Runfa Zewu-Shouwu Lamb Raw Hair Soup

[Raw materials]50 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 15 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 200 grams of corn, 4 walnuts, 300 grams of mutton, 4 jujube (coreless), 2 slices of ginger, and salt

  [Production]Walnuts are removed from the shell, and the kernel is removed. The red-brown walnut coat is retained.

Eucommia ulmoides, Polygonum multiflorum, corn, mutton, ginger slices and red dates are washed with water.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the casserole, cook until the water boils, add all the above ingredients, and cook on medium heat for about 3 hours, then add salt.

  [Usage]Served with meals, 1-3 times a day, each time 150ml-200ml.

  [Efficacy]Bushen Yijing, hair growth UFA.

For the replacement of hair caused by insufficient blood gas, the frequency of urination, the benefits of women’s irregular menstruation.

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High-calorie food can eat “6 plus 6” amazing speed and thin secret skills

Lead: Every girl wants to have a proud figure. As the early autumn approaches, the body will adapt to the seasonal changes, which will make us unknowingly eat a lot of high-fat foods. How to easily lose weight in this autumn?
Give you 6 slimming shortcuts that lazy people will also get thinner!
  Surprise 1: High-calorie food can be eaten Q: I want to eat fragrant chocolate, but this heat is too horrible, what should I do?

  A: Want to eat high-calorie food?

Stay until after 12 o’clock, the legendary Cinderella turned into a moment.
Eating between 12 midnight and 2 am is the least likely to gain weight.
Secret high-calorie foods point by point Decryption: Because it is in line with the human body clock.
At night, the pulse and body temperature begin to fall, the absorption function is weakened, and naturally nothing is eaten!
However, this method still has a certain influence on the body. The biological clock naturally and stably regulates the functions of various parts of the human body. Once the biological clock is disrupted, the endocrine will be abnormal.
If you do this for a long time, it will cause you to lose your spirits.
  Tips: Usually you can also add some egg whites to supplement the protein part. Whole wheat, sugar-free and low-fat noodles with some fruit nutrition is enough.
But fruit can’t be eaten too much, otherwise it will face the danger of “big stomach”.
So the key secret is vitamin + protein, plus some exercise, then wait for your weight to drop!
  Surprise 2:晚上也可以吃得又多又好还不发胖  Q:白天在公司总是随便吃点填饱肚子就好,晚上妈妈却做了丰盛的晚餐,不吃就太对不起妈妈了,怎么办What?

Teach you to make a low-calorie and nutritious slimming dinner.
  A: I want to eat good dinner?
Going to sleep after 4 hours does not have to wait until Cinderella turns.
  Special reminder: Under normal circumstances, it is better to eat 70% or 80% of dinner. You can’t eat it until you support it.
Decryption: In fact, this is not a good solution. It is easy to understand that it is easy to cause fat accumulation when sleeping at night.
So the key is to promote the speed of digestion. Even if you sit and write before going to bed, it is a kind of exercise. When exercise leads to digestion, fat will not accumulate naturally.
  Tips: No matter what you eat, what method to use to lose weight, remember that exercise after dinner is right.
Lazy crush can choose to walk, but such a low amount of exercise wants to rely on it to lose weight, but at least it can help digestion!
Other sports such as jogging, exercise time lasts for more than one and a half hours, can not be interrupted, 10 minutes or 20 minutes of exercise will not consume fat, so at the very least at least half an hour!
  Surprise 3: There are skills to lose weight by fruits and vegetables. Q: The star is on the screen. Friends tell me at the ear that taking fruits and vegetables as food will definitely not be fat, really?
  A: Not all fruits and vegetables are good for weight loss.
The best is kiwi, cucumber, tomato, apple and peach.
  Special reminder: bananas and tomatoes are not suitable for fasting.
The potassium and magnesium content of bananas is high. The consumption of fasting will increase the amount of magnesium in the blood and inhibit the cardiovascular system.
The tomato contains a large amount of pectin, persimmon phenol and soluble astringent. It is easy to combine with stomach acid on an empty stomach to increase the pressure in the stomach, causing stomach discomfort and stomach pain.
Look at this beauty’s homemade seven-day weight loss menu – melons can also be so wonderful.
Declassification: This is also very simple. It is better to eat more than eat it.
Respect for bodily functions will maintain a good cycle.
Three meals as normal as possible.
It is impossible to maintain nutrition by fruits and vegetables for a long time.
  Tips: Some girls are easy to sleep when they are full, especially after a day of work.Can’t sleep immediately after eating?

Also, remember not to eat breakfast the next morning, eat some apples on an empty stomach.

  Surprise 4: Always stay up all night, don’t worry about getting fat at dinner. Q: I am a person with irregular life. I often stay up all night. I am afraid that I will not eat more fat dinner. How can I do it when I am hungry in the middle of the night?

  A: People who are not regular in life, often staying up late, can eat more dinner, just avoid sweets.

Calculate the interval between meals according to your schedule.

The best time difference is 5?
6 hours, eat less at lunch and stay up late.

If lunch is high and large during the day, dinner is based on protein food.

  Declassification: In fact, a little more common talk is to spread the instant evenly, not to have a full meal, overeating, eating or eating, but just staggering the height of the moment.

Recommended for the day and night family of medicated diet recommended tips: For the irregular life of the eye, sometimes unfortunate dinner time is just their own “breakfast” time, what should I do?

You can try to eat some fruit before meals, which can occupy the empty space of the stomach and help digestion, killing two birds with one stone.

That is to say, the first bite is very important, because the first thing to eat is absorbed first, and it is absorbed enough, naturally it will not absorb other things.

Special reminder: the most suitable fruit for staying up late.

  Surprise 5: Hungry before going to bed, exercise is easier to eat than eating. Q: I always feel hungry before going to bed. This is a big problem. I am afraid that sleeping and eating will lead to unfortunate hoarding. It’s too scary. What should I do?Ok?
11 kinds of foods that can’t be eaten during drought A: I want to sleep, but I feel so hungry, I can’t hold back?

The correct way is to do some abdominal training, so that the body can sweat slightly.

This will not only reduce the feeling of being hungry but also integrate good weight loss.

  Special reminder: At night, the body’s metabolism is faster. At this time, no matter what exercise, it can achieve a good weight loss.

Decryption: When the body sweats slightly, the body emits quantum.

Food is also intended to provide the transformation that the body needs, so although the stomach is still not filled, the feeling of hunger will decline.

At this time, exercise weight loss is good, but remember not to be too serious, because it will stimulate the brain?

If you are too excited, you shouldn’t sleep!

  Tips: The more you eat, the more likely you are to go hungry before going to bed.

Since you are so happy to eat, you have to pay a small price for today’s pain before and after bedtime?

There is never a white dinner!

Can only eat some traces of low things, it is best to cook white water, light soup can be, cooking should not try to eat.

  Surprise 6: Exercise at 5 pm, the most beneficial for weight loss Q: Everyday food is very good, although my diet control has been very good, the weight does not continue to climb, but it seems difficult to replace.

How to do it?
How long does it take to lose weight after a meal? A: Breakfast and lunch are both good and good, can!

Adding some exercise after 5 o’clock in the evening can completely digest and lose weight. Exercise should not be too light, of course, pay attention to gradual progress.

  Declassification: Sports is a constant truth for a hundred years. It is better to keep fit and lose weight to keep fit. Exercise, yes!

The three unfavorable ways to lose weight should not continue.

  Recommended tips: eating after exercise, choose food is also very particular about it, eat more protein chicken, fish, it is best not to eat staple food, fried food.

Millet porridge and the like are also selected, but even these foods should also be careful not to overdo it, or to support the stomach, but it is worth the loss!

After drinking coffee, exercise and lose weight will double.

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锘緼utumn and winter selection socks can also be thin and fashionable!

Don’t show your feet anymore!
Autumn and winter selection socks can also be thin and fashionable!

In the late autumn, the weather is getting colder every day!
The north probably wears long trousers soon. The girls in the south are taking advantage of geography and climate, and they can continue to wear single-sleeved short-sleeved beauty for a while.
Nowadays people are increasingly pursuing fashion. In order to be thin and tall, they have to show their feet in the winter. Although it looks fashionable, it is not enough for us middle-aged girls. Haha.
Because the temperature difference between the early autumn and the late autumn is large, it is easy to let the cold invade and let the joints get cold: but the ankle is the slimmest part of the person. In order to be thin, high, and adjust the proportion of the body, it seems that the ankles are fashionable.One of the rules of fashion.
So, is there any way to wear good looks and fashion in the autumn and winter, without having to let the ankles get frozen?
Don’t panic!
We still have a lot of good looking socks.
As long as the match is good, the bare feet are still thin and tall, and the atmosphere is fashionable!
In this issue, I share with you how to choose good-looking socks for autumn and winter, as well as four fashionable socks and matching strategies: socks are often easily overlooked, but in fact, in dressing, socks are an important item that can play the role of 鈥渇inishing the finishing touch鈥?The choice of the pair of socks can almost win, can not only light up the style of the body dress, but also reflect your intentions and personal taste, how to choose socks in autumn and winter to match it is not weird?
Looks fashionable and unconventional?
Let’s take a look: (1) Basic models: black and white socks.
Do you know what color socks to choose?
Choosing the most classic black and white socks is right!
This is suitable for men and women: black and white socks are simple, classic, good match, it is not weird to match, fashion is low-key, is the most classic and purest choice.
But pay attention to the material and texture of the socks when choosing.
With sneakers, it is best to choose a breathable cotton material; with dress shoes, choose a lighter texture, avoid socks stacked and thick, and the texture is simple as simple: black and white socks have a lot of interesting personality in recent years.Styles, printed with interesting letters and sentences, can show personality: (2) colored socks.
Think black and white is a bit boring?
Choose a pair of warm color socks!
In autumn and winter, a pair of eye-catching socks are exposed on the shoes, which instantly lights up the whole body.
When choosing colored socks, pay attention to the color of the socks and other items on the body to create a sense of unity and visual harmony.
As shown above, the blue socks echo the blue tops.
The following picture also plays the ‘color echo’: when wearing ankle boots, a pair of socks are exposed at the ankles, which is more layered and more fashionable than no socks: (3) Over-the-knee stockings.
A variety of over-the-knee socks are a must-have item for girls in autumn and winter, which is both warm and stylish.
When wearing a skirt, you can choose this long-legged checkered socks with a knee, a strong British style: there are also a variety of solid color over-the-knee socks, especially black over-the-knee stockings, and various sweaters, coats,The short skirts can be matched very well, comfortable and warm, and very handsome. There is also a little sexy in the fashion, full of femininity: (4) retro sports socks.
Speaking of striped sports socks, it is easy to remember the retro style of the 70s.
The stripes around the ankles and the simple brand logo that is exposed, full of vitality, with some street style, this dress is very popular with fashionable people under the guidance of the current retro trend.
When wearing short skirts, shorts and other items, the stockings can bring you the same handsome looks like boots.
Yang Mi uses black red-skinned sports socks, echoing the red and black oversized sweaters, full of street sports, youth ageing.
Simple striped trim white sports socks + small white shoes, and blazer, jacket can also be very harmonious, in addition to striped trim sports socks, and the above striped socks, and white sneakers are very close, socksThe half part is completely exposed to the upper and it will not look strange.
LOGO-patterned sports socks are very neutral, and they are paired with 鈥渕other-in-one鈥?high-heeled shoes. They add sporting elements to the feminine elements to achieve a certain neutral effect. Is it fashionable?
(5) Geometric printed pattern socks.
The first is the wave socks.
The wave point element has been popular in fashion circles for two years.
If you feel that the large area of the wave can not hold, then wear a pair of wave socks to highlight your taste in the details, greatly enhance your fashion index.
And the wave socks women are also suitable, of course, when men wear suits, black and white polka-dot socks are better: in addition to the polka-dot elements, various colored rhombic elements are also very “sao”, compared to traditional black socks or white socks,The colorful pattern of socks can add interest and detail to the exquisiteness, and the fashion sense also has extra points: if you want to give your male ticket or husband to buy socks, checkered socks are also a good choice.
Wearing a checkered socks has a British gentleman fan: statement: original text, pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete, thank you

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Perspective on men’s extramarital affairs

Although the endings of extramarital affair are different, the final choice of men and women finally shows their own gender characteristics.

When a woman is in love, she often vowed to break up with his wife and reconnect with her lover.

However, in real life, true and promised men are still rare. Too many people use various excuses to delay time and do not put their promises into practice. The general process of their extramarital affairs is often from “loving the new but not tired of the old” to”Do not tire of the old and abandon the new”.

So, does the eldest husband retreat at a critical moment mean that men are more selfish, hypocritical, or even betrayal?

  It is undeniable that there are some men who use their lover as a temporary substitute in order to satisfy their selfish desires or to pursue sensory stimulation. Among them, there are many women who play with women’s moral scammers;Obstacles and killing.

But more married women are struggling with double breakthroughs and lingering in the dilemma. It has its social, psychological and moral reasons. It is unavoidable to use only clinical standards to make value judgments.

  First of all, although the society’s identification of men’s transgression is more forgiving than women’s, moral values are still the main yardstick for assessing personal character. Even in the western world where sexual concepts are highly open, private life still influences the career and future of celebrities.
Moreover, men always value their social roles and career values more often. Extramarital affairs are often just a romantic episode in their colorful lives. If they can be both beautiful and complementary, they would naturally expect to have both fish and bear’s paw, and not want to swim.This is pottery but almost like a vortex.

However, once there is a conflict with reputation and career, they often weigh the interests of the rapids and retreat, and endure love. They rarely sacrifice their good husbands, good fathers for their lovers, and even bear the guilty of violating family morals and even self-destructive splendorman.

  In essence, men’s measurement of sexual value often exceeds diversity, openness and fraternity, but they are often more sensible and realistic than women when making decisive choices.

They yearn for romance and stimulating extramarital affairs, but it is more difficult to be practical. The light inside marriage may not be as charming and fragrant as the wild flowers, but it is warm, elegant, and often more beautiful and useful. Although the lover can bring to themselvesFeeling intoxicated and fresh, and this romantic love is very exciting, but after all, it is too insecure.

Moreover, when husbands and wives taste the forbidden fruit, most of them do not have the expected goal of forming lovers with their lovers. Therefore, extramarital affairs often only add to their overload and tension in social roles, relax their nerves, and standardize them.Adding seasonings and embellishments to their tedious and monotonous life, once they face two choices, they usually choose to give up this risky romantic love and return to the mundane and peaceful reality.

  Thirdly, because men may not enter the restricted area by mistake during a marriage crisis, too many people only have poor self-control, and they are “missed” when they are impulsive. Therefore, they are only “emotional” but not “motivated” for extramarital lovers.feeling.

Moreover, there are far more qualified wives than husbands in real life. Married women are in the family and basically do not have essential physical and psychological satisfaction in nature, nor are they sweet and happy. When they are hot or worried in their lover,After making a promise to “divorce his wife”, he returned home and faced the reality. He often knew that he had lost ground because of his wife’s role in the family.

  Coupled with an incident at the East Window, the wife often targeted the third party to forgive her husband, and even touched her husband with double tenderness, which made her husband feel ashamed, guilty, and even repented and “abandoned the old and the new”.

Among them, some husbands are incompatible with their wives, but because their wives are usually hard-working, unkind and helpless, and have no fault, or their wives have made sacrifices for themselves, and now they have changed, and they do not endure harming vulnerable wives.Or pressured by regulatory pressure, without the courage to break out of the marriage wall.

  Men often stem from their conscience and responsibilities to their wives and children, or from the pressure of worldly opinion, and quit fear in the extramarital affairs field, although they have lost to their lovers, and this is their rational choice in the dilemma.

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Method of taking ginseng

“The Qing Archives” records a lot of methods of eating ginseng. Many scorpions will cut ginseng into pieces and keep them in the mouth until it softens, then chew and swallow it. One or two tablets a day, this is a way to take ginseng., that is, including service.

銆€銆€Another way to take ginseng is to make wine.

Because ginseng has a strong effect on qi, we have to use some medicine to nourish yin, such as putting a little bit of scorpion.

Usually a ginseng is matched with 30 grams of medlar, and the amount of wine is usually a bottle.

This is a good way to take care of your health.

銆€銆€As we said before, the Qianlong Emperor took ginseng every day. The ginseng he took was wild ginseng. The medicine was very strong, but why didn’t Qianlong get angry?

Because he is taking other medicines when taking ginseng, this recipe is called Shengmaiyin, which is composed of ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus and Schisandra.

The formula of Shengmaiyin is ginseng one money, Maidong three money, and schisandra one money. This ratio is very particular.

Ginseng is qi, sexually dry, and people are easy to get angry after eating.

Ophiopogon japonicus is nourishing yin and stagnation, just to balance the anger of ginseng.

The Schisandra has five kinds of tastes: bitter, sour, sweet, salty and spicy. The Chinese medicine says that the five flavors can enter the five internal organs and have the effect of supplementing the five internal organs.

Although Schisandra has five flavors, it is mainly acidic, and acid has astringent characteristics. Therefore, adding schisandra to the prescription means that it is both qi and nourishing.

銆€銆€Shengmaiyin was founded by the famous medical doctor Li Dongyu in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties. People often take it in the summer.

Because the weather is too hot, a lot of sweating will lead to qi deficiency. At the same time, after the sweat comes out, the yin liquid is also hurt. At this time, you can just drink the Shengmai drink to tonify the yin.

Before the schisandra, it is best to open it first, otherwise its five flavors will not come out.

After the soup is finished, ginseng can be taken out and chewed and eaten.

銆€銆€Now we can go to the pharmacy to see that there is a good oral solution for Shengmaiyin.

At present, some oral liquids in TCM Health Net are made with Codonopsis. Codonopsis is very peaceful. It will never get angry when eaten. It can be used as daily health care.

For example, if a middle-aged person who is busy at work, if he feels that his heart is not enough, his energy is not enough, his mouth is dry, and his body fluid is insufficient, he can drink it with water.

When the summer is particularly hot, many old people will feel weak and often sweating. When you drink some Shengmaiyin oral liquid, you can change your physical condition.

If you want to drink Shengmai in other seasons, you need to reduce the amount of Ophiopogon, and convert the ratio of one to three by one to two, that is, one gram of ginseng with two grams of Ophiopogon.

銆€銆€When taking ginseng has taboo ginseng in emergency, the amount used is very large. If someone has heart failure, a large amount of ginseng is fried into soup for him to drink, which can invigorate the heart.

But when you are healthy, don’t take it in large quantities.

Take a ginseng stewed chicken, and the chance of nosebleed after eating is very high.

Therefore, ginseng is to be served in a small amount.

As the body ages, qi deficiency is cumulative. At this time, you can often take a little ginseng, with Ophiopogon japonicus and Schisandra, so that the clothes will not dry or get angry.

You can take it in stages, take it for two weeks in a month, and stop for two weeks.

The most taboo thing about taking ginseng is urgency, and it must be gradual.

銆€銆€In addition to a small amount of uniforms, ginseng can not be eaten at the same time as radish. Whether it is white radish or green radish, as long as it is a radish, it cannot be eaten because the radish will vent the gas of ginseng.

銆€銆€When taking ginseng, consult a doctor because some Chinese medicines are opposite to ginseng, such as cucurbits.

Another point to note is that when frying ginseng, do not use metal containers, be sure to fry them in ceramic containers or casseroles.

There are many metals in the metalware, which will chemically react with some ingredients in the Chinese medicine, affecting the efficacy.

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Nurturing jade health, urban health new law

As the saying goes, “Man raises jade for three years, and jade raises a lifetime.”

Is there a scientific basis for this sentence or a psychological suggestion?

The benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom.

Xiaobian’s suggestion is not eager to find the answer, and slowly read the self-seeing.

Human jade means that people can become more and more round and lustrous by long-term implantation or plate jade, jade and human skin contact friction and absorb the body’s secretion of body fluids and oil.

Three of them are just an imaginary number, an infinite limit.

Yu Yang people can understand from the two levels of jade on human health and human spiritual cultivation.

The role of jade in human health care has been discovered in ancient times.

China’s medical masterpiece “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” and “Compendium of Materia Medica” have recorded “the beauty of jade stone, sweet and flat, non-toxic”, “Jade has the heat in the middle, relieves irritability, moistens the heart and lungs, helps the throat, and nourishes the hair.”The five internal organs, the spirit of the soul, the blood circulation, the ear and the eye, etc., and the treatment of 106 kinds of jade for internal and external treatment.

The health care function of jade has always been valued by the aristocrats of the palace. The emperor’s royal pillow is made of Hetian jade.

It can be seen that the health care function of jade is not a false biography!

According to modern medical scientific research, jade contains more than ten kinds of trace elements beneficial to the human body, such as silicon, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, magnesium, manganese, chromium, cobalt, etc. These trace elements can be contacted by the human body through contact with the skin.Absorption, so that people can benefit from disease and enhance their immunity.

Of course, because the jade that people usually think is relatively small, the positive effect on the human body is also minimal.

Another layer of understanding of Yu Yang is the improvement of his cultivation.

Jade culture has a long history in developing countries, and the transformation of jade has given beauty, purity, sacredness and auspicious meaning.

For example, “Junzi Bide Yu Yu”, “Wen Run Ru Yu”, “Ice Qing Yu Jie” and so on.

Yang Yu Pan jade is slow and patience, but the speed is not up to speed, through the disc jade can train people’s cultivation and endurance.

Therefore, the ancients said that “the moments of Capricorn, the virtues of jade, the temperament of splitting me, the temperament of being good, the blindness of my life and the desire of selflessness, the feeling of sincerity, the stone is open.”

In this irritating material century, through the jade jade jade, jade can make people gradually develop a calm and calm, strong and strong nature, to achieve the realm of humiliation, quiet and indifferent, so that the human mind is thoroughly purified, every moment in the heartFilled with happiness and happiness.

This is the understanding of Xiaobian. I don’t know the views of the guest. If you are interested, please continue to pay attention to the headline number or the public number.

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