17-year-old Xu Shilin became the top seed of the Australian Open Youth Competition, may be the next Li Na
Minnan.com, January 26. The Australian Open youth match started the day before. Just 17-year-old Xu Shilin appeared at the Melbourne Park as the number one seed. She also became the first Grand Slam number one seed in Chinese tennis history.From the end of 2014 to becoming the first women’s single of the International Networking Federation, to the Australian Open as the number one seed, this is the height that Li Na has failed to reach.Xu Shilin started to study in the United States at the age of 8 and became a youth group last year.1  This new generation player from Guangdong has been learning to play tennis in the United States since he was 8 years old.Xu Yang, a father of tennis coaches, worked around to raise expensive tuition fees for Xu Shilin. After school, the father and daughter could only practice on public tennis courts in the United States.Three years later, Xu Shilin received a full scholarship from the US International Tennis School for her talents and achievements.Today, an entrepreneurial friend of Xu Shilin’s father sponsors the father and daughter in his own name.  All efforts and efforts ushered in the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. 16-year-old Xu Shilin won the Youth Olympic Games and became the No. 1 player of the International Youth League in November.Several sponsors have been signed and won the media’s attention. Xu Shilin, who is fluent in English and quite open-minded, is regarded as Li Na’s successor.In Melbourne Park Stadium, Xu Shilin at least achieved the history that Li Na failed to achieve-she became the first top seed from China in the Grand Slam singles.I haven’t seen Li Na, but have been given guidance by Carlos. He is known as Li Na’s successor. Xu Shilin has become another focus in this Australian Open without Li Na.Many foreign media have focused their attention on Xu Shilin, and the topic is to fill the vacancy left by Li Na.Wang Peng, head coach of China Women’s Net, also believes that Xu Shilin has the conditions to become the next Li Na.  However, regarding the name of Li Na’s successor, which is widely followed by the media, Xu Shilin revealed that he had never seen Li Na.We don’t know, but if we have the opportunity to ask her for advice.However, Xu Shilin had an exchange with Master Li Naen Carlos, and got Carlos’s advice for two months.Counting, Xu Shilin is also Li Na’s sister.According to Xu Yang, Xu Shilin’s technology advanced by leaps and bounds during those two months of guidance.With a personality of Europe and America, he has become the world’s first    as the number one seed in the Australian Open. Xu Shilin’s future is very promising.With a pretty personality in Europe and America, Xu Shilin shouted his tennis career goals and became the world’s number one!  In Xu Shilin’s plan, the Australian Open won the youth championship, and in the future will be transferred to the real professional field, saying goodbye to the youth field.In this Australian Open competition, Xu Shilin has hired a new foreign coach.After the Youth Olympic Games, Xu Shilin won the Guangzhou Open, Wuhan Open and China Open with his outstanding performance. He has played against top players such as Wimbledon runner-up Liski.The future of the 17-year-old star is already full of imagination.相关新闻莎娃让彭帅吞蛋  昨天,2015澳网女单第四轮展开焦点战,中国金花彭帅连丢两盘以3:6、0:6不敌俄罗斯美女莎拉波娃,遗憾无缘八Strong.Despite losing, Peng Shuai has tied his best record in the Australian Open.  At the scene of the game, the reporter saw Peng Shuai bandaged on both legs.However, as far as the reporter knows, Peng Shuai’s injury is actually not on the leg, but on the spine, and the injury is not optimistic.In fact, the spine has always been an old injury, and there are often pains that press the nerves, so it is more troublesome.Now that the film has been sent to the German doctor, we have to wait for further results.Peng Shuai said.Peng Shuai coach Ma Weikai revealed that at the beginning of last year, Peng Shuai had experienced a career downturn and almost had plans to retire.(Fujio)

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銆 愯 櫣 掣 鎼 炼 玝 獞 鍒 囩 囖 銆 撱 铏 炏 楂 峸 峭 忡 傍 鍒 雒 囩 墖 _ 鍒 囩 姖 参 参 珩 綠
透 归 碂 楸 餸 夜 樬 Ti 庡 浗 〃Umbrellas crepe swiftly 銄 鈏 鍏 透 鍏 鍏 鍏 繮 split 瘮 Lu 焤 篱 闱 炲 炄 勭 絏 紏 Han ╁ 欽 悕 悕 繽 繽 繽 繽 繧勯奔鍒洪潪甯哥殑灏戯紝鍦ㄥ仛铏归碂楸肩殑鏃跺€欙紝濡傛灉闇€瑕佸垏鐗囷紝涓€瀹氳鏈夋墍娉ㄦ剰锛屽洜涓哄畠鐨勮倝姣旇緝缁嗗锛屽緢瀹规槗鍒囦笉濂斤紝杩欐椂鍊欏彲浠ュ缁冧範鍑犳锛屽垁瑕佸揩涓€浜涳紝鎵嬭绋充竴浜涖€傞伩鍏嶆妸楸肩墖鍒囧緱杩囩銆?Juan Huai: 透 归 碂 500 髏 嫔 Less 鍏 Charge ¢ calendar 鏂?鍐瑡涓濄€佸啲鑿囦笣銆佺伀鑵夸笣銆佸涓濄€佽懕涓濊皟鏂?绮剧洂銆佸懗绮俱€佽儭妞掔矇銆佹枡閰掋€?What’s wrong? What’s wrong with you?Instinct to read, humiliate, concubine, and discriminate?Awkwardly?What is the difference between the total number of people and the threshold?Dee strolled around the lagoon.璋 圩 眮, 鍦 ㄧ  Juan 斂 濂 界 洂, Fear?Read 嫔 皯 璁?鐢 稸 娊, talk about it?涓€璧蜂笅閿呰捀,涓€瀹氳绛夋按寮€涔嬪悗鍐嶄笅閿?欩 欐 牱 鍙  湇 毇 楔 楸 殸 椴 滈 Sorry, what’s the matter?鎶婅皟姹佹穻鍒伴奔韬笂,涓€閬撴竻钂歌櫣槌熼奔灏卞仛濂戒簡.S (Salmonidae) quilted shoulder quilt, 湛 Oncorhynchus mykiss.Do you love pets, sorrows and sorrows?Are you going to make a piece of cake?鏍栦簬婀栨硦鍜屾€ユ祦,浣撹壊椴滆壋.Huan Ping Ning Xing Ning?Raccoon crystal chain 変 廴 绾 ㈣ 壊 宁?How to make a difference ╄ 櫣, 銲 犳  Huan 技 “悏 归 碂”.鍘熶骇浜庡寳缇庢床鍖楅儴鍜屽お骞虫磱瑗垮哺,涓昏鐢熸椿鍦ㄤ綆娓╂贰姘翠腑,涔熸湁涓€绉嶅悕涓? ご Mallet?You can click on the button below ℃ to press the button and press the button.透 归 碂 鏄  竴 嶴 嶉  鐢 ㄩ Run.琚 Щ 鍏 ュ drift 沗 瀹?浣嗗湪涓€浜涘湴鍖烘垚涓轰簡鍏ヤ镜鐗╃銆?

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Learn to be original!

】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

[How to make ribs and potato soup?
Learn to be original!

】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

Potato, also known as potato, is a very common ingredient. The yield in some countries is very high. This is because people everywhere have a habit of eating potatoes. Potatoes replace starch, and there are proteins, carotene, and various minerals.Material, eating potatoes can supplement energy, men and women can eat potatoes, and you can add potatoes when you stew pork ribs later. Here is the practice of ribs and potato soup.

First, 1000 g raw pork ribs, 500 g potatoes, 1 green onion (5-6 green onions), 5 slices of ginger, wine, salt, and MSG.

Production process 1, chop the ribs into small pieces, wash and drain the water; peel the potatoes appropriately and cut into pieces; cut the green onions into sections (the green onions are knotted).

2. Put the pork ribs in a boiling water pot for 5 minutes, remove and wash them with water.

3. Boil pork ribs, green onion ginger, wine, and water, boil over high heat, and then simmer over low heat until half-boiled, add potatoes to stew until cooked, add salt, and MSG from the pot.

Potato pork rib soup is delicious, nutritious, and suitable for all ages.

Can also help grow tall.

Second, raw materials for pork rib soup: pork chops, imported potatoes.

Seasoning: peppercorn, star anise, cinnamon, salt, spring onion, ginger.

Measures: 1. Clean the soft pork chops; 2. Add to the pot and pour in cold water and boil; 3, cut the shallots, ginger, sprinkle, pepper, star anise, cinnamon ready; 4, skim the surface after the water is boiledAdd onion ginger, pepper, star anise, cinnamon; 5, cover with a small fire and cook for about an hour; 6, remove the seasoning with a spoon when a child; 7, peel the potatoes, use a small spoon to scoop into small pieces; 8,Add in the ribs and cook together, and season with salt (you can also add some pepper).

Third, Korean-style ribs and potato soup ingredients: pork ribs 500g, potatoes 500g, seasoning: 1, stewed ribs seasoning: a small spoon of peppercorns, 4-5 aniseed, 1 slice of cinnamon (the above seasonings can also be sold directly in the supermarket1 ready-made stew seasoning package instead); 3 shallots, 3 slices of ginger, 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, 1 tablespoon of salt, 2 soup seasonings: half chopped garlic, Korean1 tablespoon of hot sauce (1 tablespoon of chili noodles can also be used if there is no Korean hot sauce), 1 chopped red pepper, 1 teaspoon of sesame salt, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/4 teaspoon of pepper:1.

Pork ribs soak in water for about 4 hours, and change the water as appropriate in the middle 2.

Potato cut into hob pieces, add water and cook until 5 minutes cooked.

Add the ribs to the boiling water for a while, skim off the impurities and floating foam, and remove the ribs to control and dry 4.

Put it in an electric pressure cooker, add the stewed pork ribs seasoning, and then add fresh water to the ribs. Select “light taste” (my pressure cooker has this menu option, and those who do not have this option also follow the principle of stewing pork ribs to 8 or 9 points.)Yes, because we will continue to cook with potatoes) 5.

After the ribs are stewed, remove and add to the ordinary wok, add the broth that has just been stewed with ribs, and add potatoes; mix the seasoning of the stew soup and add it to the pot. If you feel the soup is a little less, add some boiling water.

After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and simmer for about 15 minutes. At this time, the ribs and potatoes have been colored, and the edges and corners of the potatoes have become dull. If you taste the potatoes, you can stop the fire.

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[How to make lemon pound cake]_Homemade lemon lemon pound cake_How to make lemon pound pound cake_How to make lemon pound pound cake

For many foodies, seeing food is their greatest happiness, so today I will give you a chance to learn with me and try to make this lemon-flavored cream pound cake. I believe that if you do it yourself, you will eat it.Even more delicious!


Mix low-gluten flour, almond flour, powdered sugar, baking powder, and sieve for later use.


12 The whole eggs are broken up; the butter is softened in the room; the lemon rind is ground into a grinder, and 10 grams of fine white sugar are added to mix well; the lemon is cut open, and the lemon juice is squeezed out for use.


21 Put the sieved powder, salt, milk, and softened paste into a mixing bowl.


Beat slowly with an eggbeater until the peanuts are completely absorbed, the batter turns white, and it is slightly bulky (stop in the middle, use a rubber spatula to scrape the edges of the container, and brake all the materials to stir well).


3 eggs?
Joined 4 times.

Stir slowly with an eggbeater until the egg liquid is completely absorbed, then add it again; after the egg liquid is completely added and absorbed, continue to stir at a slow speed until the batter is soft and smooth; then add the lemon peel in step 2 in sequenceAnd lemon juice, continue to stir at a slow speed until the batter color is brighter, and the pound cake batter is completed.


Pour the batter into the mold for about 7 minutes.


Preheat the oven, heat 180 ° C, medium, 40 minutes.


With a glass of cold watermelon juice, good summer refreshments.

This lemon-flavored cream pound cake is not as difficult as everyone thinks. As long as we follow the steps to make a delicious and delicious substitute, housewives who like to cook, hurry and try this recipe introduced by Xiaobian todaydish.

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Senior leaders reiterated that capital market construction is a necessary condition for economic transformation
High-level analysts again questioned the construction of the capital market. Analysts believe that a strong capital market is a necessary condition for economic transition. Reporter Zhu Baochen The CPC Central Committee ‘s Political Bureau has recently perfected financial services to prevent financial risks.General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech while hosting the study.He is distinguished by the need to build a standardized, transparent, open, vibrant, and necessary capital market, improve the basic system of the capital market, balance market entry and market export, and strengthen supervision of the entire process of transactions.  Experts interviewed by the reporter of “Securities Daily” stated that the establishment of a standardized, transparent, open, dynamic and profitable capital market is an important guarantee for increasing the proportion of direct financing and improving the financial system’s ability to serve the real economy. It is also a capital marketIndicators of healthy development.  Zhang Yulong, chief strategy analyst at CITIC Securities, said that China’s economic development requires a healthy and dynamic capital market.Activating the capital market is a key point to prevent and resolve risks and promote economic transformation.  He also said that China’s financial system is dominated by banks, and the allocation of credit resources requires assets as collateral. Credit resources are easily available in traditional 杭州评茶阁 industries, so China’s economic structure is dominated by traditional asset-heavy industries.The innovative technology industry needs capital support with high risk tolerance and long holding capacity.Venture capital, equity investment and a strong stock market are necessary conditions for the transformation of the economy into a technological innovation industry.Therefore, a strong capital market is a necessary condition for economic transformation.  Hu Xiaohui, general manager of the Wenzhou Sales Department of the Federal Reserve Securities, told the Securities Daily that the core of structural reform on the financial supply side is to resolutely curb the reduction of excess financial supply, and use various innovative tools to provide effective supply and improve the performance of supply.  He also said that the core of strengthening the overall supervision of transactions lies in the control of various idling, resolutely put an end to multi-level nesting and identify various structural arbitrage products.Because these are transactional assets, good monitoring throughout the process will help improve the efficiency of asset allocation and guide the rational flow of assets.  ”This reflects the perfect nature of capital market construction and the coherence and consistency of system construction.Yang Ouwen, head of the financial product team of Chuancai Securities, said in an interview with the Securities Daily reporter that at the 2017 National Financial Work Conference, he proposed to serve the real economy, prevent and control financial risks, deepen financial reform, and announce the establishment of a director.The Committee for Financial Stability Development has strengthened the coordination of financial supervision. Since the supervision of shortcomings has been completed, the construction of standardized, transparent and open capital markets has been upgraded to a higher level. Its financial policies have been introduced in a timely, targeted and market-oriented manner.Initial feedback on problems during operation.  Yang Ouwen further appointed and explained: The Issuing and Examining Committee has enriched the composition of members, refined the examination and approval standards, improved the issuance efficiency, and effectively controlled the entry of the capital market. Gradually, the CBRC and the CSRC have strengthened the synergies,It has played an important role in regulating new regulations and resolving the risks of equity pledge; exchanges have strengthened the system of information disclosure and suspension of trading, and have effectively contributed to regulating transactions and effectively serving the real economy; systems such as fast-track approval and delisting have increased capitaloperation efficiency.  ”The collective learning is a further strengthening of the early system construction and supervision thinking, which is reflected in the high-level understanding of the capital market system construction and the normal operation of the regulatory capital market to promote financial anti-corruption and increase the cost of violations of laws and regulations.”” Yang Ouwen said.  ”There will be a relationship between the economy and finance in the future?”In the outline of the recent meeting, the expression has become increasingly clear.Live, stable, prosperous and strong, progress from four aspects, linked in the economic and financial fields, so that after the highest decision-making level, investors also have a clear direction.”Zuo Jianming, head of the China Securities Jiaotong Shared Finance Research Institute, said.

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The fourth batch of state-owned enterprise mixed reform pilots increased to 160 social security funds with 74 shares
The fourth batch of mixed reform pilots of state-owned enterprises sharply increased to 160 social security funds. 74 related concept stocks were deployed ahead of time.More than 2.5 trillion yuan.From the perspective of the industry, there are both pilot enterprises in the traditional manufacturing industry and pilot enterprises 苏州桑拿网 in strategic emerging industries such as the Internet, software and information technology services, new energy, new materials, and energy conservation and environmental protection.In the process, analysts believe that the area of mixed reform of state-owned enterprises will be the focus of market funds.Today, this newspaper carried out a combing analysis of state-owned enterprise mixed reform concept stocks from market capital, performance evaluation and institutional positions, etc., for investors’ reference.  Five mixed-concept concept stocks rose for three consecutive days or more. According to statistics from the Flushing Data, the Securities Daily Market Research Center found that since May, of the 300 state-owned enterprises’ mixed-conversion concept stocks, Sinosteel Tianyuan, Minmetals Rare Earth, Fengshen shares,13 concept stocks including Aerospace Communications, Beidahuang (Protection of Rights), North Mining Technology, Great Wall of China, Fudan and Fuhua, Research and Development Materials, Shenghe Resources, Nanjing Panda, YTO, Founder Technology (Protect of Rights) have performed significantly betterDuring the period, the explosion rose by more than 10%.In addition, the duration of the 22 concept stocks including Antai Technology, Oriental Zhongke, Shanghai Belling, China Software, AVIC Sunda, Minmetals Development, Donghua Technology, Shenzhen Technology, CNMC, Qilianshan, etc. continued to expand during the period.2% or more.  It is worth mentioning that five concept stocks including Minmetals Rare Earth, Donghua Technology, Sinosteel Tianyuan, Guorui Technology, Oriental Zhongke and other concept stocks rose consecutively: 5 days, 5 days, 4 days, 4 days, 3Today, the performance of the market outlook is worthy of attention.  The surface of funds, the Great Wall of China (51156.720,000 yuan), China Merchants Shekou (16542.410,000 yuan), Baosteel (16409).890,000 yuan) and other three concept stocks gradually increased within a single month, the net inflow of funds exceeded 1.500 million US dollars, Eastcom Peace, AVIC Capital, Beijing New Building Materials, CNPC Engineering, Bank of China, Shenzhen Science and Technology, Oriental Communications, FAW Xiali, Founder Technology, Youyan New Materials, Minmetals Rare Earth, Cinda Real Estate, China Haicheng, North MineTechnology, * ST Huayuan, Taiji shares, YTO shares, Tianao Electronics, Xiangyou Technology and other 19 concept stocks have gradually increased the net inflow of funds within 10 million yuan.  Over 60% of the companies reported annual net profit growth in the first quarter. The Securities Daily Market Research Center found that according to the flush flush statistics, a total of 187 of the 300 listed companies reported quarterly net profit growth, accounting for 62.33%.Reported nationwide, CCCC Real Estate (3936.69%), Inner Mongolia Huadian (3586.13%), CITIC Heavy Industry (1170.19%), Tianshan shares (1061.23%), aerospace communications (1055.00%) and other 5 companies have achieved a net profit growth of more than 10 times per year.In addition, including AVIC Shen Fei, Baosteel Packaging, China Shipbuilding Technology, Tongda Ventures, COSCO Haineng, Youyan New Materials, Antai Technology, SINOMACH, China Science and Technology, Shanghai Belling, Aerospace Information, CNPC Engineering, Tongfang, Linhai shares, Beihua shares, COSCO Haikong and other internal 50 companies in the first quarter of this year achieved double the net profit conversion.  The reporter further combed and found that 23 listed companies have taken the lead in issuing the 2019 interim report. The report states that Daqing Huake (325.70%), Oriental Zhongke (135.00%), China Resources Sanjiu (102.06%) and so on, the net profit of the three companies has doubled.Among them, Daqing Huake estimates that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from January to June 2019 will be: 7 million yuan to 10 million yuan.The reason for the change in performance is: Facing the increasingly severe trend of safety production and environmental protection management in the chemical industry, the company will continue to optimize resource allocation in the first half of the year, continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and maintain stable production operations.It is expected that the company’s semi-annual performance in 2019 will turn a profit compared to the same period last year.  Analysts said that, based on historical market conditions, the announcement of a turnaround notice often gives the company a forecast and a positive stimulus, and it can focus on the related opportunities of turnaround companies.The reporter combed and found that, in addition to Daqing Huake’s interim report performance is expected to turn a profit into profit, Tongda Ventures, Fengshen Co., Ltd. interim report performance forecast type can also “turn loss.”  In terms of estimation, among the above 300 concept stocks, a total of 152 stocks have the latest dynamic price-earnings ratio below the industry average.Among them, Beidahuang, Longping Hi-Tech, COFCO Biochemical, COFCO Sugar, Aerospace Information, Shenzhen Science and Technology, Datang Telecom, Jiawo Co., Ltd., the latest estimates of 11 stocks such as Aerospace Communications, Sitron Electronics, Inner Mongolia Yiji are significantly lower than their respective estimates.The industry average level and market outlook deserves close tracking.  Social security fund holders of 74 related concept stocks on the market performance of state-owned enterprises’ state-owned assets reform concept stocks, within the past 30 days, institutions have issued research reports to make pre-judgments.Statistics show that 9 concept stocks including China National Travel Service, Dangsheng Technology, China Life Insurance, CRRC, CYTS, Chinese Film, Hikvision, Texhong, Baosteel, etc. have been jointly recommended by the institutions, and the institutions have given “buy” orThe number of optimistic rating companies such as “overweight” are 15 or more.In addition, 17 internal concept stocks, including Air China, Inner Mongolia First Machine, Huaneng International, AVIC, China Southern Airlines, Guodian Nanrui, and China Merchants Shekou, are also favored by 10 or more institutions.  QFII and social security as the “wind vane” of market conditions, especially in the context of the emergence of the broader market index, its position movement has attracted much attention from investors.The reporter combed the data and found that as of the end of the first quarter of this year, the Social Security Fund held a total of 74 state-owned enterprise mixed reform related concept stocks. Among them, energy saving wind power, China Petroleum Engineering, Daqin Railway, Gezhouba and 南京夜网 other 4 concept stocks were held by social security funds.100 million shares, respectively: 44802.470,000 shares, 12208.580,000 shares, 11,605.14 million shares, 11,560.980,000 shares.In addition, QFII holds a total of 28 related concept stocks, of which China Construction (19979.770,000 shares), Baosteel (18884).(400,000 shares) Both concept stocks are held by QFII over 100 million shares.

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Food can also replace painkillers

Some people may not have any serious illnesses in their lifetime, but minor illnesses and small pains are inevitable.

Do you know

Some foods can replace painkillers!

  It is inevitable that people will experience physical pain throughout their lives. At this time, it does not prevent them from eating foods that can relieve pain.


Migraine is recommended to eat salmon, sardines and other high-concentration fish, and it is best to eat less processed meat such as sausage, as well as MSG, red wine, chocolate and lemon.


Joint pain is recommended to eat more foods containing vitamin C, such as strawberry, orange, kiwi, etc., because vitamin C can reduce joint wear and promote the synthesis of bone collagen, which is an important component of cartilage and bone.


Dysmenorrhea is recommended to eat more flaxseed. People with dysmenorrhea are best to eat 1-2 teaspoons of flaxseed oil every morning, which can be spread on bread or mixed with salad.

Because eating high-fat fish and flaxseed can prevent the release of prostaglandins, which can slow pain.


Stomach pain pantothenic acid recommends eating more ginger, which can strengthen the contraction of the sphincter at the bottom of the esophagus and prevent gastric acid from flowing back into the esophagus.

And some high-fat foods, such as butter and meat, can inhibit the contractile function of the sphincter at the bottom of the esophagus. Spicy or sour foods can also cause gastric pain and pantothenic acid. Try to eat less when gastrointestinal function is not good.

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And spleen nourishing stomach-plaster soup

[Party name]Bamboo Leaf Gypsum Soup[Source]”Treatise on Febrile Diseases”[Classification]Heat-removing agent-Qing Qi Separation[Composition]Bamboo Leaf (6g) Gypsum (50g) Pinellia (9g) Maimendong (20G) Ginseng (6 g), previous rice (10 g), licorice (6 g)[Function]Clearing heat and refreshing energy, nourishing qi and stomach.

  [Indications]Typhoid fever, fever, fever of summer heat is not clear, Qi and Tianjin injuries.

The body is hot and sweaty, the heart is distressed, the gas is queasy, the mouth is dry and happy to drink, or the irritability is absent, the tongue is red, the moss is less, and the number of pulses is false.

(This formula is often used in the later stages of meningoencephalitis, summer heat, heat stroke, etc. are the remaining heat is not clear, gas and two injuries.

Diabetic thirst is a drink for stomach heat and yin, which is also used.

)[Usage]Put on seven flavors, use a bucket of water, cook six liters, remove the rice, keep the rice inside, cook the rice, cook the rice to the soup, warm one liter, three times a day.

  [Contraindications]This prescription is cool and moist. If there is phlegm or yang deficiency, it should be avoided.

  [Fang Jie]This prescription is due to the late stage of fever, the remaining heat is not clear, the gas and two injuries, and the discomfort of stomach gas.

In the late stage of the fever, although the high fever is removed, the residual heat is nostalgic for Qi, so the body heat is perplexed and the pulse count; the residual heat is disturbed, so the heart is distressed; dry mouth, red tongue and less moss are a sign of yin injury;Deficiency of pulse is a sign of qi deficiency; loss of stomach and drop cause Qi to vomit.

The residual heat of the air should be cleared, and the two injuries of the air and gas should be made up.

Zhidang Qingre Shengjin, Qi and stomach.

Fangzhong bamboo leaves are equipped with gypsum to clear the air and distribute waste heat, so as to eliminate irritation and quench thirst.

Ginseng is supplemented with Ophiopogon Qi and Yangyinshengjin.

Pinellia descending path and stomach are supplemented by antivomiting.

Licorice, previously rice and spleen nourish the stomach.

The whole party uses both heat and qi to nourish yin, and eliminates evils and replenishes both. It is clear that it is not cold, and that it is tonic, but not stagnant.

This prescription is really an agent for clearing up and replenishing both eyes, so that the heat is cleared, the qi is regained, and the various symptoms are healed in turn. “Yizong Jinjian” said:.
“This party is from Taihu Tanghua tailor.

The White Tiger Soup Card is hot and well-deserved. This card shows that the heat has faded and the remaining heat is exhausted.

Since the heat is weak and the stomach gas is not consistent, go to the bitter cold and moisten the Zhimu, add ginseng, maidong Yiqi Shengjin, bamboo leaves in addition to trouble, pinellia and stomach.

Pinellia is warm, but if it is mixed with Qingreshengjin medicine, it will be used for the warm and dry nature, and it will be used to reduce the adverse effects, and it will help to transfer the fluid, so that the ginseng and wheat are not stagnant.and also.

  In the “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, I am treating the “Symptoms of Febrile Febrile Diseases, Deficiency of Qi, and Qi Reversion”.

In actual use, Qi fever has been injured during fever, body heat has perspiration, stomach loss and drop are similar.

It is particularly suitable for those who have been injured by fever, fever and qi.

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May drink a cold drink before exercise can help lose weight

In addition to diet, exercise is the key to maintaining a slim figure.

And, in addition to hard training, skillful training should be added.

The latest article from the famous American fashion magazine “Metropolis” lists 5 slimming tips that are worth trying.


Have a cold drink before exercise.

  A new study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Science states that drinking a large glass of smoothie before fitness can run for 10 minutes, especially under high temperatures.

Cold drinks help lower body temperature before exercise and increase exercise time.


Cleaning the room is exercise.

  Psychological hints are good for fitness.

Take stock of some daily activities and classify them all as fitness, such as climbing stairs, carrying heavy objects or walking the dog.

A Harvard study divided hotel employees into two, called “cleaning rooms is good exercise,” and the other group gave no information.

After 4 weeks, the weight, blood pressure, trace content, waist-hip ratio, and body mass index of the participants in the former group were significantly lower than those in the other group.

The reason is that they think they are exercising, not working hard.


Running or walking backwards.

  Reverse movements such as walking or running backwards are more laborious and costly.

Do n’t start too fast and do n’t take too long at the beginning, then gradually increase the exercise time and amount of exercise.


Drink 1-2 cups of caffeine beverage 90 minutes before exercising.

  An article published in the United States “International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Metabolism” states that caffeine in coffee, tea, cola and other beverages can inhibit fatigue-causing chemicals in the brain and extend exercise time.


Help others.

  A Harvard study found that activities such as helping strangers to pull doors, donating charity, and drinking tea for colleagues increased their willpower and endurance.

Breakthroughs, helping others, help self-discipline, can resist the temptation of unhealthy food; instead, you can encourage yourself to actively exercise and exercise harder.

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Happiness and satisfaction are actually very simple

“Would you like to be happier?

Please boldly say no.

Recently, the US “Charm” website pointed out that learning to “say no” will greatly enhance people’s sense of happiness and satisfaction.

In life, all kinds of requirements are not necessarily acceptable to us, and sometimes rejection is a better choice.

  First, the courage to say no, the efficiency is higher.

Many people have this experience: there are a lot of work to be done on the job, and they call and send emails.

At this time, my colleague said to you: “I have something particularly important this afternoon. Can you trouble me to help me make a plan?”

“Although we are unwilling, we have to resist the face but have to agree, even if we work overtime.”

  Taylor, an active psychologist from Harvard University?

Ben-Shahar pointed out: “We are too busy, always thinking about doing the most things with the least amount of time, thus ignoring the experience of happiness.

He suggested that people simplify their lives and learn to refuse.

In the work, you must know that you should do something, you should not do something, and you should say “no” to the extra task that is not your own.

When you reject others, don’t rush to “pour the bitter water” and say how busy you are. You can advise him to ask the boss to discuss.

It may be better to arrange work in a planned manner than to find someone to help.

  Second, sincerely say no, feelings deeper.

Everyone wants to have a good relationship. When a friend is in a bad mood, they can chat with them. When they are in a good mood, they will go shopping.

Occasionally, this will help to enhance the feelings, but the number of times will increase, and it will inevitably lead to delays in time and suffering.

In fact, the better the relationship, the more you really want to treat each other. You don’t have to worry about your personal relationships being affected after you reject your friends and family, because your sincerity will be understood and liked by everyone.

  Third, refuse temptation, physical health.

People always encounter some temptations that are difficult to refuse. Don’t hesitate to say “no” decisively.

An old lover wants to renew the lead, and you have a family; deal with a large check of unknown origin; a company that promises the best quality, waits for a contract but asks you to quit.

  Fourth, decisive rejection, healthy growth.

Parents face children, often in a dilemma: to meet the child’s requirements feel too loved; not satisfied with the baby crying crying and pitiful.

Psychologists remind you that parents must have principles for their children.

When children play dangerous games, snore others, ask for valuables and other bad behaviors, they must resolutely stop and say “no” quickly.

  Fifth, say no to yourself, feel good.

Do not dare to refuse, usually out of good face, afraid of offending people’s psychology.

Such people are afraid of offending others, and they are also afraid of offending themselves. They are very demanding of themselves, give themselves something to do, and make good psychological hints.

In fact, people’s ability is limited, you should let go when you let go, try to tell yourself “I can’t do this myself”, find help from others, and get the benefit of myself.

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