[Can chicken and soy be eaten together]_ Eat at the same time_ Can you

Chicken and soy are nutrient-rich foods. Often, people often eat these two ingredients, but during the production process, the taste of the ingredients may be different because of their own cooking skills. Chicken only has protein, which can supplement the human aunt.The presence of plant protein in soybeans is also very beneficial to the human body, which can accelerate human body recovery.

So, can chicken and soybeans be eaten together?

1. Chicken stew with soy beans 1. Soak the soybeans three or four hours in advance 2. Put the soybeans in the pot, so that the water does not reach the height of an index finger of the soybeans, and put the raw soy sauce, tangerine peel, star anise, cinnamon, dried pepper, sugar, salt,After boiling, turn to low heat and simmer slowly for 1 hour. The soup collected in the pot has just passed the soybeans.

3. Wash the chicken and cut into pieces, simmer it in boiling water 4. Dried chili, garlic cloves, sliced onion, washed with pepper. 5 After the pot is heated, directly dip the chicken oil and stir-fry until the color changes. 6After the chicken is oiled in the pot, add seasonings such as dried peppers, stir fry repeatedly, add chicken, stir fry until discoloration 7, pour the broth from the soybeans into the meat, turn to medium and low heat and simmerAfter 10 minutes, add soybeans, simmer for 10 minutes on medium heat, and cook out of the pot. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of chives after cooking and start to eat. The efficacy and role of soybeans1. Promote immunity. Soy contains plant protein.”.

If the human body protein is protein, it will have the symptoms of decreased immunity and easy fatigue.

Eating soy protein supplements can avoid the problem of elevated plasma in meat.

2. Let the smart soybeans dialyze soy lecithin, which is an important component of the brain.

Eating more soybeans can help prevent Alzheimer’s.

In addition, the sterols in soy lecithin help increase neurological function and vitality.

3, strong organs Soy lecithin can promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and strengthen various tissues and organs of the human body.

In addition, it can lower cholesterol, improve diabetes metabolism, prevent and treat coronary arteriosclerosis.

4. Improve the protein in carbohydrate soy, which can increase the excitatory and inhibitory functions of the cerebral cortex, improve the efficiency of learning and work, and can also relieve depression and depression.

5, whitening skin care soy beans replace soy isoflavones, this phytoestrogen can improve skin aging, but also relieve menopause symptoms.

In addition, Japanese researchers have found that linoleic acid contained in soybeans can effectively prevent melanin synthesis in skin cells.

6. Cancer prevention soybean contains protein inhibin. New York University clinical experiments have found that it can inhibit a variety of cancers, and the effect of suppressing cancer is most obvious.

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[Can apricots and strawberries be eaten together]_Strawberries_Eat at the same time

Apricot is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. Apricot can treat wind and cold lung diseases, can promote fluid and quench thirst, and has certain effects on moistening lungs and reducing phlegm. Apricot can also clear heat and detoxify.

Apricot meat can be eaten directly. In addition to eating, apricot meat can also be made into dried apricots or dried apricots, apricot juice, apricot green plums, etc. Strawberry is a kind of fruit that many people like to eat, and many people do n’t know whether apricot and strawberry can be eaten together., Can apricots and strawberries be eaten together?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Can apricots and strawberries be eaten together?
Can eat together without conflict.


Apricot effect Apricot is an important part of Chinese herbal medicine. It treats wind and cold lung disease, refreshes and quenches thirst, nourishes lungs and reduces phlegm, clears heat and detoxifies.

Apricot meat can be processed into fresh apricots, canned apricots, candied apricots, dried apricots, apricot jam, apricot juice, apricot wine, apricot plums, apricot plums, apricot peels, etc .; almonds can be madeAlmond cream, almond milk, almond butter, almond butter, almond dessert, almond pickles, almond oil, etc.

Almond oil is slightly yellow and transparent, and has a delicate fragrance. It is not only an excellent cooking oil, but also an important raw material for advanced paints, cosmetics and high-quality soaps.


What apricot can’t eat with: 1.

Almonds are equivalent to pork. Almonds should not be eaten with pork, as they can cause stomach pain.

Almonds and chestnuts should not be eaten together. When taking almonds, it is not advisable to eat chestnuts at the same time. At the same time, it will produce substances that are harmful to the body.


Almonds cannot be eaten with pig lungs. Pig lungs with rhomboids and almonds can cause adverse reactions and are not good for the body.


Almonds are equivalent to dog meat. When taking almonds, it is not advisable to eat dog meat. The same food can produce harmful substances to the body.


Almonds and millet are in grams, and almonds and millet are eaten together, which makes people vomit and diarrhea.


Almonds and chestnuts are in grams. When taking almonds, it is not advisable to eat chestnuts at the same time. At the same time, it will produce substances that are harmful to the body.


Almonds cannot be eaten with traditional Chinese medicines such as astragalus, scutellaria, and pueraria.

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Goertech (002241): TWS headset helps turning point to start a new era of intelligent hardware

Consistent strategic layout of components + complete machine product line: The company always adheres to intelligent manufacturing + precision manufacturing two-wheel drive, and uses precision components + intelligent complete machine + content services as its core to create an industrial ecosystem.

At present, the product line is based on the three precision components of sound, light and electricity, and the four layouts of audible, wearable, visual, and household appliances. The core technical strength is outstanding.

As the yield rate of TWS headsets climbs rapidly, the company has ushered in a turning point in performance since 19Q1. In the future, 夜来香体验网 the VR / AR and AI smart speaker business is expected to usher in rapid development with the maturity of 5G and AI technologies. At the same time, MEMS sensors, SiP and other coresComponent technology remains ahead, and we believe the company’s performance is expected to continue to grow.

Intelligent acoustics air outlet has arrived: AirPods is expected to lead the TWS wireless smart Bluetooth headset boom. Under this trend, sound transmission technology and core components will also usher in upgrade requirements. Goertech’s leading layout of TWS headsets’ overall design and assembly and core acoustic components,Absolutely leading the market share, and providing customers with overall technical solutions, working closely with major technology giants, the share and production capacity of major customers continues to increase rapidly, and in the future, it can further expand customers and increase sales of terminal products.It is expected to become a new point of performance growth.

At the same time, the AI smart speaker industry ushers in rapid development opportunities. The company’s in-depth layout of core components and complete machine OEMs is expected to gain more cooperation opportunities with North American customers.

Leading stability of acoustic devices and MEMS: Acoustic devices such as stereo, waterproof, intelligent and other innovation trends are obvious, the prediction of each brand is gradually upgraded, the company’s advanced acoustic device design and production capabilities, through optimized management, lean production, focus on large customers, and consolidateCore competitiveness, leading share among large customers; At the same time, the company continues to strengthen its layout in the microelectronics field, expanding MEMS microphones’ global leading position, and strengthening in MEMS smart sensors, SiP advanced packaging processes, etc., and it is expected to bring new performance in the futureFlexibility and further increase the profit margin of the thick machine business.

VR / AR business is expected to benefit in the long run: GoerTek has mature optical component (VR), optical machine system (AR) and intelligent hardware design and manufacturing capabilities, and has deep cooperation with global technology manufacturers to lay out the VR / AR industry chain. It is Sony, Oculus Exclusive OEMs of VR products are expected to benefit from the full support of the country and the promotion of 5G technology for a long time. The release of new products by leading brands is also expected to further lead the industry development trend.

Financial Forecast and Investment Suggestions We predict that the company’s EPS in 19-21 will be 0.

36, 0.

50 and 0.

61 yuan, according to a comparable company, giving the company a 33-year PE estimate for 19 years, the corresponding target price is 11.

88 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

Risks indicate that sales of TWS headsets have fallen short of expectations; the development of the AR / VR industry has fallen short of expectations; Sino-US trade frictions have intensified.

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Hunan Gold (002155): 1Q19 results fell year-on-year; gold prices rose weakly in the short term

The performance of the first quarter of 2019 decreased year-on-year. Hunan Gold released the results of the first quarter of 2019: operating income of US $ 4.6 billion, an increase of 49% over the previous year and an increase of 62%.%, Corresponding to an initial profit of 0.

04 yuan.

Comments: 1) In the past, the domestic gold price increased month-on-month.

In the first quarter of 19, the average domestic gold price was 285 yuan / gram, an increase of 4 per year.

4%, an increase of 3 from the previous quarter.

9%, Comex gold price averages $ 1303 / GBP, increasing by 6.

0%, down 2 from the previous month.


2) The comprehensive gross profit margin of the company in 19Q1 was 5.

8%, a slight decrease of 1 previously.

7ppt, a reduction of 7ppt from the previous month.

3) In 1Q19, the growth rate of management expense rate / momentum decreased by 1ppt / 2ppt, and the management expense increased by 3.

5%, a month-on-month decrease of 15% to 1.

0 million.

4) 1Q19 effective tax rate 8.

9%, ten years +6.

3ppt, a decrease of 28 from the previous month.


5) Cash flow from operating activities in the first quarter of 19 -3.

0 ‰, decrease by 2 every year.

US $ 900 million, mainly due to the increase in operating receivables and inventory occupation funds each year.

6) Cash flow from financing activities increases every two years.

$ 800 million was mainly due to the increase in short-term bank borrowings and gold lease debt received.

Development trend Gold prices are weak in the short term.

The price of Comex / domestic gold has changed by 3 in the past month.

0% / 2.


With the improvement of the economic environment, the margin of demand for risk aversion and allocation of gold has declined, and it is expected that there will be no growth momentum in the short term.

Antimony prices enterprises.

Since 2019, domestic antimony ingot prices have fallen by about 13%.

Looking into the future, there is uncertainty about increasing overseas production capacity, taking into account the macro environment and the recovery of downstream demand, and antimony prices are trying to stabilize.

Earnings forecast We maintain our 2019/20 earnings forecast of 0.


26 yuan.

Estimates and recommendations The company currently 南京桑拿网 can sustainably correspond to 31/19/19.


1x P / E, maintaining a neutral rating and a target price of 9 yuan, corresponding to 18/19 34.
3x P / E, compared with current expectations of 10% growth.

Risk demand fell short of expectations, and commodity prices fell more than expected.

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How to adjust your diet for infants with constipation

Ms. Chen: My child has been for more than 3 months. Since he was 2 months old, I started to add milk powder to him, and then the child has been constipated.

    Wang Li (Manager of Sanyou Yueziyuan, Jinan): Feeding infants with milk or milk powder is indeed prone to constipation.

Because milk contains casein protein, it is easy to coagulate into lumps when it meets acid in the baby’s stomach, which makes it difficult to be digested.

Some babies suffer from dry stools and reduced stool frequency due to insufficient milk and too little sugar.

Potential infants add solid food too late, and lack of crude fiber in the food can also cause constipation.

  In view of the above reasons, parents must first adjust the diet for the baby. You can add sugar water, vegetable water, fruit juice, eat puree, vegetable puree, broken vegetables and other foods containing cellulose in the middle of the two milks.And let the baby eat enough.

In addition, the baby should also develop the habit of regular bowel movements.

Increased bowel movements after breakfast can allow children to have bowel movements, which is the case every day, and gradually allow children to have defecation requirements by time.

Parents can also do some abdominal massage for constipated babies daily to help the baby defecate through the movement of abdominal muscles and intestinal wall muscles.

  Many parents help their children intestines by drinking honey water for their children, but because honey contains a variety of bacteria such as botulinum spores, it is easy to cause disease, so it should not be used for a long time.

If necessary, try an enema or stuff soap into the anus to stimulate anal defecation.

  Parents should also be reminded that infants have different bowel movements, and do not necessarily have to defecate every day, as well as defecation every other day.

As long as the baby does not have difficulty in defecation or crying, the stool is not dry, and the anus is not ruptured, it is generally not constipation.

Parents should not give their children laxatives without a doctor’s advice.

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Be a man like a pig

Earlier, some sages asked the beauties to list the four men and women in “Journey to the West” one by one and select their favorites.

What makes people astounded is that the best person to win the crush of the eyebrows is actually Mr. Pig Bajie!

  For a time, being a pig-like man has become the goal of many men.

  Privately, the choice of Bajie is still reluctant for women, after all, the selection range is too narrow.

What women like most is actually the complex of prodigal, prodigal, knight, and chairman.

Women occasionally turned over Jin Yong, but only in Linghu Chong, Zhang Wuji, Qiao Feng, Yang Guo, and even the old urchins, looking for the kind of man who made his heart beat.

Because there is no guilty guts in life, and keen bones and tenderness, so I have to incorporate love and hate into the rivers and lakes.

  When tenderness is like water, and grandeur is a thing of the past, and the prodigal temperament gradually degenerates from our blood, women have to put away the classical aesthetic vision and hide good men in dreams.

Fortunately, the men quickly polished their clues, and if they could not become heroes, they had to join the ranks of Bajie.

So, where is Bajie after all?

  The Eight Commandments grow up.

It is a woman who wants to raise her pinky finger, and use her index finger to poke the head of Bajie’s immensely large friend, accompanied by a classic line: “Look at you silly”.

One fact is, give women a platform to show shrewdness and coquettishness, and women will like you.

  The Eight Commandments have desire.

Good things like eating ginseng fruit are never left to others. This is called “no independence” and no husband!

Also, Bajie will lie, in which women do not like to occupy men’s honey-like lies with their eyes closed and eyes closed?

  There are so many benefits, so, what other reasons can make men refuse to be the same as Bajie men?

In the second best place, men and women found a place to adapt.

Since there is no love myth, let’s be comfortable with Mr. Bajie, who is ordinary in appearance and sincere with a little desire.

  So, walking on the street, the men learned the way of Bajie, held the beer belly, so that the belt could not be tied to the waist; therefore, the men with beards still pretending to be “Solo boy, you girl”And so, the men pity fragrant and cherish the jade and even start to fear.

  However, we should still thank Bajie. His positive attitude to life and the cleverness of all talents have added a lot of fun to life after all.

A man who is usually happy and has some shortcomings is a true man.

  There are many kinds of men. The most popular and trendy one is the eight-ring man.

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Psychological assistance after the earthquake

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder, referred to as PTSD.

This concept first appeared in the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association in 1980.

The identification criteria mainly include three groups of symptoms: re-experiencing the situation (re-experiencing the wound event through painful memories, dreams, or hallucinations), evading or indifferent reactions (always avoiding things that are associated with injury events, or indifferent to the usual response)), More irritating symptoms (difficulty falling asleep, high alertness, exaggerated startle response, etc.).

People with one of the three symptoms can be identified as PTSD.

Research shows that approximately 75% of people may have witnessed, witnessed, or encountered an event that is enough to be called a wound, such as a natural disaster, a traffic accident, a violent attack, or physical abuse. These events seriously threaten or harm themselves orThe safety of others’ lives.

  After the earthquake, people in the disaster area are facing multiple disasters such as loss of loved ones, displacement, lack of living materials, and even danger to life. The psychological damage caused by the disaster may include stress disorder after the wound, extreme helplessness and fear, and lossand many more.

My cousin at Wenjiang University in Chengdu told me, “I was in the dormitory when the earthquake happened, and I felt that the building was shaking a lot. My legs were soft when I ran, and I was scared!

After the earthquake, the teaching building was severely cracked and could only sleep on the basketball court without sleep all night!

“My friends working in the urban area of Chengdu told me” I was wearing high heels and couldn’t run when the earthquake happened. Many people were crying. Although there were no casualties, the water stopped after the earthquake. Everyone started to buy and consume a lot.Depressing!

“Due to the collapse of many school buildings in this earthquake, students have become one of the largest casualties.

The wounds caused by disasters to children and adolescents will affect their future lives more severely than adults, and may hinder the development of children’s healthy mentality such as independence and autonomy.

PTSD crisis intervention can relieve mental and physical symptoms and prevent adverse consequences.

Due to the timeliness of crisis intervention, it is also necessary to intervene psychological intervention for survivors at the first time.

The current major interventions include cognitive behavioral therapy, imaginative recall therapy, psychological evacuation, and a combination of other psychotherapy techniques.

  It is gratifying to see that relevant departments have organized the deployment of professional psychiatrists to the disaster areas for psychological intervention and intervention; some folk psychology volunteers have also begun to provide crisis intervention commissioning manuals through the network for post-disaster psychological prevention and evaluation.Online psychological consultation, etc., work together to contribute to the psychological crisis intervention after the disaster.

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Let you recover your mood

Good mood is always there, bad moods are patronized from time to time, especially when there is a certain problem, the old troubles often come to harass you.

How to do?

If you want to deal with it, maybe it’s a bit useful.

  ”Looking for someone to talk about the law” is the most effective and effective way.

Maybe you think that your troubles are big, no one can make you free, then it is wrong.

Find someone to say that the troubles of Tianda will slowly shrink like a leaking ball.

The speed of atrophy is related to the object of the complaint.

If this person is a close friend, and can also give you some ideas, think of ways, or comfort, then it will quickly disappear.

If the other party just listens, there is no way, it is not bad, you will be accompanied by comfort, and the mood will get better.

Most afraid of those who are on the fire, such people, when there are troubles, try to find him less.

  The “Time Digestion Law” does not have the right person to confide, does not hinder the power of believing in time, it will always make all joy and troubles go with the wind.

A few days ago, some of my sisters were going to die because of falling out of love. I felt that the sky would fall down. No one would persuade.

Through the shift of time, the wounds are slowly filled and the life becomes more lovely.

And realize that finding someone you love is worse than finding someone who loves you. It is not too small to say that this is a harvest.

In fact, this is the case many times. At that time, I felt that I couldn’t do anything. After I thought about it, I became a “small dish”, and the time will be a little bit worn out until I feel funny.

  When the “Gourmet Filling Method” is in a bad mood, it may be when the appetite is wide open, what weight loss, what waist, all thrown into the clouds.

First order a delicious meal, left, right, one spoon, one chopsticks, until the mouth is full of oil, the belly is full of waist, the troubles and the fullness of the smoke disappeared.

Although I will pay a few hunger and hunger for this meal afterwards, it is worthwhile to think about the anger in my heart.

Sometimes think about it, weight loss has not worked, whether it is related.

  The “shopping venting method” is more suitable for women. There is no reason to spend money to buy things. If you are in a bad mood, you can use this primer to go to the mall to “fall the leaves in the autumn.”

I used to be reluctant to be generous now. I didn’t dare to buy it now without any scruples. It’s a bad mood. I’m going to buy it for three seven twenty-one.

The pink cap that I have been hanging in my bedroom is the “capture” in this case. The price is not good but it doesn’t come in handy. It’s just that the dust on the top is taken care of.

  This is a common way for men to use wine. It is often said that it is more embarrassing to drink alcohol, but sometimes it can temporarily anesthetize its effects. When time passes, it will naturally change its mood.
It is our ultimate goal to have a drink and talk about it again, so that the bad mood can be resolved in alcohol.

Just don’t drink too much, it hurts to hurt the body. If you borrow the wine and make a lot of noise, it will be even more embarrassing.

  When the “sports dispersal method” is in a bad mood, you may wish to go to the park, in the courtyard, or in the community to run and walk around.

The high sky clouds outside, as well as the green trees and red flowers, will symbolize the magic hand, let you slowly come out from the bad mood.

Things that can’t be figured out may be able to figure out, and things that can’t be seen may be able to pass through, and the mind will become open-minded.

Besides, exercise can also strengthen the body, which can be described as two-fold.

  When the “interest transfer method” is badly attacked, don’t hang on a tree and find something you are interested in doing.

People who like to write something can do their best, and maybe the inspiration is running at this time, you will have a piece of work coming out!

Music lovers can revel in a variety of classic and non-classical music and enjoy life.

If you don’t complain, it’s important to have a little hobby, and it’s possible to come in handy at a critical moment.

  ”Seven strokes” drive, I believe that bad mood will be swept away, and constantly have new happiness, this is our standard of living.

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Relaxing yoga in front of the TV

Sometimes long-term desks will gradually lose the elasticity of our spine and form a humpback shape.

So, after an hour of work at the desk, we can use the high-back chair to relax.

  The first group: Single lotus exercise: The lotus position is the basic sitting position in yoga. You can do this while watching TV, which can help move multiple ligaments of the human body and keep the meridians open.


Maintain a normal sitting position with legs straight.

Succumb to the left leg, place the instep of the left foot on the groin of the right thigh, put your hands on the upper left, and gently do the upper and lower elastic exercise several times to make it finally touch the ground.


After slowly restoring the left leg, massage your hands and step on your feet.


Change your right leg and gently press your right leg in accordance with your left leg action.


The above action is repeated three to five times; pay attention not to overstretch the leg each time.

  The second group: leaning against the wall and semi-ploughing: “Plowing” can be called a youthful and permanent posture in yoga. We can use the wall and closet at home to properly upside down some parts of the body every day to make the leg shapebeautiful.


Move the front to the wall of a wall.


Lean your legs up against the wall.


The upper body lays naturally on the ground and stays in place.

  Tips: 1.

Be careful not to eat for one hour before or after the exercise; avoid bathing for half an hour before or after the exercise.


When the action is in progress, pay attention to keep all ranges within a moderate range, and do not break through the limits of the body to avoid hurting yourself.


Breathe evenly, all with your nose, and be stable and slow.

  The third group: free radical type: This position helps the sleeping body to wake up quickly, and the whole body is filled with a large amount of fresh oxygen.

Long-term adherence can maintain fractures in the abdomen.


Place your arms on both sides of your head with your fingers crossed and your palms facing inward.


Inhale deeply, contract your body as much as possible in both directions, and tighten your whole body muscles for a second or two.


Exhale and relax.

Repeat two or three times.

  The fourth group: Lizard: This posture can awaken the spine, promote blood circulation of the spine and nerves, and enable each part of the body to start quickly.

  Steps: After finishing the expected posture, put your body on your face.


Arms support the mattress, so that the hips are up, the big and small legs are kept at about ninety degrees.

The top and chin touch the ground, arms straight forward.

Maintain your previous natural breathing.

Then return the chest to the heel and rest for a while.

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Office health ten small movements

The OLs in the office building are always busy on the desk.

Use computers, look at documents, discuss research. it’s easy to move, it’s easier and obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases.

Life is in sports, the old saying goes, the office is busy, still have to keep some time for exercise, eliminate fatigue, stay away from sub-health, prevent disease.

銆€銆€The work pace in the office building is fast, so the exercise should be easy to learn and effective. The following introduces a set of fitness exercises for office work, insist on daily practice, and you will soon see the benefits!

銆€銆€First, Shantou licks the head every morning or at night before going to bed – stimulating the head points, can adjust the health of the human body.

Stand upright and relax.

Hold the empty fist on the head with both hands, naturally move the wrist joint, use your fingers to gently rub the head, first slam from the forehead to the top of the top of the head, and then from the sides of the head to the center of the head.

The number of times depends on each person’s situation, generally about 50 times is good.

銆€銆€Second, the comb is first straight brushed, with a wooden comb (do not use plastic, metal comb, preferably boxwood comb, if there is no wooden comb, can also be replaced with a finger) from the forehead through the top of the head to the back comb, graduallyaccelerate.

Do not use excessive force when combing to prevent scratching the skin.

Then comb the brush diagonally.

First comb along the head, comb the hair, then comb backwards, then comb along the head.

About 20-30 per minute, once a day, 3-5 minutes each time.

This can stimulate the scalp nerve endings and the head meridian points, through the combination of nerves and meridians on the cerebral cortex, regulate the meridians and nervous system, change the head nerves, promote local blood circulation, and achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue, strengthening the body and promoting hair growth.Especially suitable for mental workers.

銆€銆€Third, the high-handed front of the high-five, at a 90-degree angle, the two fingers and five fingers straight out.

Then forcefully clap your hands, the louder the better.

The high-five is mainly to stimulate the two acupuncture points, usually around 20 times.

銆€銆€Fourth, the bath hand is one of the health massage.

Take the habitual position, eliminate the distracting thoughts, calm down and calm down, listen to the ear, do not look farsighted, and keep the navel, and rub the hands together from slow to fast.

銆€銆€Fifth, the face is placed on the face with the hot hand, the two hands are vertically down from the front nose to the sides of the nose, repeatedly rubbing until the face is hot.

Then close your eyes and massage your eyes and surroundings with your fingertips.

銆€銆€Sixth, there are many acupuncture points on the ear ear outline.

Use two index fingers, middle finger, ring finger three fingers, rubbing the auricle before and after, stimulate the distribution of various points on the auricle.

The number of times is also determined by each person’s situation, generally about 20 times.

銆€銆€Seven, the neck first with both hands index finger, ring finger repeatedly massage the wind pool at the back of the neck, Fengfu points, the force from light to heavy, until local heat, and then alternately rotate left and right, the speed is slow but the amplitude is large.

銆€銆€Eight, shrink the lips and breathe upright, hands on the hips, first inhale.

Pause for a while, then shrink your lips, don’t force, slowly exhale, until the end of the spit, then take a deep breath, repeated more than ten times.

This will prolong the time of oxygen in the alveoli and promote the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

銆€銆€Nine, bend your feet naturally apart, hands on your hips, first bend left and right 30 times, then tilt back and forth 30 times, then spread the chest several times around the arm.

銆€銆€Ten, walking and walking means informal, leisurely and leisurely.


Before going for a walk, you should let your body relax, move your body properly, mix your breath, calm and calm, and then take it easy, otherwise you won’t be able to exercise.


It’s easy to walk, just like walking in a walk.

In this way, the blood of the whole body can be adjusted to be peaceful, and the circulation of the veins is coordinated internally and externally.


Walking should be calm and gentle, it is not appropriate to rush, throw away all the trivial things in order to relieve fatigue and puzzle God.

銆€銆€4.Walking should be gradual and gradual, and work hard, and do not be tired and tired.


The speed of walking, slow step (refer to slow walking, steady walking, about 60-70 steps per minute, so that walking can be old and weak and exercise after meals), quick step (refers to walking faster, every minuteAbout 120 steps, because this kind of walk is more brisk, the long-term ability can excite the spirit, excite the brain, make the lower limbs strong and powerful) and walk away (refer to walking and stopping, and fast and slow.

After a long distance, stop and take a break, then go again; or go for a ride and then slowly.

This kind of stop-and-go walk is suitable for people who recover from illness and who are sick and sick.

The most crucial point of walking is perseverance, and it will be revealed in the long run.

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