Jumping skipping rope to “jump” away osteoporosis

There are many benefits to skipping. In a busy metropolis, if you can give yourself a few minutes, skipping and exercising, it will bring unexpected benefits to your body.
  Yang Maowei, a professor of orthopedics at the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, believes that skipping is conducive to increasing children’s coordination and flexibility.
For these children, skipping rope is undoubtedly an exercise that can be easily completed and can meet the child’s amount of exercise in a short time.
  Rope skipping can prevent the mystery of osteoporosis: low price, unlimited venue, convenient and flexible, suitable for all ages, playing a sport.
  The answer: skipping rope.
  There are many benefits of skipping ropes, such as boosting vital capacity, immunity, etc.
For different people, there are different benefits.
  Fatty: Enhance flexibility and coordination. Nothing likes to eat junk food, study all day, and lack of exercise, resulting in more and more fatty.
  A well-known British fitness instructor has calculated and compared the various sports methods based on the calories consumed for half an hour. The results are: 450 cards for track and field, 250 cards for basketball, 330 cards for bicycles, 300 cards for jogging, and walking.75 cards and 400 skipping ropes.
By comparison, you can clearly see the advantages of skipping ropes, and children who are nervous in learning can basically strengthen their whole body muscles in half an hour, eliminate excess fat on the hips and thighs, and achieve the amount of exercise withoutObese.
  White-collar workers: Ease the pain of cervical and lumbar vertebrae and beat white-collar workers.
Sitting in front of the computer all day, I rarely engage in strenuous exercise. Once operated, my body will be sore for a few days and cannot be relieved. However, exercises that are too regular, such as yoga, are difficult to complete on time and on a periodic basis.
  Therefore, skipping rope, because of its simplicity and unlimited space, can not only be a daily exercise for white-collar workers, but also professor Yang Maowei of orthopedics believes that skipping rope can also help relieve muscle soreness.
  This is because skipping is a sport that can coordinate the whole body, so it can increase the strength of the whole body’s muscles. While rocking the rope, it can also involve the arms and shoulders. The shoulder and waist muscles can be fully exercised.
Long-term rope skipping, muscle strength increases, sore shoulders, neck and waist can naturally ease.
  Middle-aged and elderly: reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.
hzh{display:none;}  冠心病、心肌梗塞这些心脑血管疾病,也困扰着许多中老年人,有什么适合他们的运动健身方式呢?  Yang Bo, deputy chief physician of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Fourth Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, pointed out that German experts have done statistics. Rope skipping can indeed effectively reduce the number of cardiovascular hospitalizations, reduce the chance of heart stents, and alleviate the deterioration of coronary heart disease.
  This is because skipping rope can effectively promote the blood circulation of internal organs such as the heart, liver, lungs, spleen, stomach, and kidneys, speed up metabolism, and thus improve the function of organs.
Yang Bo emphasized that patients with myocardial infarction can also skip rope, but to control the frequency, not too fast.
  Orthopedics professor Yang Maowei analyzed that rope skipping can also effectively promote bone cell metabolism and prevent osteoporosis.
The calcium content in human bones is just like a bank. Only when you are young and keep depositing, will you not get osteoporosis and serious calcium deficiency when you are old.
Rope skipping has the effect of increasing bone strength.
  Reminder: Patients with varicose veins are not suitable for skipping. Although skipping is good, it is not suitable for all people.
  Yang Bo reminded that people with varicose veins, joint disease and mobility problems are not suitable for skipping.
  Varicose veins are caused by maintaining little change in posture for a long period of time. Blood accumulates in the lower limbs, and the venous valve is destroyed over time. The venous pressure is too high, causing varicose veins.
The main force of the rope skipping movement is on the lower limbs. Repeated jumping movements can easily cause the lower limbs to swell and lead to worsening of the condition.
  Those who need to stand for a long time, such as teachers, salespersons, and nurses, are high-risk people with varicose veins.
Therefore, for these people, Yang Bo suggested that it is best to go to the hospital for related examinations and make sure that there is no varicose veins before doing rope skipping.

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Cold drinks, children still have to eat less!

Cold drinks are a favorite food for children, especially in summer.

It’s a hot summer, and eating cold drinks can make people feel hot and refreshed, which can be a great replacement for heatstroke and cooling.

However, eating an unlimited amount of popsicles, ice cream, or frozen drinks is not only not good for children’s health. Instead, it will damage their health.

  Cold drinks do not quench thirst. Most parents have such an experience: After a child has eaten cold drinks on a hot day, it was very refreshing.

But a few minutes later, thirst reappeared and he was craving for cold drinks.

Eat again, thirst than before.

Cold drinks don’t quench your thirst.

  Why is this?

Children and adults, when the body’s plasma osmotic pressure increases, although the body is not dehydrated, they will feel thirsty until the osmotic pressure in the body is adjusted to a normal level.

The cold drink that children like contains relatively coarse fractions, and it also contains a small amount of trace substances. Its osmotic pressure is much higher than that of the human body. Therefore, although the cold drink was cool at the time, it temporarily covered the thirst, but after a few minutes, When the initial temperature of the stomach rises again, you will feel thirsty, and you will eat more and more thirsty.

Therefore, the best way to relieve your children’s thirst is to add sports drinks such as cold water, fresh tea, mineral water, purified water or Jianlibao instead of eating cold drinks without restriction.

  Gluttony cold drink-temporarily unable to find your child after taking a cold drink, the local temperature of the perfusion tract drops sharply, which can cause the small blood vessels in the internal tract to contract and reduce local blood flow.

Over time, the secretion of the child’s digestive juice will weaken, and the longer will affect the digestion and absorption of food by the perfusion tract.

Unexplained frequent abdominal pain is a disease that many children easily get in summer, which is largely related to excessive consumption of cold drinks.

  In addition, children’s gastric acid secretion decreases in the summer, and the immune function of the digestive tract declines. At this time, the climatic conditions are exactly suitable for the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Therefore, summer is the season when children’s digestive tract diseases are high.

The current health status of the cold drink market is not entirely satisfactory, and children’s gluttony of cold drinks significantly increases the chance of digestive tract infections.

Therefore, parents should educate their children not to gluttony cold drinks, and should also choose reliable quality products when eating in moderation, rather than blindly buying cold drinks on the street.

  Gluttony Cold Drinks-Although malnourished friends also have some nutrients in their cold drinks or beverages, sugar (carbohydrates) is the main ingredient, and the protein, minerals, trace elements and various vitamins required by the human body are extremely high.It is low in some cold drinks and the trace content is too high, among which the nutrients are seriously imbalanced. If long-term consumption of cold drinks or sugary drinks affects meals, it will inevitably lead to malnutrition.

In the following, only a few cold drinks and beverages are compared with lean meat and milk.

  Comparison of nutrition of several kinds of cold drinks and lean meat Protein (g / 100g) Small amount (g / 100g) Small amount (g / 100g) pork (loin)



7 北 豆腐 12.

twenty four


5 milk 3.


twenty three.

4 Orange Juice Soda No No 5.

1 purple ice cream popsicle 2.



6 ice cream 2.



3 It can be ground from the table above, except for sugar, orange juice soda contains almost no other nutrients; while the protein contained in ice cream or ice cream is much different from lean meat or tofu, even less than milk, with a small amount of it.

Eating such foods is obviously very harmful to children and adolescents who are in the period of growth and development.

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8 tips to quickly remove the annoying “Panda Eyes”

Modern white-collar workers are out of breath every day due to heavy work, and overtime and staying up late are becoming commonplace. How can they enter the office with tired and unconscious eyes every day, facing colleagues and leaders?
Look at Xiaobian ‘s tricks for you. Some inconspicuous common ingredients are your weapon to kill the annoying “Panda Eye”. Here are 8 tips to learn!
  Method 1: Apply ice-cold milk cotton balls to the eyes. Preparation materials: cotton balls, ice water, cold whole milk.
  Steps: 1, mix ice water and cold whole milk according to the ratio of 1: 1; 2, soak cotton balls in the mixture; 3, then apply the soaked cotton balls on the eyes for about 15 minutes.
  Tip: Cotton balls can be replaced with cotton pads.
  Method 2: Apply red sand to the eyes and prepare materials: brown sugar, handkerchief or gauze.
  Steps: 1. Put an appropriate amount of brown sugar into the pot and heat over low heat; 2. When smoking, wrap the red sugar in a handkerchief or gauze; 3, wait until the eyelids can adapt, and slowly apply heat in a clockwise directionAround the eyes; Tips: Brown sugar should not be too hot, just slightly higher than the skin temperature (about 38 degrees), you can first test the temperature at the wrist pulse.
  Method 3: Apply tea bags to the eye preparation materials: used tea bags.
  Steps: Before going to bed, drain the used tea bag and apply it directly around the eyes for a while, and the dark circles will fade the next day.
  Tips: 1. This requires persistence, but as long as it persists, the dark circles will slowly disappear, and the used tea bags are also environmentally friendly; 2, the drained tea bags should not be too dry. If you leave it for too long, you canSoak again in warm water, or slightly heat in a microwave.
  Method 4: Most of the causes of dark circles under warm towels are due to insufficient rest, resulting in insufficient blood circulation. Therefore, it is best to warm with a warm towel after awakening to promote blood circulation.
  Preparation materials: towel, warm water.
  Steps: After waking up, apply a warm towel (about 38 degrees) slightly higher than body temperature to apply eyes. After cooling, you can replace it again. Leave for about 10 minutes to reduce dark circles.
  要诀:  1、毛巾要柔软  2、水温不宜过热  方法五:眼部按摩  步骤:  起床洗完脸后,用双手帮双眼作顺时针方向打圈按摩,约5分钟,可促进眼部的血液循环,Dark circles can instantly become red circles.
  Tip: You can match an eye cream that suits you, and use the right massage to maximize the effectiveness of the eye cream.
  Method 6: Put the potatoes into the eyes and prepare the ingredients: fresh potatoes.
  Steps: 去 Peel the fresh potatoes, cut into 2-3 mm slices, and apply to the eyes for about 10 minutes.
  Tip: Potatoes should be cut and used immediately, or the water loss on the surface of the potato chips will reduce the effect by half.
  Method 7: Wet cotton pads and ice packs Preparation materials: ice water, cotton pads.
  Steps: 渗 Fill the cotton pad with ice water and apply it to the eye area for 15 minutes until the cotton pad becomes warm.
  Tips: Don’t make ice water too cold, and you can change it to normal temperature water in autumn and winter.
  Method 8: Concealer covers dark circles. If time is too tight to perform the above seven tricks, prepare a bottle of concealer to cover the dark circles. This can temporarily “hide your eyes and eyes”.
  Steps: After the basic treatment of the face, apply the concealer evenly around the eyes, and then use foundation to adjust and brighten the skin tone.
  Tip: When buying, choose a concealer that matches your skin tone and color.

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About sleeping those problems you have not known before

What do you do when your head touches the pillow?

There is no doubt that sleep can satisfy some very basic needs of people – like keeping your physical health, not to mention preparing for your precious time the next day.

But after you go to bed and turn off the lights, there will be a lot of things that you don’t know.

Do you know that sleep affects your memory, heart condition or even the health of your teeth?

Here, we will unveil the facts and tell you about some of your previously unknown problems about sleep.

銆€銆€From a special holiday to a holiday gathering, the brain will resume its experience during sleep, and long-term memory is mainly formed at this time.

But how do you remember when something happened?

Researchers at the University of L眉beck in Germany said that in addition to deepening the content of memory, the order of their experiences is clearer.

Students can better remember the reservations for the supplementary words.

They allowed one of the students to sleep while the other group could not sleep.

Those who are allowed to sleep remember more order of words than those who do not.

銆€銆€Sleeping out of normal beats A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy body.

Lack of sleep can lead to high blood pressure, and in the case of high blood pressure, people’s blood pressure will be elevated for a long time.

Of course, this will increase the risk of high blood pressure.

Seriously, ordinary, healthy citizens who are continuously deprived of normal sleep also have a long-term increase in the threat of high blood pressure.

Sustained lack of sleep can cause changes in chemicals and hormones in the body, including the release of stress hormones such as adrenaline.

銆€銆€Sleeping and smiling Shaking and turning over during sleep can affect your smile.

A survey in the Journal of Periodontology shows that the length of sleep can have a major impact on your teeth.

Although the negative impact of smoking on oral prevention care is greatest, sleep time also affects oral health care.

The survey tracked 219 Japanese workers from 1999 to 2003.

Those who had seventy hours of sleep at night had less periodontal disease than those who slept six hours.

Researchers believe that lack of sleep can shrink the body’s immune system, leading to unhealthy teeth.

銆€銆€Some people can withstand as little sleep as possible, while others need a lot of sleep to get a normal life.

If you still lack sleep, you still feel good, it should be your genetic problem.

A survey by the University of Surrey shows that some people can’t stay awake until they don’t sleep for two days, but some people can stay awake anyway.

In order to investigate more, the researchers gave the experimenters a chance to sleep normally, and then found that some experimenters spent more time on slow wave sleep, which is the deepest form of sleep.

For them, if they lack sleep, they will find it harder to stay alert and healthy.

銆€銆€People have a rhythm of sleep. If you find yourself often awake and very active late at night, you may have a genetic mutation.

The changed genes can explain why some people like late at night.

Genes affect the cycle of the body’s circadian rhythm, the biological clock that affects our metabolism, digestive power and sleep patterns.

The researchers found that some mice had an unusually long circadian rhythm of about 27 hours.

The normal cycle is 24 hours.

These mice have mutation genes.

Similarly, night owls stay in bed for longer, and they will sleep longer than normal people.

Moreover, people who do not sleep at night are more unable to control their sleep. This factor also makes insomnia worse.

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Nut nutritional value high beauty brain blood pressure

Nuts are one of the most respected snacks for nutritionists. They have a variety of nutrients that are good for human health. Therefore, the recommendation of conversion nutrition experts has increased the attention of nuts.

“What are the effects of nuts?

“How to choose nuts?”

“- There are not many people with similar questions. Nutrition experts introduce the unique charm of nuts.

銆€銆€Nuts help to maintain health, but still beneficial to beauty nuts. Although small in size, it is a combination of aunts, proteins, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber supplements. It is a food that is influenced by actors, models, etc.The beauty of the people who demand high standards.

銆€銆€Nuts have high oil content and are often used for oil extraction. This small amount of food often gives the impression that it is easy to gain weight, but the small amount of nuts is rich in healthy and high quality unsaturated fatty acids.

It can reduce the accumulation of necrotic cholesterol in the body, increase the content of good cholesterol, and prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

銆€銆€In addition, vitamin E, a highly toxic antioxidant in the nut, can refresh the blood, prevent arteriosclerosis and various cancers, and at the same time strongly resist aging, especially for women.

As long as you can eat the right amount of nuts every day, you can see the many good effects it brings to the body.

銆€銆€Nuts can be easily purchased in supermarkets. Three nuts are recommended. Almonds with anti-aging are divided into sweet almonds and bitter almonds. Generally purchased as a snack, sweet almonds with a light sweet taste.

The trace vitamin E in sweet almond has good anti-oxidation effect. When the body produces active oxygen and various metabolic wastes due to metabolism, it can protect cells from the metabolism of metabolites, prevent wrinkles and pigmentation, and insist on eating moderately.Almonds help women whiten and fight aging.

銆€銆€2, walnuts and walnuts that help prevent lifestyle-related diseases grow very much like the brain, and there are people who claim to think that eating more walnuts is smart.

The omega-3 fatty acids contained in walnuts are the most common in nuts, which can reduce body phlegm and are most beneficial for helping to lose weight.

銆€銆€3, high blood pressure patients may wish to eat pistachio pistachio to add potassium, potassium can promote the body’s sodium excretion, beneficial to control and lower blood pressure.

In addition, because the pistachio is also to replace the hard shell when eating, it also helps people to eat too fast, too much consumption, a small amount of food can get enough satiety, prevent many problems caused by overeating.

銆€銆€Buying nuts is best to choose natural, low-salt, unprocessed. Nowadays, the health value of converted nuts is gradually increasing. The types of nuts sold in supermarkets and shopping malls are also increasing, making people feel overwhelmed when they are selected.The nuts are the best?

銆€銆€Experts believe that in order to achieve better nutritional health, you can choose natural, unprocessed nuts better.

After drying and frying the nuts, not only the energy is high, but also the sugar and salt are greatly increased. On the contrary, it is easy to cause energy, and the salt is excessively transferred, which is not beneficial to the health of the body.

At the time of purchase, special attention should be paid to the sodium content in the nutrient composition table, and the reduction is appropriately selected, preferably a salt-free nut product.

銆€銆€The amount of nuts ingested per day varies from nut to nut. In general, 23 almonds or 14 walnuts or 50 pistachios can be repeated every day. The way to eat is different, or it can be eaten at breakfast.Nuts and soy milk are put together, or added to the porridge to cook food; you can also watch TV, work, from time to time directly pick up a few pearls to chew.

The most important thing is to insist on eating every day, and eating too much, you can easily enjoy the health feeling brought by nuts!

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