Decompression Yoga soothes shoulder and neck problems

Busy office life makes you live under stress all day long. How should you reduce stress in the face of such stress?

Hurry up and practice decompression yoga so that you can enjoy tranquility and joy in the bustling.

  Office Decompression Yoga This is a group of yoga exercises for the office crowd, consisting of six poses.

It can promote blood circulation, soothe nerves and reduce stress; it can effectively relieve fatigue caused by sedentary office postures, especially pain in shoulder, neck, hip and leg muscles.

  1, soothing style points: placed on the back of the ear, stretch upwards when inhaling, exhale time to relax.

(Effectiveness can be achieved on the chair: when the office is tired, doing two soothing styles can relax the shoulder position and improve head blood supply.

  2, dance-style points: hands try to grasp the toes from the intervention, do not flip.

The chest expands when inhaling, the back end relaxes when exhaling, and the legs try to lift back and up.

  Efficacy: Fracture and strong spine, promote blood circulation in the back, nourish spinal nerves.

Can effectively alleviate a variety of low back pain, correct humpback, improve poor posture.

  3, triangle-shaped points: depression, back, top on the same horizontal plane, once exhaled the body continues to bend downwards.

  Efficacy: This is a posture method for the whole body of the abdomen, which can nourish the spine and back nerves, increase strength, increase lung capacity, and reduce waist and abdomen.

  4, the triangle twist type points and effects are the same as the triangle type, in addition there is an effect of increasing waist twist distortion.

  5, chairlift squat points: When squatting, the knee joint spreads out in the direction of the toes, to their own limits, straight forward.

  Efficacy: Because of work, you will often sit for a long time, which will make the blood circulation of your legs weaker and weaker. This posture exercise will strengthen your legs, feet, knees, and uterine muscles, which is good for the legs of sedentary people.Nourishing effect.

  6, single-leg tilt points on the chair: hook feet, straight tail, let your body continue to bend down every time you exhale.

  Efficacy: skeletal muscle, legs, nourishing bones, brain and legs, it has a good effect on back pain and periarthritis.

  Tips: 1. Take about 10 minutes to practice yoga in the middle of work, which can give us a good rest, both physically and mentally, so as to maintain a strong energy and good self-confidence, and better complete other tasks.

  2. Persistent and intense work, the mind is very tired.

Regularly combing your hair with both hands can speed up blood flow to the head, allow your brain to be fully fed, and maintain strong energy.

  3. One or two exercises cannot completely change the sub-health status of the body. A healthy body requires a long-term healthy and regular lifestyle, including regular work and rest time, healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

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Old Chinese medicine recipe for nourishing stomach

Wang Hongkun, a 74-year-old professor of orthopedics at the Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is well ill and has an outpatient clinic three and a half days a week.

He had suffered from gastroesophageal reflux disease and has now basically recovered.

  Professor Wang Hongkun usually soaks peanuts in cold water and soaks them in about four hours.

Eat as you go, crispy and sweet, very refreshing, and even better than fresh peanuts just pulled out of the straw.

Eat 40 capsules daily.

Eating pantothenic acid when nausea can effectively stop vomiting acid.

  He advised the elderly to eat peanuts because peanuts are very nutritious. Among them, unsaturated fatty acids are essential fatty acids in the human body, which can reduce blood cholesterol, triglycerides, reduce blood viscosity, improve blood microcirculation, and increase brain cell activity.To enhance memory.

In addition, peanuts are also good for people with thrombocytopenia.

  Eating more peanuts can bloat, especially raw peanuts that are said to be blistered.

People who do n’t eat often may have thin stools for the first time. Start with a small amount, such as 10 capsules.

  Professor Wang Hongkun eats jujube from Huangxian County in his hometown. This jujube is sweet and slightly sour, and the flesh is not much.

According to Chinese medicine, sweetness enters the spleen and sourness enters the liver.

  It can be seen that eating this date can not only strengthen the spleen and stomach, but also can nourish the liver.

The cooked dates are sweet and warm, have the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, weak spleen and stomach, diarrhea, and tired people are suitable for eating.

  When the temperature is not high in late autumn and early spring and winter, he takes jujube and cooks it in the pot each time. After the water has boiled, he removes the white foam from the upper layer, and then filters the water, then adds water.Later, use low fire to boil.

  About 3 hours, the jujube skin turns black, and a layer of sticky white film seeps out from the bottom of the pot, leaving only a small amount of sugar leaking from the jujube. At this time, the jujube is cooked, sweet and delicious, and easy to absorb.

In summer, cook less, eat as you cook.

Usually eat 10 per day.

  Professor Wang Hongkun said that he has a lot of physical energy for treating patients, so he pays attention to rest.

Go to bed early and get up early, rest for half an hour at noon; eat good food, but never overeat, eat at noon and evening, never lie down and rest for half an hour, this habit is similar to the one he had suffered from gastroesophageal refluxThe symptoms are very relevant.

  He usually sautees the dishes deliberately.

Add ammonium and white pepper for cooking.

Amomum villosum is used for appetizing, warming the spleen and stopping diarrhea, which can increase appetite and help digestion and absorption.

White pepper smells fragrant, warm in nature, has cold-dispersing, stomach-building functions, puts more white pepper powder when cooking after a cold and fever, and also helps sweating.

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Perspective man crazy slimming phenomenon

The male man born in the world also rises to lose weight, is definitely the awakening of men and women’s aesthetic consciousness.

When everyone was in trouble before, fat people were few.

There is no oil and water in the stomach, but it is hard to bear hardships.

Later, the reform and opening standards were great. Everyone had food and clothing, and they began to have the appearance of the general.

In fact, the generals’ Hummer career has a big belly, but it is the big officials in the big show who usually lick their stomachs and scream for the rain, giving Chinese men an aesthetic standard: Hey, this is a good example.

For a time, leading comrades, entrepreneurs, and the generals of the big and small generals stroll around, can be sent.

  Originally, this is very strange. The men of the international body are all in the shape of an inverted triangle. The muscles of the chest muscles are not specially trained into the abdomen, but our men’s appearance can be favored and benefited from us.The connivance of the lady.

I have to eat dinner all day long, and I have to understand how to eat fat, not to mention that they all have heads and face, pointing to the mountains and rivers, sounds like Hong Zhong, and the money is like earth, the man with style is charming!

Wealth can also be an important accessory code for aesthetics.

In the eyes of women, men find their own image standards.

  However, the place where we live has become an international metropolis. Men and women have opened their eyes, cultivation, knowledge, intelligence, emotional intelligence, health, clothing, and health have become a comprehensive indicator of a person.

Then more and more young talents emerged. They have the luster of the sun, the muscles are strong, and they are agile. In addition to reading too many books, high IQ and rich wealth, their life patterns are gradually increasing.Admiration, as they used to love sports, they used to be very scientific, they actually went to do beauty!

Oh, the original fat does not know how to eat, the intervention does not know how to exercise, it means that you do not know how to live.

Ha ha!

  In this way, lively to give a fat man a class education class, but also to the traditional woman to take the lead, and then go home to hold a big belly and a big man, Liu Mei, a vertical: “Let’s go lose you!”

“From then on, the beautiful man was born.

  Social phenomenon 1: sweat for health, easy to decompress and go to modern people, work pressure, have entertainment, eat more high-fat food, and sometimes busy, just eat some junk food to fill the stomach, for a whileIt’s also rare to exercise in time, and the beginning of beer belly, belly meat, I do not know how many men have to worry about.

  As a civil servant, Mr. Li also faced the embarrassment of his waist.

At that time, the 36-inch waistline made him feel difficult to bend his shoelaces. He walked up the stairs and began to pant.

With painstaking thoughts, Mr. Li made up his mind to make a group of friends to go to the United States to lose weight.

It has been two months now, and Mr. Li said that his weight has not changed, but his waistline has been reduced to 33 inches and his muscles have become strong.

He said that it was only for health reasons, but the concept of slimming fitness also affected his lifestyle: he tried to arrange the main entertainment activities at noon, do not eat late at night, regularize his diet, work and rest.

Going to fitness 4 times every Wednesday, “Getting here has become a part of my life.”

I used to feel “tired” because my body is not healthy. Now I feel a hot sweat. I am tired and relaxed. At the same time, I can reduce my decompression for my own work.

  It turns out that it is not difficult to thin the waist. It is simple and simple, and you insist on it.

Like he is practicing a treadmill, he can now hold on for more than half an hour, knowing that he can’t hold on for five minutes at first.

In addition, he also participated in a 45-minute cycling course three or four times a week.

“Aerobic exercise is very important for slimming.

Li Shengshen has the experience to follow.

Coupled with sit-ups on specialized equipment, the effect of thin waist is even more perfect.

  In addition to regular exercises in the fitness room, he regularly has a fitness instructor to develop a personal weight loss plan.

These plans are as short as one week and as long as one or two months.

During the planning period, the coach will arrange a series of targeted sports, focusing on reducing the embarrassment of the waist.

The coach once asked them to do 200 push-ups in half an hour to an hour. Although it was hard, the effect was obvious.

After completing a set of plans, you can also ask the coach to make another plan.

  Social Phenomenon 2: Standards for the use of people in the business nowadays: It is necessary to use both the middle and the middle to see the popular beauty pageant everywhere, not only to choose beautiful women, but also to choose handsome guys.

In addition to the appearance, the aesthetic requirements of the handsome guy in the society are more concentrated on height and shape. The appearance and height are inherently immutable, but the shape of the figure can be exercised through the day after tomorrow.

Nowadays, the society is keen on thinness and the phenomenon of “taking people by appearance”. The obese men under such high pressure can only find a way out after losing weight.  Xiaoshuai is a professional archery player. In addition to his extraordinary calm and good mental state, he also has more than 100 kilograms of extraordinary weight.

Xiaoshuai came from the north, and the hot and humid weather in Guangzhou made him feel very uncomfortable. The clothes were always soaked during training.

At the age of 15, he was sensitively aware that his obese figure often attracted many strange eyes. Even he himself felt that his body was “different from ordinary people” and made him feel inferior.

Therefore, in order to maintain the heart of the mind when archery, you must first solve your own physical problems. The trouble is that Xiaoshuai is a servant, when he wants to eat and when he can eat.

Someone returned. He muttered to his friend and asked him what he had eaten. He replied: “I only ate 20 snakes.

“This kind of “gain” is going to lose weight, of course, it is harder than others.

So he insisted on exercising, running, cycling, sit-ups every day. doing everything.

In the short half month, it was reduced from 125 kg to 120 kg.

But this is far from enough. For the sake of career, Xiaoshuai can only work happily every day.

  Nowadays, the work is fiercely competitive and the standards of employing people are getting higher and higher.

Many people think that they can appear on the TV screen as handsome guys. Even if they are not handsome, they should also meet the eyes of the audience. Therefore, many front-line workers constantly improve their external image.

Mr. Li, who is an auctioneer, has been busy with social sports in the past few years.

But as an excellent auctioneer, how can you not have a tall figure?

So losing weight has become a priority, but he does not want to lose weight very hard.

So I would rather choose a slower, but more comfortable instrument to lose weight.

He said that he didn’t have to worry about how to reduce it. He specifically used him to evaluate the body composition and then based on the factors of obesity.

He only needs to lie comfortably in the instrument, after a few hours of conditioning, but also let him healthy weight loss is easy and comfortable, and the spirit is much better.

According to what he said: “To lose weight while enjoying, enjoy in weight loss.

“Social Phenomenon III: For Love If you reduce it to a hundred pounds, I will marry you. You have been able to resist the ability of Lao Zhuang, who has been doing foreign trade for three years, in the face of chocolate, causing the weight to soar.

Until the mall 邂逅 let his favorite girl.

However, his figure has become an obstacle between them.

One day he took the courage to express his admiration to the girl. The girl told: “You are very good, but I don’t like fat boys.

If you reduce it to a hundred pounds, I will marry you.

“For this romantic word, let him make a pain to decide to lose weight.”

After four months of fitness, Lao Zhuang has lost more than 30 kilograms, and also learned from the slimming experience of decompression, and more like the slimming activity.

“If you lose 50 kg, I will marry you.

“This seemingly joke is actually the motivation of Lao Zhuang to lose weight.

Three years of happy chocolate life piled him into a 120 kg big fat man.

For love, Lao Zhuang opened his life of losing weight.

Almost every afternoon, I can see Lao Zhuang in the gym. In the past four months, I have lost more than 30 kilograms of excess meat.

  But at this speed, it will take at least a year to achieve the goal. I am afraid that the beloved Meimei has already married as a woman.

Listening to acupuncture treatment recommended by friends is obvious. If the effect of ear pressure is restored at the same time, one can reset half a catty to one catty.

He will be suspicious, but he thinks it is also a way, so he came to a hospital.

Do acupuncture the next day, about half an hour each time, the number of ear pressures is less, twice a week.

I always feel that the acupuncture will hurt on the body. He told me that it will not hurt, but because of the acupuncture points on the human body, it will be a bit sour and hemp.

After the needle is removed, there is no feeling of discomfort. When the ear is attached, the ear will be hot, and it only needs to be attached for about 5 minutes at a time.

A month later, he was pleasantly surprised to find that he lost 6 kg.

But there is still a certain distance from the target.

Asked if you thought about giving up?

He smiled and answered and thought about giving up, but he wanted his wife more.Therefore, the revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still have to work hard.

  Social phenomenon four: for myself, I am using the will to create relatively perfect things, that is my body.

  A business man will pay more attention to his own image. A man’s mature performance is self-evident confidence, but a pursuit of perfection.

The man who experienced the path of self-slimming has his own set of statements, the most proud of which is the health of Awen.

Somewhere in the country, diet pills are called “ten, twenty, thirty” promotion slogan: “10 grams a day, reduce the total amount of food by 20%, exercise 30 minutes a day.”

He gradually innovated into his “10, 20, 30, 40” slimming theory: “With 10 points of willpower, reduce 20% of food intake, exercise 30 minutes a day, adjust the diet structure to reduce saturated adults by 40%.

“The movement that Awen said is also exquisite to the heartbeat calculation: 120-150beat / min, enough professional; 180-200, there is no problem.

Slimming exercise should be a rhythmic movement like swimming, table tennis, badminton, climbing, and not how to exercise, such as tennis, basketball, etc., because it may cause physical damage to the body, and it is difficult to achieve slimming purposes.

Aerobic exercise effectively reduces the saturation of the waist and lower body.

  Awen is more satisfied with his current body.

Recalling that interesting experience, he is still happy.

In other words, after a dinner with a slim girl, passing a pharmacy, the figure was fun to get into the weight.

He insisted that there was a problem with the pound. As a result, the girl of 1 meter 68 stood up and was very innocent: “No problem, it is 50 kilograms.

He joked and said that he suddenly discovered the seriousness of his weight problem, so he decided to do something important before he was 30 years old – to lose weight.

At that time, there were still two months from his 30th birthday. As a result, he lost 20 pounds in three months.

Now the body is relaxed and the self-image has changed.

For example, if you dare to wear some colorful and fashionable clothes, you dare to let the outside world pay attention to yourself.

After an ascetic life, it will be a calm and calm temperament.

It is precisely that “people follow each other and live by heart”: “The appearance before the age of 20 is born, you can’t change, but 40, 50, 60 years old, you must look at yourself, relying on your own willpower.

“As he said: “I am using the will to make something relatively perfect, that is my body.

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Four big strokes, legs can sleep, but also stovepipe

Don’t hang on to the legs of others, envy people is useless, or act quickly!

Teach you five tricks, you can practice this winter, you can also become a beautiful queen.

銆€銆€The first stroke of the leg concentrated SPA calf edema is the most common “fourth circumference problem.”

The accumulated waste and toxins in the legs plus the body fluid retained in the calf due to gravity will directly cause the calf to become swollen and fat.

If you can’t take a bath every day, often use warm water to do a comprehensive concentrated spa for your calves. You can also hate things to eliminate calf edema and restore slender legs.

銆€銆€Tools: deep enough wooden barrel, essential oil, bath salt, warm water method: fill the wooden barrel with warm water, can be completely without the calf, then add essential oil and bath salt, then soak the whole calf in water for about 15 minutesAt the same time, gently massage the calf to help detoxify and tighten the legs.

銆€銆€The second trick is to eat to reduce the leg 1.

Vitamin E helps eliminate edema. If the blood circulation is not good, it can easily lead to swelling of the feet. Foods containing vitamin E can help accelerate blood circulation and prevent muscle relaxation in the legs.

Foods rich in vitamin E include almonds, peanuts, and wheat germ.


Vitamin B group accelerates metabolism Metabolism Vitamin B1 can convert sugar into energy, while B2 can accelerate the metabolism of the uncle, eat more vitamin B rich foods such as mushrooms, sesame, tofu, peanuts, spinach and so on.


Eat less salt to edema often eat more salty foods, it is easy to make the body accumulate too much water, form edema, easy to accumulate in the calf.

In addition to reducing the absorption of salt, you can also eat more potassium-containing foods. Because potassium helps to remove excess salt from the body, potassium-containing foods include tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, and celery.

銆€銆€The third measure: massage massage is the most direct and effective way to shape the legs. It stimulates the acupuncture points of the legs by massage, promotes blood and lymph circulation, discharges toxins, eliminates edema, and can also be distributed through stimulation on the legs.Acupoints regulate hormone secretion.

It is said that there is now a leg massage machine that can be used instead of manual massage, which may be convenient.

銆€銆€The fourth trick: Sleeping may see this title is very unbelievable, change the little posture of sleeping, you can also reduce the burden on the calf.

The method is to use a thin layer at the end of the bed to make the level of the legs higher than the heart.

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The effect of exercise Qigong exercise on human physiology

First, the physiological role of the body is the body movement of the body. The so-called regular exercise refers to the exercise of a specific fitness actionSelf-exercise.

銆€銆€Since the action of forming a routine is not used in normal labor or sports activities, the guiding motion of the dynamic routine is not a simple reflective movement, nor a formal movement, but a complex intentional movement.

銆€銆€Each guiding action is performed in a wide range of active networks of neuromuscular regulation.

The first is to make exercise planning from the cortex, subcortical basal ganglia and cerebellum, and then to exercise instructions from the cortical motor area, and then to the brainstem and spinal motor neurons.

In the adjustment, it is necessary to start the complex feedback activity of the starting motion center and the transcendence sensor, and shift the deviation of the movement in time to ensure the accuracy of the adjustment.

銆€銆€The purpose of static exercise is to maintain all parts of the body in the most appropriate physiological state, to relax the limbs and adjust the breathing, so that the brain quickly enters and remains static.

銆€銆€The human body lives in the Earth’s gravitational field. To maintain normal physiological activities, the cerebral cortex must coordinate the activities of the whole body’s nerves and muscles according to the ascending nerve information of the proprioceptors, and constantly change the posture of the body.

銆€銆€If you do not constrain and adjust your posture, the cerebral cortex will be interfered by the ascending nerve impulses, and it is difficult to achieve the relaxation and calming of Qigong exercise.

Therefore, the exercise method of static exercise to maintain the specific body posture without changing the body can actually reduce the nerve impulse of the proprioceptive device to the cerebral cortex, thereby contributing to the practice of meditation.

銆€銆€Second, the physiological role of modulating the breath Under normal circumstances, breathing is an automatic rhythmic activity targeting the medulla and pons; but because the respiratory muscle is skeletal muscle, it can also be directly controlled by the cerebral cortex for voluntary breathing.

Therefore, the interest rate adjustment can be divided into two types: automatic rate adjustment and active rate adjustment.


The basic meaning of self-regulating spontaneous breathing is to ensure the exchange of gas between the lungs and the outside, thus effectively providing the oxygen required for metabolism and excreting carbon dioxide produced in the body.

During the practice process, the breathing movement automatically matches the rhythm of the practice. The static breathing is slow and deep, the respiratory frequency is increased, the ventilation is increased, and the brakes guarantee the energy metabolism in the exercise process.

銆€銆€The automatic form of the pranayama process is achieved through the regulation mechanism of neurohumoral fluid.

The metabolic activity of the exercise process changes the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide partial pressure in the blood. This change is transmitted through the chemoreceptors of the carotid artery and the medulla, and the instructions for adjusting the rhythm are issued through the integration of the respiratory center.

銆€銆€Under normal circumstances, spontaneous breathing is only converted by the medulla and pons respiratory center, and does not release irritating nerve impulses to the cerebral cortex.

This aspect of automatic rate adjustment can help to assist in the practice of meditation: focus the idea of static exercise on the automatic rhythm of breathing, and by means of interest or silence, the cerebral cortex can be reduced by the way of breathing.The interference of the uplink nerve impulses, and the existing thought activities will gradually become single with the automatic rhythm of the breathing until the stop.


Actively adjusting the different respiratory frequencies and breathing depths, different ratios of breathing and breathing, and different combinations of breathing cycles and ideas and best can form a variety of active adjustment forms.

There have been more than 50 descriptions of the methods of interest rate adjustment in the past dynasties, which shows the important aspects of active interest rate adjustment in Qigong exercise.

銆€銆€Active modulating has the effect of orienting effects on autonomic regulation.

Experiments have shown that the method of long-sucking and short-sucking not only produces the excitatory advantage of the inspiratory center, but also this advantage can spread to the entire sympathetic nervous system, causing the excitatory advantage of the sympathetic nervous system; on the contrary, the method of adjusting the long-short-short breath will result inThe excitatory advantage of the exhalation center and the excitatory advantage of the parasympathetic nervous system.

It can be seen that the vegetative nerve function state of the body is also different through the difference in respiratory frequency and respiratory activity.

銆€銆€Focusing on the core level of the autonomic regulation of the autonomic nervous system, modulating interest can use the effects on autonomic function to extend its effects to various organs and systems of the human body.

銆€銆€Modern medicine believes that personal consciousness is an activity that cannot directly affect internal organs. When it is sick, it can only be treated with drugs or physical means.

But in fact, the clever ancients have already improved the ground to take advantage of the random nature of breathing, and through direct intervention in the breathing mode, indirectly affect the visceral function, and achieve the effect of rickets fitness.

銆€銆€Third, the physiological role of self-aligning Health Qigong through the regulation of neuronal fluid triggers a positive relationship between physiological and psychological effects, that is, good physiological effects and good psychological effects, while good psychological effects will also promoteGood physiological effects.

銆€銆€There are two parts of the brain that are closely related to Qigong exercise. One is the frontal lobe and the other is the pituitary gland.

The forebrain frontal lobe is a place for advanced human neurological activity, which controls both the human consciousness and the function adjustment of the internal organs.

The observation data of clinical electroencephalography show that when the environment is comfortable and the mood is pleasant, the alpha multiple brain waves increase; while in the anxiety, the beta penetration brain wave increases.

It is indicated that changes in brain waves recorded from the surface of the skull can reflect the functional activities of the cerebral cortex.

The pituitary gland is the control center of the human body fluid regulation system and plays an important role in the body’s physiological and psychological functions.

銆€銆€Two neurotransmitters controlled by the pituitary gland can link human physiological relationships, one is a morphine-like substance that produces pleasure, and the other is norepinephrine.

銆€銆€Related experiments have shown that the secretion of hormones in these two brains is related to emotions.

When a person’s mood is happy, the alpha brain wave increases, it can promote the secretion of 尾-endorphin; and when the person’s mood is worried, the beta brain wave increases, it promotes the secretion of norepinephrine.

銆€銆€The results of EEG spectrum analysis of related Qigong exercise show that: when the static is reduced, the forebrain frontal lobe 伪 transmits brain wave energy accumulation, and more and more the whole brain 伪 rhythm synchronization phenomenon occurs;The memories of precipitation are the feeling of joy and sweetness.

銆€銆€According to the brain wave changes and emotional state analysis when the practitioner is in the static state, the nerve activity of the forebrain frontal lobe is adjusted when the heart is calmed, so that the pituitary gland increases the pleasure of 尾-endorphin secretion, and passes through the receptors throughout the body.Improve the self-regulating function of the human body and enhance the self-healing ability of the human body.銆€銆€In addition, the cultivation of morality is an important part of self-discipline. A noble and stable mentality can avoid and cope with the stressors of the external environment, thereby preventing excessive secretion of norepinephrine and maintaining the health of the human body.

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Why do girls come to the big aunt?

“38 Women’s Day” exclusive secret!

Why do girls come to the big aunt?

Every month, I have to suffer from dysmenorrhea, swelling of the lower abdomen, cramps, blood clots in menstruation, black eyes in pain, sweating, and no love.

I can’t wait to come to “big aunt” from now on. Many times we are thinking about it. Is it a crime for a girl to come to the “big aunt”?

Since the beginning of the big aunt, the evil dream has begun!


Every month, we must obey the pain of dysmenorrhea, swelling of the lower abdomen, cramps, blood clots in menstruation, black eyes of the pain, sweating, and even vomiting.

Every time the “aunt” visits, it seems that thousands of horses have moved from their stomachs. When they are unwilling to live, they have to madly sip hot water, and they endure hard. In the summer, no matter how hot the weather is, the hands and feet are cold and the body is cold.

Every time I came to the big aunt, I couldn’t move in bed, I had a straight stomachache, and I was cramped with low back pain. I turned it over and turned it to place it on the opposite side. In severe cases, I even fainted directly and frightened my family and friends!

Why do girls come to menstruation, boys don’t come, why do women come to menstruation? Girls will mature when they reach the age of 12 or 3, that is, they can produce germ cells.

This is a fixed program, one for each month.

In order to prepare for the newborn, the endometrium will thicken and be placed in the fertilized egg.

However, girls will have two or three children in their lifetime. At other times, the eggs are not refined, so the thickened endometrium becomes waste. If it is not discharged, it will damage the health of the body.

So in the last phase of each physiological cycle – the menstrual period, the rubbish is excreted through the vagina.

They are connected to blood vessels, so there is menstrual blood.

If a girl does not come to menstruation, she cannot assume the major responsibility of breeding offspring.

The role of women to menstruation to come every month, “big aunt”, although let women friends do not want to live, but it is also good for the body!

Menstruation has not come for more than ten days. Generally speaking, it is pregnant. It can be calculated according to the number of replacement days of menstruation. It is very beneficial for mothers and babies.

In fact, the regular blood discharge every month of menstruation is to let the body have better conditions to make blood, which is also a benefit of menstruation.

Ranking with men is more able to withstand the blow of accidental blood loss.

In addition, we can also judge the health of the body through menstruation.

If a female friend has not been to menstruation at the age of 18, it is necessary to be cautious. If it is a disease in the body, it is necessary to go to the hospital for related examinations in time.

How to grind a normal menstrual period from menstruation should be 28 days apart, no more than one week in advance or delayed.

If the menstrual cycle is less than 21 days, it is usually caused by kidney deficiency, qi deficiency or blood heat.

The menstrual cycle is more than 35 days, most of which is caused by stagnation of blood stasis or phlegm.

View period color.

The normal blood condition of the menstrual blood is brighter, more lustrous, more bloody, does not produce a blocky or mucous shape, and does not let the uterus have a feeling of contraction.

If the menstrual blood color is light, dark red, black, accompanied by dizziness, dry mouth, dry throat, diarrhea, pale, can cause attention, go to the hospital in time.

The above is about women’s physiological period of health care, for the majority of female friends, life will experience 400 menstruation, most of the time women are living with it.

At the same time that our body changes, menstruation will change. Only by observing changes in menstruation can we find a suitable conditioning method for ourselves!

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