May drink a cold drink before exercise can help lose weight

In addition to diet, exercise is the key to maintaining a slim figure.

And, in addition to hard training, skillful training should be added.

The latest article from the famous American fashion magazine “Metropolis” lists 5 slimming tips that are worth trying.


Have a cold drink before exercise.

  A new study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Science states that drinking a large glass of smoothie before fitness can run for 10 minutes, especially under high temperatures.

Cold drinks help lower body temperature before exercise and increase exercise time.


Cleaning the room is exercise.

  Psychological hints are good for fitness.

Take stock of some daily activities and classify them all as fitness, such as climbing stairs, carrying heavy objects or walking the dog.

A Harvard study divided hotel employees into two, called “cleaning rooms is good exercise,” and the other group gave no information.

After 4 weeks, the weight, blood pressure, trace content, waist-hip ratio, and body mass index of the participants in the former group were significantly lower than those in the other group.

The reason is that they think they are exercising, not working hard.


Running or walking backwards.

  Reverse movements such as walking or running backwards are more laborious and costly.

Do n’t start too fast and do n’t take too long at the beginning, then gradually increase the exercise time and amount of exercise.


Drink 1-2 cups of caffeine beverage 90 minutes before exercising.

  An article published in the United States “International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Metabolism” states that caffeine in coffee, tea, cola and other beverages can inhibit fatigue-causing chemicals in the brain and extend exercise time.


Help others.

  A Harvard study found that activities such as helping strangers to pull doors, donating charity, and drinking tea for colleagues increased their willpower and endurance.

Breakthroughs, helping others, help self-discipline, can resist the temptation of unhealthy food; instead, you can encourage yourself to actively exercise and exercise harder.

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Happiness and satisfaction are actually very simple

“Would you like to be happier?

Please boldly say no.

Recently, the US “Charm” website pointed out that learning to “say no” will greatly enhance people’s sense of happiness and satisfaction.

In life, all kinds of requirements are not necessarily acceptable to us, and sometimes rejection is a better choice.

  First, the courage to say no, the efficiency is higher.

Many people have this experience: there are a lot of work to be done on the job, and they call and send emails.

At this time, my colleague said to you: “I have something particularly important this afternoon. Can you trouble me to help me make a plan?”

“Although we are unwilling, we have to resist the face but have to agree, even if we work overtime.”

  Taylor, an active psychologist from Harvard University?

Ben-Shahar pointed out: “We are too busy, always thinking about doing the most things with the least amount of time, thus ignoring the experience of happiness.

He suggested that people simplify their lives and learn to refuse.

In the work, you must know that you should do something, you should not do something, and you should say “no” to the extra task that is not your own.

When you reject others, don’t rush to “pour the bitter water” and say how busy you are. You can advise him to ask the boss to discuss.

It may be better to arrange work in a planned manner than to find someone to help.

  Second, sincerely say no, feelings deeper.

Everyone wants to have a good relationship. When a friend is in a bad mood, they can chat with them. When they are in a good mood, they will go shopping.

Occasionally, this will help to enhance the feelings, but the number of times will increase, and it will inevitably lead to delays in time and suffering.

In fact, the better the relationship, the more you really want to treat each other. You don’t have to worry about your personal relationships being affected after you reject your friends and family, because your sincerity will be understood and liked by everyone.

  Third, refuse temptation, physical health.

People always encounter some temptations that are difficult to refuse. Don’t hesitate to say “no” decisively.

An old lover wants to renew the lead, and you have a family; deal with a large check of unknown origin; a company that promises the best quality, waits for a contract but asks you to quit.

  Fourth, decisive rejection, healthy growth.

Parents face children, often in a dilemma: to meet the child’s requirements feel too loved; not satisfied with the baby crying crying and pitiful.

Psychologists remind you that parents must have principles for their children.

When children play dangerous games, snore others, ask for valuables and other bad behaviors, they must resolutely stop and say “no” quickly.

  Fifth, say no to yourself, feel good.

Do not dare to refuse, usually out of good face, afraid of offending people’s psychology.

Such people are afraid of offending others, and they are also afraid of offending themselves. They are very demanding of themselves, give themselves something to do, and make good psychological hints.

In fact, people’s ability is limited, you should let go when you let go, try to tell yourself “I can’t do this myself”, find help from others, and get the benefit of myself.

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Chestnut Eyebrow Fish Head Soup

Guangdong folk call chestnuts “wind chestnuts”. In the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, it has a tonic effect on the human body. It has a “fruit of kidney” statement, which is good for kidney deficiency.

It is rich in fish head soup with eyebrow beans, which is mellow and delicious, and has the effects of strengthening the spleen, nourishing the body, nourishing the body, and dizziness.

  Ingredients: 100 grams of chestnut meat, 50 grams of peanuts, 30 grams each of brow, soybeans, 1/2?
1 (about 400 grams), 50 grams of lean pork, 3 candied dates, 1/4 Chenpi, 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking system: Wash everything separately.

Beans and rinds are slightly soaked; the fish head is fried to yellowish and splashed into almost clear water; the jujube is pitted.

In addition to the fish head, put the clay pot together, add 2500 ml (10 bowls) of water, cook for about 1 hour, continue to cook the fish head for 40 minutes, and salt.

For 3?
For 4 people.

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Health food in the summer

In the spring, everything is flourishing and vigorous, and it is the most active period of human physiology and metabolism.

However, the spring rains, the weather is abrupt, the weather is warm and the climate is very unstable.

Healthy people can adapt themselves to the environment quickly, and generally do not need to adjust.

However, people who are old and sick are not so lucky in this ever-changing season, and old diseases are extremely easy to repeat.

At this time, people with such patients and those who are physically weak after the illness can improve their body’s resistance and make the body recover through appropriate supplementation.

The following small series will take stock for you?

銆€銆€1, lettuce ventilated lettuce contains a large amount of plant cellulose, can promote intestinal wall peristalsis, Tongli digestive tract, can treat constipation, is the best food for patients with anemia.

Recommended houttuynia lettuce.

It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, dampness and dampness.

銆€銆€2, eggplant anti-aging summer to the human body, the eggplant contains vitamin E, has the function of preventing bleeding and anti-aging, often eat eggplant can delay the body aging.

Eggplant is one of the few purple vegetables. It is rich in vitamin E and vitamin P in its purple skin, which cannot be replaced by other vegetables.

銆€銆€3, straw mushroom anti-cancer straw mushroom protein, the human body eight essential amino acids complete, high content, accounting for 38,2% of amino acid accumulation, can inhibit vitamin growth, especially for the treatment of digestive tract tumors, can strengthen liver and kidneyVitality.

銆€銆€4, strawberry detoxification summer is the season of strawberry production.

Edible strawberries can promote the formation of human cells, maintain the normal function of teeth, bones, blood vessels, muscles and promote wound healing, enhance the body’s resistance, and also detoxification.

Strawberry contains a variety of organic acids, fruit acids and pectin substances, which can decompose trace amounts in food, promote the secretion and perfusion of digestive juices, and eliminate excess crystals and harmful heavy metals.

銆€銆€5, octopus blood octopus has blood and Qi, the role of treatment of ulcers and swollen poison.

It is rich in nutrients such as protein and minerals, and it also needs to overcome anti-fatigue, anti-aging, and can extend human life and other important health care factors – natural taurine.

Most people can eat, especially suitable for weak constitution, lack of blood, malnourished people to eat.

銆€銆€6, duck eggs to make up the summer, the summer to eat eggs, called “Summer”, so that people will not lose weight in the summer, do not lose weight, strength and strength, work hard.

Salty duck eggs are rich in calcium, iron and other inorganic salts. They contain calcium and iron. They are higher than eggs and fresh duck eggs. They are the first choice for calcium and iron in summer.

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How to improve “sexual cultivation”?

A gentleman who is a gentleman outside, goes to a private living space where he lives alone with his wife, but he does not care about the demeanor.
Regardless of his wife’s feelings, he acts freely according to his own temperament. This kind of behavior is lack of sexual cultivation.
Many experts have also mentioned the issue of sexual cultivation, and called on men who are often in a dominant position in the husband and wife life to improve their self-cultivation and give their spouses full respect and love.
It is sweeter to improve the life of 鈥渟exual cultivation鈥?
.hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€铚滄湀鏈熼椆绂诲鏈夌紭鐢便€€銆€鍦ㄦ煇鍖婚櫌鎬у績鐞嗛棬璇婁腑锛屽垰缁撳涓€涓湀鐨勭惣鎵ф剰瑕佷笌涓堝か鍔涘崗璁濠氾紝涓堝か鍔濆憡浜嗘暟鏃ユ棤鏋滐紝鏈熸湜寰楀埌鎬у績鐞嗕笓瀹剁殑甯姪.
銆€銆€In the eyes of outsiders, this is a perfect marriage.
The man is a middle-level cadre of a large unit, and he is handsome.
The woman is a foreign language teacher at the key middle school, beautiful and feminine.
However, under the repeated induction of experts, the actual marriage quality that Joan spoke told the experts to understand her choice.
銆€銆€It turned out that Joan could not stand her husband during the wedding trip.
Every time I go to a place, as long as I open the hotel room, my husband doesn’t care whether she is in a good mood or accept it. If she comes to 鈥渟exual interest鈥? she must be intimate with her, even Joan’s every month.The holiday will also raise non-sub-claims, not respecting her at all, and sometimes even rude.
Obedience, and wronged himself; resist him, and fear of hurting the marital relationship.
It made her physically and mentally exhausted and miserable. The sweet feeling of the newlyweds was also washed away. For a long time, she even became disgusted with her husband and gradually developed the idea of divorce.
澧炲姞鎬т慨鍏讳负鎰熸儏鍔犲垎銆€銆€鐢熸椿涓湁杩欎箞涓€绫讳汉锛屽仛浠讳綍浜嬮兘浠ヨ嚜鎴戜负涓績锛屼粠涓嶈€冭檻鍜岄【鍙婂埆浜虹殑鎰熻锛屾椂鏃剁敓娲诲湪鑷繁鐨勫唴蹇冧笘鐣屼腑锛岃繖绉嶄汉琛ㄧ幇鍦ㄦ€х埍鐢熸椿涓璉t can only be selfish and stubborn, and it will not be too much care and considerate.
Therefore, some experts have raised such a question: Men, do you have sex training?
銆€銆€In the sex life of couples, men often play the role of the initiative.
A man who knows how to be considerate of his wife, respects his wife’s wishes, and cares about her feelings is crucial to promoting marital relations and promoting family harmony.
In the eyes of experts, in a daily life, a person who is polite and knows how to respect and care for others always gives a good impression and is more likely to win the likes and closeness of others. His interpersonal relationship and social interaction will naturally be moreHarmony.
In private life, sexual self-cultivators can also add to the harmony and sweetness between husband and wife.
銆€銆€Sexual self-cultivation needs to pay attention to “small quarters” In the issue of men’s sexual cultivation, the first thing to bear is to respect the wife and listen to the wife’s thoughts. Only when the two people agree in the same way, the heart can go to a place to achieve true harmony.
Other more “small sections” also need to be slowly cultivated in daily life.
銆€銆€It is important to keep it clean.
Many couples in Western countries carefully wash their bodies before sex, and the harshness of their disinfection is amazing.
Although you don’t have to copy the whole school, you can’t let your partner smell bad breath; you can’t kiss the other side just after eating garlic.
銆€銆€Civilization is also a must for sexual cultivation.
Many men know that they are very gentle in life. For example, he will take off his coat diligently. He will carefully lay the tablecloth for her. He will open the door to her thoughtfully. Even when she suddenly has a situation, he will be considerate.Give her a sanitary napkin.
However, when he gets to the bed, he may not be a gentleman.
He only cares about his feelings and does not consider your feelings at all.
He doesn’t understand caressing, doesn’t know how to flirt, doesn’t know the gentle words.
This is also something that women cannot tolerate.

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