(3) Continue to maintain the advantages of wireless communication + navigation, focus on the three generations of the Beidou industrial chain, and strive to usher in rapid growth.

The company has more than 60 years of professional accumulation in the field of wireless communication and navigation, and has the full industry chain product development and service capabilities from chip → module → antenna → complete machine → system and operation services, full coverage, full product series, and wide user coverage.The industrial advantage is obvious.

The company implements “1 + 2” layout in the field of Beidou navigation. “1” refers to the key technology with high precision as its core and high-precision location service platform. “2” refers to the two major application areas of the military and civilians.

Facing the broad market of Beidou Navigation, the company has started the research on the signal of the new system of Beidou III, built the core advantages of chip technology and advanced technology, and carried out the development of Beidou III series terminals. On May 22, 2019, the companyAt the annual satellite navigation conference, two high-precision satellite navigation chips with full independent intellectual property rights and full frequency coverage-“Dolphin One” baseband chip and Beidou III RX37 series radio frequency chip were provided to the outside world, providing applications for Beidou III.The baseband + RF full-chip solution will be used in applications such as surveying and mapping, unmanned platforms, emergency rescue and high-precision timing.

First-mover advantage + active layout, the company’s wireless communication + Beidou navigation field is expected to usher in a period of rapid growth.

Investment suggestion: The gradual recovery of military orders in the last two years of the 13th Five-Year Plan is determined, and the company’s continued breakthrough in new products and markets, as well as the company’s effective control of the overall expense rate, we believe that the company’s performance is expected to continue to rise.

In addition, the beneficiary company’s continued expansion in satellite communications and Beidou navigation, through the gradual improvement of the Tiantong-1 supporting facilities and the gradual transfer of Beidou-3 satellite cluster services, the company is expected to usher in rapid development opportunities in satellite communications and Beidou navigation.

We forecast a net profit of 5 for 19-21.

8, 7.


3 trillion, maintaining the overweight rating.

Risk warning: Beidou, satellite, communications and other military orders are delayed, and national defense informationization is slow

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Li Xiaoli lettuce diet weight star teaches you to lose weight

Lee Hyo-lee believes that everyone is familiar with it. Its well-faced and devil-like figure has been loved by many fans. So how does she maintain a charming figure?

Is there any coup?

Next, I will introduce you to everyone, Lee Hyo-lee’s lettuce weight loss method, I hope to be used as much as you.

  Lettuce diet recipes secret 1.

Raw food is rich in vitamins and minerals, but because it is made up of food foods, when eating two meals of raw food, another meal must be supplemented with fresh fish, eggs, lean meat and other proteins.


Eat raw foods compared to three meals. If you have a normal diet for lunch, eat raw food for breakfast and dinner, the effect is better.

  Lettuce diet recipes 1.

In the first week, only eat raw food for breakfast or dinner.


Eat raw food for breakfast and dinner from the second week.


When the stomach gradually adapts to the raw food, the feeling of empty stomach disappears, and the spirit feels relaxed.


When you are eating a raw food, if you eat it in 200ml of milk or soy milk, don’t have a scent.

Otherwise it can be eaten in juice or honey.

  The food that can be eaten with raw food will be eaten raw with milk. Even the taste is exceptionally good and the nutrition is high. It can absorb calcium and other ingredients at the same time.

  When eating raw food in the summer, be sure to prepare it.

Be careful to wash the vegetables.

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Constipation with food therapy

[Introduction]Due to the improvement of our living standards, our food is becoming more and more refined, so that more and more people suffer from constipation.

Today I will recommend a few treatments to everyone.

  Due to the improvement of our living standards nowadays, our food is becoming more and more delicate, and thus more and more people suffer from constipation.
Today, Xiaobian came to recommend several food treatments for constipation, which can effectively improve the constipation.

  [Fruit citron sheep]Formula: Cistanche 30 grams, 1 pair of sheep kidney.

  Method: Remove the fascia of the sheep kidney and cut it thinly, and mix it with soy sauce, starch, and rice wine to slightly marinate.

Add Cistanche to the right amount; cook for 20 minutes, remove the residue and leave the juice.

Re-enter the sheep kidney and boil until boiled, add onion, ginger salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil and serve.

  Effect: Wenyang laxative.

  Usage: 1 time daily, 2 times in the morning and evening.

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Four ways to make peace between husband and wife

Lead: Sure enough, after they proceed, the life of the couple becomes more harmonious than before.

Especially for couples who are irritable and have high self-esteem, the role of the love convention is more obvious.

  It is not terrible that a relationship problem occurs between husband and wife. If you master the four tactics of restoring husband and wife relationship, you can still reconcile.

  First, on the contrary, the strengths of the other couple are generally seeing each other’s shortcomings, so that the more they look, the less they are pleasing to the eye. In fact, the other party is certainly not the only one without advantages, but if the contradiction between the couple develops to the point that they think the spouse has only shortcomingsIf there is no merit, it is probably because of negative empathy on both sides.

At this time, you should use the method of discovering advantages, that is, consciously discovering the advantages of your spouse to solve the problem.

American psychologists have a three-week plan called Improving Husband-Wife Relationships, which requires couples who are not in harmony with each other to ask themselves to discover each other’s advantages and tell each other within three weeks.

The first few days may feel a little awkward, but after a few days it will be natural.

By the end of the twenty-first day, most couples found that it was difficult for each other.

Of course, the purpose of this method is to make the couples who have different feelings come out of the complications of negative empathy. As long as this purpose can be achieved, the time can be short or long.

  Second, looking at the problem from another perspective, research by psychologists found that about half of the couples who have become weaker in feelings are only because each other has a stronger personality, and as a result, they ca n’t get along with each other.

In fact, if you look at it from another angle, you will find that many things do not involve the principle of right and wrong, so don’t take these too seriously.

Another thing is to change your behavior.

Whether they can tolerate each other, understand each other and adapt to each other’s personality.

If you can do not demand the other side, first change yourself, I believe that the emotional crisis between the elder wife will not be easy to form.

  Third, a couple of love conventions often quarrel over small matters. Later, the husband feels that he hopes to use the following conventions: 1.

Be patient with each other in everything; 2.

2. If you disagree and want to speak aloud, leave each other for a while; 3.

Husband and wife should treat each other with sincerity; 4 Husband and wife show love to each other; 5.

6. If one party is unhappy, the other party wants to help the other party to forget the unhappy things; 6.

Every night before going to bed, couples need to check each other’s events and plan tomorrow’s events together.

Sure enough, after they did this, the life of the couple became more harmonious than before.

Especially for couples who are irritable and have high self-esteem, the role of the love convention is more obvious.

  Fourth, leave the law for the time being. Most couples have had such a psychological experience, get along day and night, and once separated, think about it.

The reason is simple. The separation provides favorable conditions for both sides to calmly think about the problem.

Moreover, people generally have the mentality that memories of past things have a certain instinct to promote goodness and abandon evil over time, and happy things will gradually become prominent.

Therefore, for those couples who are not in a harmonious situation, they should consciously use the temporary separation method; so that the couple’s beautiful feelings can be awakened in the separation.

  Tips: Most couples find it difficult to copy each other.

Of course, the purpose of this method is to make the couples who have different feelings come out of complications of negative empathy. As long as this purpose can be achieved, the time can be short or long.

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A good way to avoid static electricity

Recently, excess areas in the north to the north have prevented droughts due to continued low rainfall.

Meteorological experts remind that in dry weather, the static electricity that appears repeatedly can easily have adverse effects on human health, so we must pay attention to prevention.

  Meteorological experts said that the recent rise in Anshan area, since the Spring Festival, the entire Liaoning Province has also been the leading role in fine weather.

At present, the air humidity in Anshan is only 30% to 40% during the day, and the air is very dry.

In general, there are two main conditions for the generation of static electricity in the human body: dry air and wearing chemical fiber clothing.

If the air humidity is less than 30%, it is easy to generate static electricity by friction.

  Experts remind that static electricity can cause progesterone levels in pregnant women to drop, which can lead to miscarriage or premature birth; persistent static electricity can cause the blood pH of the human body to rise, blood calcium to decrease, and calcium excretion in urine to increase; static electricity will make people feel depressedFatigue, irritability and headaches, so proper prevention is necessary.

The easiest way is to increase the humidity of the air to more than 45%, or sprinkle water at home, place clean water, or use an air humidifier to increase the humidity of the air, so that static electricity is difficult to generate.

In addition, taking a bath, changing clothes frequently, and not wearing chemical fiber clothing are also a good way to avoid static electricity.

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Four diet recipes for postpartum constipation

Postpartum constipation Postpartum uterine contraction, correction of the sudden loss of pressure to relax and expand the intestinal cavity; bed rest, postpartum activity, slow movement, postpartum diet, fine postpartum diet, less food residue, postpartum negligent conditioning of stool or constipation during pregnancy, etc.Causes of postpartum constipation.

Most of postpartum constipation causes anal fissures, causing anal pain and bleeding during defecation. If a woman is afraid to eat due to fear and pain, it will directly affect the health of the woman.

  Chinese medicine believes that “constipation” is one of the three major symptoms of postpartum.

Divided into Qi deficiency and blood deficiency.

Blood deficiency is due to stagnation due to childbirth, excessive blood loss, sudden blood deficiency, fluid loss or yin deficiency and fire, internal caloric fluid, and fluid deficiency, resulting in loss of moisture, which is not conducive to secretory knots.

Regulating should be nourishing and moisturizing, and you can choose Siwutang for flavor; Qi deficiency is because of blood loss during delivery, Qi deficiency and blood loss, Qi deficiency causes intestinal weakness; Qi deficiency means that Jinku can’t moisturize and cause secretion.

Regulating and invigorating Qi and moisturizing intestines, optionally Bazhen decoction.

  After giving birth, the parturient should move properly and not stay in bed for a long time.

During the first two days after giving birth, you should turn around frequently and sit up when you eat.

Get out of bed after two days.

Eat more soup and water on your diet.

Daily meals should be appropriately matched with a certain proportion of miscellaneous grains, with coarse and fine grains, and strive to a small amount of staple food.

While eating meat and egg foods, you should also eat some fresh vegetables and fruits that contain more fiber.

Usually, you should keep your spirit happy, feel comfortable, and avoid bad mental stimulation, because the bad emotions cause the gastric acid secretion to decrease and the gastrointestinal motility to slow down.

  The diet side is as follows: (1) Onion-flavored milk: 250 grams of milk, 60 grams of honey, and onion juice.

Mix the shallot juice and honey into the milk and boil, and cook on low heat for more than 10 minutes.

Can increase fluid and intestines, smooth bowel and laxative.

Postpartum constipation can be chosen, it also has a certain effect on habitual constipation.

  (2) Fragrant honey tea: 65 grams of honey and 35 ml of sesame oil.

Mix the sesame oil and honey and add boiling water to prepare the serving.

Morning and evening.

It can moisturize the intestines and increase fluids, smooth the bowels, and have a certain effect on those with postpartum constipation.

  (3) Perilla porridge with perilla: Perilla seed, 20 grams of hemp kernel, 200 grams of rice, 30 grams of sugar.

After smashing the perilla seeds and hemp seeds, add water and stir, take the juice and put it in the pot, add the washed rice and porridge to eat.

It can stagnate qi and stagnate laxative, nourishing qi and stomach.

It is suitable for postpartum constipation, because Shizuzi is added to the diet.

It is more suitable for those who have abdominal distension.

  (4) Stewed Ginseng Intestines: Sea cucumber, pig large intestine 200 grams each, black fungus 50 grams.

5 grams each of spring onion and ginger, 10 grams of soy sauce and 50 grams of cooking wine.

Add water to the boil, boil it, wash it, cut it into strips of sea cucumber, and simmer the large intestine; place the large intestine in the pot and boil it with water until cooked, add sea cucumber, spring onion, ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce, cookAfter the sea cucumber, the large intestine is rotten, add the fungus, and cook until the fungus is cooked.

Can nourish yin and clear fire, and intestinal laxative.

For postpartum yin and blood weakness, deficiency fire burning, dry stool.

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