[Homemade Passion Fruit Juice]_Method of Making_Methods

Passion fruit is not a very abundant fruit. At the same time, many people do n’t accept it as safely as apples. Passion fruit is a kind of fruit, but it is often not directly fresh.It is sun-dried, or drink passion fruit juice directly.

The advent of fruit juice is a gospel for many, many groups that do not like to eat fruit directly, and it is not troublesome to make passion fruit juice at home.

Homemade Passion Fruit Juice 1.

Take five or six passion fruit and dig out the flesh.


Add water or mineral water and rock sugar and boil.

The concentration controls it by itself.

Water is light.

The less water gets thicker.

If you use a blender with water and other fruits to make juice.

The seeds are edible.


This is passion fruit.

It is better to pick heavy hands and wrinkles.

Passion fruit’s efficacy and role: 1. Passion fruit is rich in vitamins, super fibers and proteins, which are hundreds of very beneficial elements to the human body, and the taste and aroma are extremely beautiful, which can strengthen the body’s resistance and improve immunity.Especially when children and pregnant women eat it, it is very easy for the body to grow and grow. 2. The superfibers contained in passion fruit can enter very small parts of the human stomach and intestines for deep cleaning and detoxification, but it will not affect the intestinal wall.If there is any damage, it has the effect of improving the absorption function of the human body and improving the intestines and stomach; 3, because passion fruit can enhance the digestion and absorption function, make the human body defecate normally, without causing complications, so it is also very useful for alleviating the symptoms of constipationThere are benefits; 4, beauty and beauty, it is not only rich in nutrients, but also can give people a feeling of fullness, thereby reducing the absorption of other highly metabolized foods, improving the body’s nutritional absorption structure, especially the Vc contained in it, etc.Beauty and anti-aging effect.

Passion fruit’s acidity: 1. Passion fruit’s acidic acid can stimulate the stomach to secrete digestive juices.

There are complications for patients with abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, diarrhea, and constipation.

2. Passion fruit contains a variety of organic acids. Although it has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, it has side effects on dental problems such as fractured teeth, periodontitis, and toothache, which will bring some irritation and increase inflammation.

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姣忓埌绉嬪锛屽氨鍒颁簡鍚冭櫨鍜岃煿鐨勫鑺傦紝鍙笂涓変袱濂藉弸涓€璧峰幓澶ф帓?鍚冪潃铻冭煿銆You’re so happy, you can’t miss it, it’s so effective.閲岀粡甯稿皢榫欒櫨銆佽瀮锜逛笌骞寸硶涓€璧风倰锛屾湁鐨勬椂鍊欓緳铏惧拰铻冭煿鍚冨浜嗭紝鍚冧竴涓ゅ彛骞寸硶鍙互缂撹В楹昏荆鎰熴€傚叾瀹炴垜浠湪鑷繁瀹堕噷涔熷彲浠ョ倰鍑洪キ搴楅噷鐨勫彛鎰燂紝鏈枃浠嬬粛浜嗚煿鐐掑勾绯曠殑鍋氭硶锛屼竴璧锋潵鐪嬬湅鍚с€?The youngest sister, the younger sister, the younger sister, the younger one, the younger one, the younger one, the younger one, the younger one, the younger one, the younger one, the younger one, the second one, the younger one, the younger one, the younger one, the second one!1.I ‘m going to shove it in the air: I ‘m going to do it. (7-8 trick?鏈€濂芥槸娲荤殑鎷?钂 伴 矞 钖?Defective.娲楀噣锛屾妸澶у3鎺板紑锛屾妸閲岄潰鐨勯硟鎸栨帀锛屾礂涓€涓嬶紝鍒囧潡锛屼笉瑕佸垏鐨勫お灏忓潡锛屽嚑涓ぇ槌岄兘鍒囦笅锛屽ぇ鐩栧瓙鍒囨垚涓ゅ崐锛屾斁鍦ㄧ洏瀛愰噷(璁板緱鎶婃按娌ュ敖)!2.You will be able to find out how to do it ф10, you will be able to find out what you want to do, and click on it to do it.Press upsetting?。Inch chain: Han Hao argued that he was weak in Jiang) 3.This is the best way to do it: OK, OK, OK, OK! Jane!4.Bi Feng makes up for the problem of ◢ 華 ◢ 貴 纴 5.You’re so excited about the show, I’m afraid of it, I’m afraid of it, and I’m afraid of it! I’m stunned!6.It’s a shame that it’s a real thing.8 嗒 啙 镞?3) It ‘s a bit of a bake, and it ‘s dry.): What is it? What is it? What is it?(Which is the best way to go?)灏戣)锛屽€掑叆鏂欓厭(灏戣)锛屾斁绯? 戣 ) ad?杞埌澶х伀)缈荤倰鑷抽鑹插潎鍖€锛屾斁鐩?(Juan  澶  捀) 揀 fear 懗 撗 撅 鏴 Don’t donate 柀 埀 倰 鍧 囧 团 南 咲 嬮 嬨 浜 浜?What is wrong with it?You will be able to see if you have an umbrella, or if you want to use it, and you will be able to use it.嗚瀮锜圭倰骞寸硶 鍘熸枡锛氳瀮锜?鈙  纴 骞 塞 硶 250 鍏 嬶 楴 楦 ¤ 泲 1 Juan?What is the pot?1 ad?It ‘s a very beautiful place. It ‘s very beautiful. It ‘s very beautiful. It ‘s very beautiful. It ‘s very beautiful. It ‘s so beautiful. It ‘s so beautiful.2 adze?娌归攨鐑х儹锛屾妸铻冭煿鍒回溃铇镐笂楦惧泲鏀归攨阅岀厧(娉ㄦ剰鍒妸楦¤泲缁欑厧绯娄简)锛屾帴鐫€鏀捐挏鍜屽鐗囷紝鍊掕€侀厭(鎴栬€呴粍閰掞紝涓€鑸伓涓嶅枩娆㈢敤鏂欓厭锛屾枡閰掑懗閬撻噸)鑰殑达纴If you do n’t know how to do this, please click on the button to check the stack. If you do n’t know how to do it, please click on the button to check the stack.鑌 呯 洊. 3 ad?Press the button?/ 3 The rudder is in the middle of the rudder. Adopted: Adopted (recommended?)Adze?): What are you talking about?What do you want to do? Do you want to make a call?it is good! Yingfenyao?!

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Rating: The turnover of the two cities is close to 1 trillion GEM Index rose more than 1%

After the Securities Times ‘s general rise, we saw a split. The Shanghai Index opened slightly lower today, and then maintained a full range of shocks. After the narrow range of the GEM Index, it rushed up again. Technology stocks such as 天津夜网 epoxy resin, 3D cameras, and domestic chips are bound to leadThe main force of market advancement, heavyweights such as banks, insurance, and securities firms, fell down in shock, dragging down the performance of stock indexes.

  At the close, the Shanghai Index rose 0.

05%, SZSE Component Index rose 0.

58%, GEM Index rose 1.

15%, the two cities totaled 9,999.

4.7 billion yuan.

  Northbound funds continued to increase, and there was a short-term net inflow in the end. Due to the decrease in the net decrease throughout the day, the Shanghai Stock Exchange had the most accumulated net.

  On the plate, the oxide disaster in India has basically ended, and related day trips related to the treatment of specimens, glyphosate, agricultural planting, genetic modification, etc. have fallen significantly.

Technology stocks broke out again, photoresists, 3D cameras, domestic chips and other optional large gains, online education, cloud computing, large aircraft, etc. continued to be active, the prices of various rare species rose collectively, and the excess sector ushered in a long absence.Great increase.

  CITIC Securities believes that based on the expectations of the “two sessions” counter-cyclical adjustment policy and the loosening of the refinancing policy of the Securities Regulatory Commission, it is expected that A-shares will maintain high risks in the short term, and upward momentum is still in place.

Under the judgment that the epidemic does not change the medium and long-term trend of talents, it is expected that the GEM and the small and medium-sized boards will continue to outperform the main board. It will insist on the technology sector represented by consumer electronics, semiconductors and new energy vehicles, and the medicine represented by innovative drugs.The sector is the focus of medium and long-term allocation, and it is recommended to focus on sectors that benefit from countercyclical policies.

  Fortune Securities said that the short-term impact of the outbreak on the fundamentals of the first quarter was obvious, but the policy expectations were strengthened or hedging the short-term impact.

The financial system issued this time is the first to make efforts, including the declining MLF and LPR interest rates.

Compared with the impact of the epidemic situation in 2020 in the past years, the start of the return journey has been slow, and the number of passengers in the country has been gradually reduced by 47.

5%, the delay in resumption of work leads to a slower recovery of production. Compared with new industries, 武汉夜生活网 the impact of traditional industries still requires the market to digest the adverse effects of the epidemic.

  The release of the new refinancing rules is conducive to increasing market risks in the short term and raising market expectations of policies. However, the new refinancing rules are not a signal of a short-term market shift. Later, we need to pay attention to changes in epidemics and resumption.

The industry is concerned about technology, securities companies, and new energy vehicles.

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Rainbow Group (002419): Increased revenue growth, opening stores, accelerating pressure on short-term profits

This report reads: The company ‘s Q2 store opening has accelerated, and revenue growth has picked up, but the increase in short-term store opening costs has caused a change in profit growth. The second half of the year has continued to accelerate store opening. The growth brought about by the company’s multi-format expansion should still be the focus of attention.

  Key points of investment: The company’s Q2 2019 store opening accelerated, and revenue growth increased.

However, considering the short-term opening of store peak costs under pressure, the company’s 2019-2021 EPS is reduced to 0.

80 (-0.

08), 0.

92 (-0.

08), 1.

05 (-0.

06) Yuan.

Considering the increase in the company’s revenue growth and the long-term competitiveness of supermarkets and other businesses, the company is given 22XPE in 2019, maintaining a target price of 17.

6 yuan to maintain the overweight level.

Revenue growth has increased, and short-term profits have been under pressure from opening a store.

2019H1 revenue 96.

76 ppm / decade +1.

61%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

03 ppm / decade +3.

65%, deducting non-net profit for ten years +4.

49%, slightly lower than market expectations.

Single Q2 revenue growth rate 4.

57% (Q1 is -0.

82%), has been significantly positive, but the growth rate of net profit has been improved due to the intensive period of new stores.

H1 Real Estate Settlement 3.

700 million (but Q2 is only 1.

200 million), settlement in more than ten years1.

300 million, retail revenue was basically flat.

Rapid expansion and continuous verification, Q2 department store improved.

In Q2 2019, two new shopping malls will be added, with a net increase of one supermarket and 15 convenience stores. The expansion speed will be accelerated, and 10 large stores will continue to maintain their expectations. Q3 is expected to enter the peak season.

2019H1 Department Store Same Store Revenue -6.

11%, -10 from the previous Q1.

The 11% gradient has narrowed 重庆耍耍网 significantly.

Looking at the same-store revenue of H1 across the board, it is -0.

72%, same store profit +6.

85%, the decrease in profit growth of the statement is mainly affected by the cost of new stores.

Gross profit continued to improve, and revenue growth and long-term growth remained key.

2019H1 gross margin is higher than Q1 + 0.

68% to 28 in the last five years.

4%, but affected by the intensive period of store expansion, the sales and management expense ratio rose to 19.

6% (ten years +1.39 points) and 2.

1% (decade +0.


Eventually, we will continue to maintain the expectations of opening 10 large stores. The logic of rapid expansion of multiple formats remains unchanged. The extended growth brought by high-quality management output is still the company’s core competitiveness.

Risk 杭州桑拿 warning: economic fluctuations affect consumption, and industry competition is intensifying.

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Say goodbye to acne

It turns out that it is not difficult to cure acne, you must first have a wrong idea!

  Mistake 1: Acne is not acne.

  Acne is of course part of acne, and more importantly, acne is the root of acne. I want to cure acne without eradicating acne.

  Mistake two: Acne is a normal phenomenon for everyone.

  Acne has a very high incidence, but it is by no means normal.

Have you ever wondered why acne pops up all over the night, then you should regret your acne and rape!

  Mistake # 3: Acne is caused by oils, so the oils just dissolve.

  Acne is made up of “grease and keratin”, so if you think about everything with grease, it is inevitable that there will be wrong inferences!

  Mistake No. 4: Acne is caused by not washing your face. The blackness of blackheads is proof.

  Acne formation is a multi-factor. The most common reason is that the constitution is not related to the fact that the face is not clean. Blackheads are black because of the black formed by contact with the air. It is not dirty. Please do not stain the acne for the marketing of facial cleansers.Nomenclature.

  Mistake 5: Makeup remover can remove acne.

  Mistake No. 6: Washing your face frequently can solve acne.

  The so-called false inference above has the wrong answer, which is not feasible.

  Mistake No. 7: Acne can be solved by applying a facial mask or exfoliating.

  The fat and keratin in the hair follicles are often tangled together at root. Even if the fat can be dissolved, or the horny surface can be removed, the oil secreted from the sebaceous glands quickly separates from the deep keratin inside the hair follicle.form!

  Mistake No. 8: Squeezing out, pulling out, or sucking out can solve acne.

  The methods you said can only make you feel good for a few days, because these are temporary, and soon after a while, you will see traces in the original place.

 Mistake # 9: Fate it!

Acne can’t be solved at all.

  Modern dermatology has developed a higher concentration of fruit acid, vitamin A-derived topical agents or drugs to eradicate it. These drugs can not only prevent dead cells in the mouth of the hair follicle from forming multiple hair follicles due to abnormal keratinization, but also act around the hair follicleThe connective tissue allows it to restore its elasticity, so that it can restore the large holes to the original diameter to facilitate the discharge of sebum, prevent the formation of new acne, and have a way to completely remove it.

It only takes six weeks to see the effect and requires a doctor’s prescription, so many people are either out of touch (if they don’t go to the doctor) or give up before seeing the effect, so they think there is no way to solve it.

  Mistake No. 10: Acne cures hurt the skin, otherwise there are steroids.

  This is the most common method used by beauty salons to retain residents and prevent patients from seeking the right medical treatment.

In fact, there are few alternatives to acne medicine except that it may be a little irritating or peeling, as long as you follow the doctor’s instructions, and steroids are more subtle. In fact, the national regulations have the name of the medicine on the receipt, which can be verified.

  In fact, it is not difficult to treat acne. Starting from the “heart”, you can really say goodbye to acne!

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How to train your child’s emotions

It is difficult for children to control their emotions when things do not go the way they want.

The cultivation of emotional stability is a substitute for forming a good personality.

Therefore, emotional development is particularly important.

  First, let children calmly face failure. Many children’s emotions will cause depression after failure.

Teach your child how to face failure properly, and the courage to face it is vital for children.

When playing games with their children, parents do not prevent them from deliberately losing a few times, and let the children see how they face winning or losing.

It can be said, “Although I lost, this game is still very interesting, and maybe I can win next time.

“Let the children realize that all games have wins and losses, and only then can the games be fun.

  Second, let children know how to share. Children often can’t stand others to share everything they like. This is not the same as selfishness, but by nature.

Parents must face up to this characteristic of their children, and help their children put away their favorite toys before other children come to play.

Parents tell the child that you respect what he likes, but sharing is also part of the game.

Also tell the children that children will not take their baby’s toys home.

  Third, make a fair decision. If your little guy fights with the toy for your partner, you should immediately step forward to stop it, and then tell the two children: you must rotate to play.

This kind of statement is better than “bringing my brother”, because the latter statement is not fair and difficult for children to accept.

You need to play the role of referee to ensure that two children exchange toys every second.

  Fourth, the feeling of being ordered with a “prevention shot” in advance will lead the child to correct it, so parents should let the child know that this situation will occur before something will happen, so that the baby feels that it is he who has the initiativeNot mom and dad.

For example, “We should go home three more slides,” or “After eating ice cream, let’s go outside to play.

Fifth, make good rules. When children feel that things are not under their control, they tend to cry loudly and lose their temper.

Rules can give them the necessary sense of security.

For example, when a game expanded with a friend is over, we can designate the child to shake hands with other children; or let him move for a while before going home, and so on.

  6. Let the child rest for a while to complete one activity. Before preparing to start another activity, parents can take the child to find a relatively quiet place to rest for a while and calm down.

Although this is a bit time consuming, it can effectively prevent the child from being over-excited.

  Seven, often give praise If the child can keep crying and follow the parents away from the children’s home or amusement park obediently, we should not miss the opportunity to give praise.

This will let your child know that they are doing the right thing.

We can say, “Baby is so obedient, makes mother proud”, or “I am so happy today!

“Children like positive reviews, so parents’ attention and encouragement for correct behavior can motivate their children to maintain their strengths.

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Six ways to help children cope with emotional crisis

Xiao Sha got up early in the morning and said, “I don’t want to go to kindergarten at all today.

After arguing with her best friend Deline, she ignored me again, which made me sad . “With age, my child’s life gradually expanded from family to kindergarten, school, emotional problems encounteredIt’s getting more complicated.

  ”Xiao Sha has no appetite at all; Xiao Sha is very upset; Xiao Sha is so nervous that her stomach hurts; Xiao Sha really wants to cry”, and all this is just for “arguing with good friends”.

For adults who have been fighting for hundreds of years but have forgotten their childhood experience, this is just a small setback in life. For children, it is a real physical reaction and psychological feeling.

It is uncomfortable to have a conflict with a good friend. If this good friend is well-connected with his peers, his reputation is high, and the child ‘s situation is more difficult.

“It is quite lethal to children.

  However, social conflict is the best time for children to develop their emotional processing skills.

From observing the emotional expression of others, describing their emotional feelings, imitating the emotional processing of others, and experiencing solutions, etc., children learn everything about emotions, and from this they develop more elements, more flexibility, and coordination.More sophisticated emotion processing skills.

  When a child encounters friendship setbacks, parents can do this: 1.

Believe in your child’s feelings and accept your child’s emotions2.

Carefully observe the child’s physiological response when his emotions come 3.

Guide your child to observe how others solve problems 4.

Encourage your child to tell sad things to someone they can trust.

Tell your child that one way won’t work and remember to see if there are other ways to go 6.

Trying to make the child understand that the loss sometimes makes us better. Parents can also tell him the truth by telling stories.

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Cosmeceuticals allow you to change sensitive skin

Faced with all kinds of skin blemishes, you are often hesitant to choose a safe and effective facial concealer and make-up products without irritating the damaged skin?

Although all kinds of make-up products on the market are always attracting our eyes, but some of the stimulating ingredients often make your fragile skin discouraged. Whoever says that sensitive skin does not want to have fairness, smoothness, and brightness .

hzh {display: none; }  雅漾医学护肤研究室突破性地利用色彩互补系统,运用对比色调和、淡化瑕疵的原理,改善皮肤各种瑕疵,营造出自然通透的完美妆容.
At the same time, concealer products with high sun protection index can always protect the skin from sun damage.

  Unique and new concealer concept: We know that the principle of complementary colors, when painters modify oil painting, often use the “complementary complementary” principle, that is, if you want to replace the density of a color, you can add its corresponding color to achieve the purpose。For example, the green contrast color is red and the yellow contrast color is blue. When the two contrast colors are mixed, they can neutralize each other to gray.

  Avene Medical Skin Care Research Laboratory breakthroughly uses the “color complementary system”, using the principle of contrasting tones and reducing blemishes, to research and develop the only medical concealer cosmetic product on the market —– “COUVRANCE Medical Concealer Concealer Series”, It can truly and effectively cover the skin’s various flaws, and get a natural, harmonious, and even skin tone, so as to create a natural, transparent, white and perfect makeup.

  The safe formula “COUVRANCE Medical Concealer Series” tailored for sensitive skin is specially tailored for sensitive skin with high tolerance. It is completely fragrance-free, preservative-free and has excellent coverage.Function, even sensitive skin can be used with confidence, not to cause any skin burden, induce various skin problems such as acne, and make the makeup light, natural and durable after use; it also has good waterproof and anti-perspirant properties, excellentIts anti-ultraviolet function (SPF30) can protect sensitive skin and sunlight.

  It has the following outstanding characteristics: it is absolutely fragrance-free and preservative-free (the only product in its class that is completely free of preservatives), highly resistant, and low sensitivity will never cause acne and any skin burden.SPF30, which protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, is a new waterproof and anti-sweat formula that makes makeup lasting. Naturally, as one of the three major pharmaceutical companies in France, the Pierre Faber Group has always been committed to the development of skin care cosmetics using the standards and technologies for drug production.Living spring water is a full range of skin care products developed for all kinds of sensitive skin. It has fully exerted its outstanding efficacy and safety to bring a new concept to the skin care industry. It has been recognized by dermatologists around the world andrecommend.
  The “COUVRANCE Medical Concealer Concealer Series” to be newly launched in the Chinese market is the only medical concealer cosmetic product on the market that is completely free of preservatives. It has a high degree of safety, tolerance, and even perfect makeup for sensitive skin.Provides the ideal makeup, even the healthy skin can be used with peace of mind, easily create flawless natural makeup for you.

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Men’s skincare products are equally savvy

As long as you mention skincare experts, many people have many names in their hearts, such as big S, Wu Peici, Yi Nengjing, and other famous female artistes, as well as names such as Teacher Niu Er, Nicole, Wu Beiwei and so on.
Today, it is not the celebrities who have risen to fame.
Violence may be just an ordinary master, but he can be called a master naturally because he also has his own theory of skin care.
Men nowadays are actually very researched on skin care.
  Daren makes a violent appearance violent is a computer engineer, he is definitely one of the men I know the most beautiful, fierce, is absolutely a hundred-percent beauty fierce.
He’s not much this year. It’s exactly thirty. He has been in the beauty industry for ten years.
  Meet him at the coffee shop in Xintiandi, Xihu, I will be the first.
Pick a place where you can get the sun and wait, he arrives in less than five minutes.
Although he never met, the moment he pushed in the door, I thought it was this person.
He carried a D & G shoulder bag with a clean face and moisturized skin. He was wearing black clothes and no extra accessories.
  Appeal: Boys must use face cream after washing their face. The earliest contact with skincare products was in college when he was washing his face.
I went to buy skincare products under the introduction of a friend. I remember buying a brand called Vaseline at that time. After applying cream in winter, I felt that my skin was not so dry and moist and comfortable.
I started with this cream, and it became more and more violent that skin care was a very important thing.
After working, Bruce also used Biotherm’s men’s series. According to him, Biotherm is an introductory article for almost all boys after they realize that they need skin care.
“Biotherm’s marketing is really well done. Generally speaking, when boys talk about skin care, they will immediately think of Biotherm, and most people start with facial cleansers.
Speaking of facial cleansers, Bruce Xiao was excited. “Many boys only use facial cleansers instead of creams. They think that men only need to wash well, and they don’t need to apply so many things like women.
This is really a big misunderstanding. Even if I wash my face with water, I must use a cream.
Although it is said that the oil secretion of our men is relatively strong, if we only use cleansing milk instead of face cream for a long time, the original protective film on the face will be damaged and the water and oil will be out of balance.
Therefore, I would like to call on the boys to remember that they must use cream after using the cleanser.
How did that violent take care of his own face project?
In a nutshell, two sentences: “Different skin care products are used at different times. Also, mood is very important!
“Men’s skin care products will also pay attention to learning It seems that this man’s lesson in skin care is not lost to women at all, even many women can’t match his patience and care.
“It’s important to use different skincare products at different times.”
Because most of my work is facing the computer, I usually use some light creams during the day, most of them have isolation ingredients.
There is a lot of time at night. When I get home, I can wash my face comfortably. Then I will take care of the skin around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very thin, so I need to apply targeted eyes to the skin after washing my face.Essence and eye cream.
Then there is toner, this order must not be reversed.
The toner I use is a bit of a lotion. Men are not the same as women. Most of the girls ‘toners also have a cleaning and disinfecting effect. Boys’ toners can moisturize the skin and shrink the pores.
The last is the cream. The cream used at night can be thicker and give the skin sufficient nutrients.
”   做面膜,男女平等   除了这些日常的护理,暴暴还很注意给面部一些集中护理,那就是面膜了,不要以为面膜是女孩子的专利,对皮肤来讲,需要护理这件事绝对是男女平等of.
“I do this mask almost three times a week, every other day, and it’s all about different problems.
For one cleaning, generally use some deep-sea mud masks.
I rarely use a paper mask to do hydration at one time. Generally, I use a gel or milky mask. Hydration is very important and can reduce the fine lines on the skin.
Once again, I will make a more moisturizing facial mask to add sufficient nutrition to the skin.
Four favorite brands DIOR, Korres, Kiehls, Labseries are the violent favorites.
The first two can be bought in Hangzhou Building. Dior, everyone knows its origin. Here, Dior’s men’s eye cream is recommended to everyone.
Korres is a relatively new brand for many people, and it was also a cabinet opened in Hangzhou last year.
However, as a Greek skin care product with natural products as the treasure of the town store, I heard that it is very popular in Europe and the United States. I will not talk about the good results, mainly because the cost is relatively high, and it is much cheaper than ordinary big names.
Kiehls, although there are no stores or counters of this brand in mainland China, they are very popular online.Violent once again recommends No. 1 lipstick. “When your lips are very dry, just apply a thick layer of No. 1 lipstick before going to bed at night, and your lips will be very hydrated the next morning.

“The last brand I want to talk about, I have never heard of it. It is a professional men’s skin care brand, and I have not bought it in China.

“The brand is Estée Lauder’s own brand, and it started out as a skin care product developed by Madame Estée Lauder for her husband.”

There are many products, from head to toe.

The facial cleanser I am using now is its own, very moisturizing facial cleanser, the skin will not feel tight after use.

I always ask my friends to bring things of this brand.

“Men’s Health Product Market Report” More and more men’s products are understood. In the last one or two years, more and more men’s health products brands and more types have been available in shopping malls.

Miss Hu, the person in charge of Hangzhou Tower, told reporters that in the first two years, professional men’s skin care was “Biotherm” and “L’Oreal” for people. There are not many brands to choose from.

Now Dior, LANCOME, CLINIQUE and other brands have launched professional men’s skin care series, and even LAMER, GIORGIOArmani also launched all-purpose creams that can be shared by men and women.

Nowadays, more and more men’s skin care products are purchased, and their age level is getting lower and lower. People who used skin care products in the past are generally a little older, and now many people in their 20s and 30s have alreadyPay attention to maintenance.

  Men also love beauty salons to do more than just make faces. Now young men are starting to go to beauty salons to make faces, and men are beginning to lay on the chairs with thick masks and quietly enjoy the process of skin care.

Cosmetology Fort, Dr. Jing and other beauty institutions have launched professional men’s beauty salons.

Dr. Liu, a person in charge of Dr. Jing, told reporters: “In the past year, more and more people have come to do men’s beauty, most of them are men in their 30s and 40s.

Men’s skin care process is almost the same as that of women. To address the problem of men’s skin with large pores, men’s products will usually add more conditioning water and oil balance to clear the pores for men.

Of course, there are some men who do the same as the women’s radio waves, almost 9800 yuan a course of treatment, done ten times, the effect is very good.

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Three strokes for the high pressure people in the workplace

The modern workplace is like a huge pressure cooker – the secretary is worried that the documents can’t catch up with the boss’s meeting, the sales director is afraid of too many requests from the customers, the marketing department staff work 12 hours a day, and they have to study hard at night. the pressure of each person is on the verge, if it meets wiseThe boss also occasionally gets decompression measures for compassionate subordinates.

But usually, the pressure from the work itself is enough to knock you down. Is it really mad to leave?

actually not.

銆€銆€The meditation decompression and meditation are very important for the relief of stress.

Meditation is not about removing things that are under pressure.

Some people think that they will go to the barren hills and find a place where they can’t hear the sound completely, but these are negative methods.

The environment in which we live must have a dead end of work, or experience various unsatisfactory things. Pressure is inevitable. The question is how do we face it.

銆€銆€Learning to meditate is the basic condition for dealing with stress. The methods include: daily practice – getting up every morning, before and after lunch, and before going to sleep, take a few minutes to take 10-15 deep breaths, let the breath settle down, and give time to rest quietly;Let go – try to put your mind down by relaxing music, meditation, reading and introspection.

銆€銆€Self-regulation in the midst of chaos In fact, many office workers often face heavy work, resulting in emotional metabolism, which psychologists believe is not self-regulating.

Some people often feel that they are very busy, but through self-regulation, they can reach chaos and order.

For example, when a lot of things have to be processed, you can take a piece of paper, list the things you need to deal with, and think about the priorities of things. If there is anything to deal with immediately?

Which can be handed over to others?

What else can you do behind?

As long as there is a schedule in the heart, the feeling of confusion can be reduced.

銆€銆€In addition, each time period is only suitable for handling one thing, so you don’t have to deal with several things at the same time. The pressure you are under will be lighter, the pressure will be too busy, and if you don’t know how to be quiet and focused, there will be many concerns.

Be aware that the more focused you are, the better you can improve your work efficiency.

The Chinese have a saying that they are quiet and effective. This is very correct. Because when we are quiet, we can concentrate all the sources of strength and focus on one thing, without worrying about other things.

銆€銆€When you are close to nature’s decompression, you must pay attention to your personal health, because if you are mentally weak, not only work efficiency is not good, but even the ability to withstand stress is reduced.

Good diet, sleep and exercise habits are the basic conditions for health.

In addition, you can also help decompression through certain activities, the first choice is close to nature.

In foreign countries, the very popular forest bath, local is generally the preferred place for forest bath, the more trees, the negative ion component, can promote blood circulation and enhance the pressure resistance.

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