CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala was released, Song Dandan didn’t play a sketch in the opening song and dance
On January 23, CCTV Spring Festival Gala released the program list.”2020 Chinese New Year Gala” will land on CCTV at 8 pm on January 24.This year’s Spring Festival Gala continued the stage setting of the main venue + sub-venue. The main venue in Beijing cooperated with the Zhengzhou branch in Henan, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Dawan branch venue jointly presented a “grand gathering”.In view of the recent epidemic prevention situation, the two venues in Zhengzhou, Henan, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area were recorded.During the Spring Festival Gala, comedians such as Song Dandan, Shen Teng, Ma Li, Jia Ling, as well as young idols such as Li Xian, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Yi Xian Qianxi, Zhang Yixing, etc. will gather on the Spring Festival Gala stage.Song Dandan can be regarded as the most popular “Spring Festival Gala Facing”, this year she will participate in the opening Chinese New Year song and dance “Ode to Spring Tide” on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.Air Force Song Dandan revealed in an interview with CCTV that this will be her last appearance on the Spring Festival Gala.In the previous life, she said that 95% of her time will be reserved for children, sirs, and elderly people, hoping to enjoy life with her family more.Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Guo Li

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]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat fried yogurt?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Usually people often drink yogurt. Parents also like to give their children yogurt. Drinking some yogurt is good for health, especially for mutual health. Of course, the nutrition of yogurt is also very rich.It is a kind of trace element. In summer, you can drink yogurt with ice cold, and it has a sweet and sour taste, so it is very popular. Can women during pregnancy eat fried yogurt?

Can pregnant women eat fried yogurt?
1. Can pregnant women eat fried yoghurt? 2. Six foods are beneficial to pregnant women. 1. Whole wheat products include whole wheat crackers, cereals, whole wheat bread, etc .; 2. Pregnant women should consume about 1,000 milk and soy products every day.Calcium in milligrams, as long as 3 cups of skim milk can meet this demand; 3, there are many types of fruits and fruits, which can be supplemented with vitamin C, folic acid and a lot of fiber, which can help pregnant women maintain their strength and prevent fatigue caused by lack of water; 4,Lean meat causes iron due to lean meat and is easily absorbed by the human body; 5, dark-colored vegetables often means high vitamin content; 6, nuts such as dried fruit peanuts are rich in unsaturated adults that are good for heart health.

Third, “six do not eat” foods that are harmful to pregnant women 1, spicy hot seasoning peppers, peppers, peppers, etc. easily absorb water in the body and reduce metabolism and secretion, causing stomach pain, hemorrhoids, constipation 2, diet with caffeine that has an exciting effectAfter being heavily metabolized by pregnant women, the beverages and foods may cause nausea, vomiting, headache, and rapid heartbeat. 3 The metabolism of sweets and sugars in the human body will consume a lot of calcium, which will affect the development of teeth and bones. 4,MSG and MSG are usually ordinary condiments, but pregnant women should pay attention to eat less or not; 5, pregnant women with ginseng, longan and other supplements have a large amount of yin and blood deficiency. Consuming ginseng can cause qi and stagnation, aggravate early pregnancy reaction, edema andHypertension, etc .; Longan helps warm the sun, and pregnant women are prone to hemorrhagic fetuses6. Additives and taboos contained in canned foods containing additives are risk factors for teratogenesis and miscarriage.

Fourth, foods that pregnant women cannot eat: 1, raw beans, green beans, lentils, red kidney beans, white kidney beans and other beans can cause poisoning when fresh or incompletely heated.

2. Raw soy milk Raw soy contains toxic ingredients. If you eat uncooked soy milk, it can cause food poisoning.

3. Roots, stems, and leaves of cassava cassava contain toxic substances. If raw or undercooked cassava is consumed or its soup is consumed, it can cause poisoning, and its toxins can cause neurological paralysis and even cause permanent paralysis.

4, germinated potato toxin-solanine is tens to hundreds of times higher than its fleshy part. Once ingested, mild disturbance of consciousness, dyspnea, severe cases can be caused by heart failure and respiratory paralysis.

5, fresh daylily daylily contains colchicine, this toxin can cause dry throat, burning sensation in the stomach, hematuria and other poisoning symptoms.

Before eating, you need to cook day lily, boil it and boil it in boiling water before cooking.

6, green tomatoes Green tomatoes are rich in toxic solanumene. Consuming this immature green tomato, the mouth has a bitter sensation, and symptoms of poisoning such as nausea and vomiting can occur after eating. Dangerous diseases are eaten raw.

7. Rotten ginger Rotten ginger produces a very toxic safrole.

People eat this toxin, even in small amounts, can cause liver cell poisoning and degeneration.

8. Raw bamboo shoots Fresh bamboo shoots contain natural toxin cyanide. Eating raw or undercooked bamboo shoots may also cause food poisoning.

After reading Xiao Bian’s article, is there an answer to the question whether pregnant women can eat fried yogurt, that is, not eating.

After all, yogurt will contain some additives after all, and it is relatively cool, so eating it will have a certain impact on the baby’s physical development. It is recommended that pregnant women can eat more fruits and cereals.

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銆 愭 鍙 鍙 圝 霮 朮 樑 樺 淺 Father’s pot 浭 犆 抆 慱 Feng 弬 Pu 呜 厫 _ 鍒 朵 綔 鏂 菂 珶 _ 锅 氭 硶 揶 у 叏
璞嗚厫鏄敓娲讳腑闈炲父鏅€氱殑椋熺墿锛岃€屾捣鍙傛槸澶у鐔熺煡鐨勪竴绉嶆捣椴滀骇鍝侊紝閫氬父寰堝皯鏈変汉灏嗚繖涓よ€呮斁鍦ㄤ竴璧峰悆锛屽疄闄呬笂锛屾捣鍙傚拰璞嗚厫鏄潪甯稿ソ鐨勬惌閰嶏紝鍙互鍋氭垚寰堜赴瀵岀殑缇庨鏉ュ悆銆?涓€銆佹捣鍙傝眴鑵愮殑鍋氭硶 娴峰弬450鍏嬶紝瀚╄眴鑵?What’s wrong?What’s going on?鐗囷紝楦¤泲1涓€傝皟鍛虫枡A楂樻堡4鏉€侭鐩愩€侀夯娌瑰悇1灏忓寵锛岃儭妞掔矇1/4灏忓寵锛岀背閰掋€佹穩绮夋按銆侀叡娌瑰悇1澶у寵銆傚埗娉?Adze?锛夋捣鍙傚壀寮€鑵归儴锛屽幓鑲犳偿锛屾礂鍑€娉ュ潡锛涜眴鑵愭礂鍑€鍒囧皬鍧楋紱钁辨礂鍑€锛屼竴鍗婂垏鏈紝涓€鍗婂垏娈碉紱濮滄礂鍑€鍘荤毊锛屼竴鍗婂垏鏈紝涓€鍗婂垏鐗囷紱楦¤泲鎵撴暎銆傦紙2锛夌儹娌?澶у寵鐖嗛钁辨鍙婂鐗囷紝鍐嶅€掑叆3鏉竻姘寸叜寮€锛屾斁鍏ユ捣鍙傛敖鐑紝鎹炲嚭娌ュ共銆傦紙3锛夊彟璧烽攨鍊掑叆A鏂欑叜寮€锛屽叆娴峰弬銆佽眴鑵愩€佽懕娈靛強濮滅墖锛屽皬鐏剸鐓?鍒嗛挓銆傛渶鍚庡姞鍏鏂欒皟鍖€锛屾穻涓婅泲姹侊紝鎾掍笂钁辨湯鍙婂鏈嵆鍙€?浜屻€佹捣鍙傝眴鑵愮叢 娴峰弬璞嗚厫鐓茬殑鍒朵綔椋熸潗锛氬埡鍙?鍙  纴 礴 夋 汤 12 鍏 庶 鏉 霯 霴 Jar?This is the best way to make sure you have a good time, and if you want to go to the next place, you will have to go to the next place.Hagi?What is your favorite?Do you love it?What is your favorite?.Hagi?/ 2 How do you like it?How do you like it?What is the best way to get rid of sorrows and sorrows?.璞嗚厫娲楀噣锛屽垏鍧楃姸锛涙捣鍙傚墫寮€鑵归儴锛屾礂鍑€浣撳唴鑵旇偁锛屼互娌告按鍔?鍖欐枡閰掑拰2鐗囧姹嗙儷鍘昏叆锛屾崬璧峰啿鍑夛紝鍒囧娈点€?.What are you talking about? 3 Press the button, and you will be able to tell if you are afraid of it. If you want to check it, you will be able to find it.鑲夋湯鍔犺皟鍛虫枡2鎶撳寑锛屽仛鎴愪父瀛愶紝鏀捐繘浣滄硶1涓€?.寰呮捣鍙傘€佽眴鑵愬叆鍛筹紝鍔犺儭钀濆崪鐗囥€佸皬榛勭摐鐗囩瓑閰嶆枡绋嶇叜鍗冲彲璧烽攨銆俆ips锛?.娴峰弬娌昏姘旇櫄鎹燂紝鏈夎皟缁忋€佸吇鑳庡強浜у悗琛ュ吇绛変綔鐢紝涓斿叾鎵€鍚惀鍏绘垚鍒嗗铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€侀挋銆侀搧銆佺7銆佺绛夊韬綋鏈夋粙琛ヤ綔鐢ㄣ€?.娴峰弬閫傚悎鍚勭骞撮緞灞傜殑浜洪鐢紝鑲ヨ儢鑰呫€佽鍘嬮珮鑰呬笉蹇呯壒鍒繉椋熴€?.娴峰弬鎬у懗婀挎俯锛岀泭蹇冦€佽偩銆佺粡鑴夛紝涓嶄絾鏄庣洰缇庤偆銆侀潤蹇冩皵澹偩蹇楋紝鏇磋兘鍘荤溂鐫涘懆鍥撮粦鑹茬礌娌夌潃鍙婁笅宸存殫娴婃棤鍏夌殑鐜拌薄銆?涓夈€佹捣鍙傜儳璞嗚厫鐨勫仛娉?1銆佸皢姘村彂娴峰弬鐢ㄥ噳姘村弽澶嶅啿娲楀悗锛屽湪閿呬腑鏀炬按鍔犺€佸涓庨檲鐨紝鏂欓厭寮€姘寸叜涓夊垎閽熷悗鎹炲嚭鍐嶇敤鍑夋按鍐叉礂涓€娆?咣 黣 弴 娉 ¤Jiang Mao 囧 ソ 銆?銆佽眴鑵愬垏鐗囧鐢ㄣ€?Lian stiff girl?綾  綴 鍶 卶 獱 勞 咴 勪 嫪 却 鍗?銆?銆 佽 緟 揂?What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on?鍒 囧 ソ 擶 囩 护 銆?Do you want to get rid of it? Do you want to get rid of it?銆佽眴鑵愬彟澶栫敤閿呯厧涓€涓嬨€?You can read the information about the disability and the disability, and you ca n’t do it. You ca n’t do it. You ca n’t do it anymore.Cuckoo Floating や 笌 沌 樻 堡 銆?銆佸姞鍏ユ捣鍙備笌鐦﹁倝涓€璧风倰涓夊垎閽燂紝鏀捐€佹娊鐢熸娊涓庢枡閰掞紝鍔犲叆褰╂锛屽皢鐓庡ソ鐨What are you talking about? Can you tell me what is going on?What’s the matter? What’s the matter?

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[How to cook dried chicken head rice]_ delicious conventions _ how to make

Dried chicken head rice is a food and should be accepted as a staple food.

But the preparation method is different, because some dried chicken head rice can be cooked and eaten, but some can be made into other foods.

Therefore, according to your personal tastes or hobbies, you should be able to study how to eat for you.

And this is very important and good for the human body.

So how to cook dried chicken head rice?

Do I need to soak water before cooking?

How do you eat it?

We usually soak the dried fruit for two hours before cooking it.

Dry with water.

Because the dried fruits are soaked in boiling water, the nutrients in dried fruits will be lost, so you must soak the fruits directly with water.

How long will it dry after cooking?

1. The dried lotus root must be cooked beforehand. The dried lotus root is more difficult to cook. It takes more time. 2. If the white fungus can’t finish eating at one time, you can put it out when you just finished it. Don’t stir it., Put it in a fresh-keeping box, and then put it in the refrigerator for refrigerated storage. It can be left for 1-2 days.

Just reheat when you eat.

Shrimp and Shrimp Ingredients: 300g of fresh river prawns, 100g of fresh prawns, 4g of salt, 1 egg white, 5g of dried starch, 5g of wet starch, 5g of cooking wine, 1g of monosodium glutamate, 1g of Totole chicken essence, 5g of sesame oil, 5g of onion ginger juice, and chicken broth100g of salad oil (750g consumes about 75g).

Method: 1. Rinse the shrimps, absorb the moisture with a clean towel, add salt, cooking wine, green onion ginger juice, monosodium glutamate and eggs in the bowl until they are sticky, then add the dried starch and mix well.

2. Wash the pot and place on medium heat. When the salad oil is heated to 40% heat, pour the shrimps into the sizing and remove until the whiteness is broken. Then pour the scallion into the colander when cooked.Filter oil.

3. Add chicken broth, green onion ginger juice, cooking wine, salt and monosodium glutamate, and chicken essence from Tailale, adjust the salty and umami flavor, and then add the wet starch to the thin lotus root. Then, pour the lotus root, shrimp, and turn evenly.Serve with sesame oil.

How to choose?

1. Look at the real color.

The solid color is bright and white, the shape is round without damage, and the powdery fine particles are attached. The thickness is generally waxy, the appearance is white but the gloss is insufficient, and the blobs are blocking.

The yellow ribbon may be obsolete, and its thickness is also obstructive.

2. Look at the solid shape.

The solid particles should be round and uniform in size.

3. Bite it with your mouth.

It is necessary to choose dry, otherwise it is prone to mildew. To identify whether it is dry, it can be consistent with mouth bite, tooth bite is crispy and fragile and dry, with a slight identity tide.

4. Smell the nose with your nose.

If there is any smell, if there is a sulfur smell, it may be processed after being moth-eaten.

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Positions of private placement on dips rise for two consecutive months
Shanghai Securities News Author: Lu Haiqing recent market continues to shock adjustment.However, the latest survey shows that a large number of private equity managers have strengthened their confidence in the equity market in December.In December, Rongzhi · Hedge Fund Manager A-Share Confidence Index was 109.43, compared with 107 in November.56 has improved.As far as positions are concerned, at the end of September, the average position of private equity decreased, and the average position of private equity continued to rise in the past two months.  Private placements are expected to increase significantly. In November, Rongzhi · China Hedge Fund Manager A-share confidence index was 107.56, a new low for the year.In December, Rongzhi · Hedge Fund Manager A-share Confidence Index bottomed out, and many private equity fund managers’ confidence in the stock market in December has increased.  In terms of overall stock positions, the current average position of equity strategic private equity funds is 67.04%, about 66 in the same period last month.55%, an increase of 0.49 averages.Although at the end of the year some private placements chose to drop bags to secure the fruits of victory, but there were also private placements that carried out radical operations and chose to sprint in full positions.Data show that as of the end of November, 15.17% of private placements are in a full position, an increase of 4.1 digit; the proportion of private placements (excluding short positions) below 50% is 23.22%, an increase of 4.9 averages.  In addition, the A-share market position in December increased or decreased the investment plan indicator 107.58, up about 5 last month.29 points, the highest value in the past 3 months.This means that at the end of September, the average private placement was significantly reduced, and fund managers increased their 无锡夜网 sheds significantly.  Specifically, 21.80% of fund managers choose to add positions in December, of which 2.37% of fund managers said they would increase their positions significantly, up by 6 in November.83 digits and 0.84 digits; 8.06% of fund managers chose to lighten their positions in December, a decrease of 1 from last month.87 averages.  Jiang Lin, an expert from the Rongzhi Rating Research Center, believes that at the end of the year, some institutions choose to cash in on their earnings in advance, and the stock market is characterized by a “stock game”.Generally speaking, the overall market opportunity in December is small, and there are still structural opportunities. Steady investors can wait for a clear trend in the market before intervening.  Seizing the opportunity of dips layout When asked about the outlook, Hao Kunsheng’s chairman Zhang Menfa said that December should be the bottom of the market.After the decline in the previous period, the broader market has made up the gap of 2850 points in the previous period, and further down will inevitably lead to the entry of dips.Therefore, there is very limited room for descent.In December, we mainly focused on the opportunities of “unmovable”: first, the varieties that were killed by mistake in the new shares; second, grasping the opportunity to repair the downturn of the science and technology board; third, investment opportunities in the 5G use field.  Lin Cun, chairman of Senrui Investment, believes that the market is about to oscillate between 2800 and 3000 points.He judged that the broader market has been consolidating for several years, and the kinetic energy of the selloff has been fully released, so the probability of a selloff is extremely small.At the end of the year, it is still an opportunity to underpay pharmaceutical stocks. This year, pharmaceutical stocks have penetrated because of the previous increase, and the end of the year coincides with volume purchases and other reasons.However, based on past experience, some companies that will not be impacted or even benefited from it are expected to rebound later and even reach new highs.Therefore, it should be carefully screened, and in the middle of the end, get on the car with low suction.  In Huahui Chuangfu’s general manager Yuan Huaming’s view, certain core assets such as real estate leaders, insurance leaders, and some commercial banks that are not high in performance indicators are worthy of investors’ attention and taking advantage of market fluctuations to arrange for dips.

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Science and Technology (002322): Performance in line with expectations is expected to benefit from ubiquitous power IoT construction

Event: According to the annual report disclosed by the company, the company achieved operating income in 20189.

96 ppm, an increase of 18 in ten years.

3%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

5.7 billion, a decrease of 8 per year.

08%; net profit of non-attributed mothers 2.

58 ppm, an increase of ten years.

22%; EPS is 0.

66 yuan, down 5 per year.


Software informationization and monitoring business develops steadily: The growth of the company’s operating income mainly comes from the development of software informationization business and environmental monitoring business.

Report information, the company’s power software and information business to achieve operating income.

75 ppm, a ten-year increase2.


The company’s power software and information business achieved net profit1.

6.6 billion, down 23 annually.


The decrease in net profit was mainly attributable to the fact that high-margin cost products have previously decreased compared to the same period last year.

The company’s core business has a strong growth rate in water quality monitoring and is actively expanding its atmospheric monitoring business.

Report information, the company’s environmental protection monitoring business realized operating income4.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 101 in ten years.

46% (of which Beijing Shangyang achieved revenue of 4.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 76 in ten years.

4%; net profit 8332.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 42 every year.

6%); report significant new orders6.

As of the end of the reporting period, there were 4.1 billion in outstanding orders8.

4.7 billion.

Actively lay out ubiquitous power IoT construction with high performance and expected growth: State Grid Corporation of China will begin to deploy ubiquitous power IoT construction in 2019, China Southern Power Grid strives to initially build a smart grid in 2020, and new developments in power information business are welcoming.
The company has close cooperation with supplementary companies affiliated to State Grid, 四川耍耍网 and is expected to benefit from the construction of Grid’s ubiquitous electric power Internet of Things and the smart grid construction of China Southern Grid Corporation, with a focus on the provision of sensing layer equipment and platform layer system construction.

In the future, the company is expected to build smart energy service platform construction and application based on Bowei’s big data visualization analysis technology, power trading platform, energy data service and other business areas, to further increase the company’s product coverage and market share, and contribute to the growth of performance.

Increasing R & D investment to enhance core competitiveness: the report increased, and the company’s R & D investment1.

07 million yuan, an increase of 11 in ten years.


In power software and informatization, the company has gradually improved and expanded its product line, successively launched a longer and complete smart material supply chain solution for power supplies, a lean management and control solution for the entire process of the construction of a mobile Internet-based exchange network, and a power bidding agentEnterprise full-service information service platform.

In terms of environmental protection and informatization, the company successfully independently developed five-parameter analyzers, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, and permanganate index analyzers, and realized the transformation of manufacturers from equipment integrators to equipment R & D.System integrators set the foundation for the transition to integrated service providers.

At the same time, the company has successfully developed a dynamic automatic quality control instrument to improve the validity and accuracy of water quality monitoring data, improve the quality of operation and maintenance services, and the level of supervision of third-party operation and maintenance by competent authorities.

At the same time, the remote dynamic quality control platform used in conjunction with the dynamic automatic quality control instrument was developed to enable the dynamic automatic quality control instrument to achieve “one-click” remote full-function quality control.

In addition, the company has developed information products such as the Zhejiang Clean Air Platform, Sichuan Water Quality Forecasting and Forecasting System, environmental approval tool software, and environmental intelligence reports to assist government supervision, management, and decision-making; a water quality monitoring data management platform, and air quality dataThe management platform is upgraded and optimized based on the state-based precise operation and maintenance system, making the water quality monitoring data management more efficient, accurate, and reliable.In terms of soil management technology, the company independently developed the core technology of thermal desorption and its associated LG001 thermal desorption assistant and complete equipment, which is more efficient, fast, cost-effective than traditional thermal desorption technology, and achieves technological breakthrough.

Investment recommendation: Overweight-A investment rating, 6-month target price of 17.

0 yuan.

We expect the company’s revenue growth to be 18 in 2019-2021.

3%, 20.

0%, 20.

0%, net profit is 3 respectively.

5.1 billion, 4.

2.2 billion, 4.

93 trillion, corresponding to the city’s surplus budget17.

9 times, 14.

9 times and 12.

7 times.

Outstanding growth.

Risk warning: The progress of the project is less than expected, and the financing environment is not improved as expected.

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Baby’s double brain hurt by high fever

Colds and fevers are a common illness in children, and many parents handle them on their own.

However, if the child develops ultra-high fever, that is, the body temperature is ≥41 ° C, he must be hospitalized immediately.

Because hyperthermia is often a sign that a child is seriously ill, it has a lot of damage to the body and can even induce sudden death in children.

High fever convulsions are called high fever convulsions. The younger the age, the higher the body temperature and the more likely it is to develop high fever.

Febrile seizures have great damage to the child’s brain, which can cause increased brain oxygen consumption, hypoxic brain cells, metabolic disorders, and even cerebral edema.

Induced heart failure studies have shown that heart rate increases faster during fever, and every 1 ° C increase in body temperature increases heart rate by 10 ° per minute.
20 times.

When heart rate is ≥160 beats / min, heart failure may occur.

Children with high fevers that cause respiratory failure have shortness of breath.

First of all, the body temperature is a little bit, the faster you breathe.

If the hyperthermia does not retreat in the short term, it will lead to respiratory failure and further worsen the condition, especially those children with heart and lung disease, often suffer from sudden death because they cannot withstand the intense stimulation of hyperthermia.

For children who are in a period of vigorous growth and development, they must usually supplement nutrition, strengthen physical exercise, strengthen their physique, and prevent colds.

Once the child has a fever, he should see a specialist as soon as possible and take antipyretics actively.

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Solve dull muscles + puffy eyes easily in 3 minutes

The swollen eyes that get up in the morning make the eyes half smaller, and the dull complexion also makes the makeup uncomfortable. It looks good or bad, I’m afraid I was found to have fun all night last night!

I really hope that there will be first aid pills. After eating, the puffy face will immediately shrink into a goose egg face!

  Choosing the right care product In fact, choosing the right care product, plus a 10-minute massage, can quickly improve the problematic morning muscles!

When you go out during the day, you will have a firm and rosy complexion.

  Step 1: Use skin lotion to awaken the skin exfoliating fluid to remove the old waste keratin. Use a cotton pad to soak the horny fluid and massage the skin to help the skin remove the old waste horny skin.

For example, when you get up in the morning, sometimes your face is very dull. That is because the old waste keratin that has not been metabolized is accumulated on the surface. You can choose a mild composition, a lotion that removes old waste keratin, and the force of wiping the skin should be light.Excessive pulling can cause skin injury.

  High-performance water to moisturize skin Select high-performance moisturizing cosmetic water, pat the skin with warm palms, awaken the sleeping skin, restore skin elasticity and vitality, and then use the gentle flapping motion of warm palms to help skin restore function, Let the skin “move” and restore ruddy blood color.

  Step 2: Remove edema and brighten skin tone. Remove eye edema. Select eye cream that eliminates edema. Cover the eye area with the palm to help eliminate eye water.

Some people may drink too much water before going to bed, so their eyes will become swollen, and their eyes will become smaller. You can choose eye cream products with moisture removal to help eliminate water around the eyes.

  To brighten the overall skin tone, choose daily whitening essence, massage the skin with your fingers, and transform the skin whitening ingredients.

The skin tone is dull and dry, and the base makeup is unconvincing. You can choose a daily whitening serum that can increase the translucency of the skin, so that the skin whitening effect lasts all day.

  Step 3: Keep moisturizing all day. Choose a moisturizing lotion, wipe the skin with a cotton pad, and form a protective film on the surface of the skin to lock in moisture.

The facial skin that is full of moisture is very elastic. At this time, you need to apply a layer of oily moisturizing lotion to the skin to form a protective film on the surface of the skin.

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Decompression Yoga soothes shoulder and neck problems

Busy office life makes you live under stress all day long. How should you reduce stress in the face of such stress?

Hurry up and practice decompression yoga so that you can enjoy tranquility and joy in the bustling.

  Office Decompression Yoga This is a group of yoga exercises for the office crowd, consisting of six poses.

It can promote blood circulation, soothe nerves and reduce stress; it can effectively relieve fatigue caused by sedentary office postures, especially pain in shoulder, neck, hip and leg muscles.

  1, soothing style points: placed on the back of the ear, stretch upwards when inhaling, exhale time to relax.

(Effectiveness can be achieved on the chair: when the office is tired, doing two soothing styles can relax the shoulder position and improve head blood supply.

  2, dance-style points: hands try to grasp the toes from the intervention, do not flip.

The chest expands when inhaling, the back end relaxes when exhaling, and the legs try to lift back and up.

  Efficacy: Fracture and strong spine, promote blood circulation in the back, nourish spinal nerves.

Can effectively alleviate a variety of low back pain, correct humpback, improve poor posture.

  3, triangle-shaped points: depression, back, top on the same horizontal plane, once exhaled the body continues to bend downwards.

  Efficacy: This is a posture method for the whole body of the abdomen, which can nourish the spine and back nerves, increase strength, increase lung capacity, and reduce waist and abdomen.

  4, the triangle twist type points and effects are the same as the triangle type, in addition there is an effect of increasing waist twist distortion.

  5, chairlift squat points: When squatting, the knee joint spreads out in the direction of the toes, to their own limits, straight forward.

  Efficacy: Because of work, you will often sit for a long time, which will make the blood circulation of your legs weaker and weaker. This posture exercise will strengthen your legs, feet, knees, and uterine muscles, which is good for the legs of sedentary people.Nourishing effect.

  6, single-leg tilt points on the chair: hook feet, straight tail, let your body continue to bend down every time you exhale.

  Efficacy: skeletal muscle, legs, nourishing bones, brain and legs, it has a good effect on back pain and periarthritis.

  Tips: 1. Take about 10 minutes to practice yoga in the middle of work, which can give us a good rest, both physically and mentally, so as to maintain a strong energy and good self-confidence, and better complete other tasks.

  2. Persistent and intense work, the mind is very tired.

Regularly combing your hair with both hands can speed up blood flow to the head, allow your brain to be fully fed, and maintain strong energy.

  3. One or two exercises cannot completely change the sub-health status of the body. A healthy body requires a long-term healthy and regular lifestyle, including regular work and rest time, healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

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Old Chinese medicine recipe for nourishing stomach

Wang Hongkun, a 74-year-old professor of orthopedics at the Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is well ill and has an outpatient clinic three and a half days a week.

He had suffered from gastroesophageal reflux disease and has now basically recovered.

  Professor Wang Hongkun usually soaks peanuts in cold water and soaks them in about four hours.

Eat as you go, crispy and sweet, very refreshing, and even better than fresh peanuts just pulled out of the straw.

Eat 40 capsules daily.

Eating pantothenic acid when nausea can effectively stop vomiting acid.

  He advised the elderly to eat peanuts because peanuts are very nutritious. Among them, unsaturated fatty acids are essential fatty acids in the human body, which can reduce blood cholesterol, triglycerides, reduce blood viscosity, improve blood microcirculation, and increase brain cell activity.To enhance memory.

In addition, peanuts are also good for people with thrombocytopenia.

  Eating more peanuts can bloat, especially raw peanuts that are said to be blistered.

People who do n’t eat often may have thin stools for the first time. Start with a small amount, such as 10 capsules.

  Professor Wang Hongkun eats jujube from Huangxian County in his hometown. This jujube is sweet and slightly sour, and the flesh is not much.

According to Chinese medicine, sweetness enters the spleen and sourness enters the liver.

  It can be seen that eating this date can not only strengthen the spleen and stomach, but also can nourish the liver.

The cooked dates are sweet and warm, have the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, weak spleen and stomach, diarrhea, and tired people are suitable for eating.

  When the temperature is not high in late autumn and early spring and winter, he takes jujube and cooks it in the pot each time. After the water has boiled, he removes the white foam from the upper layer, and then filters the water, then adds water.Later, use low fire to boil.

  About 3 hours, the jujube skin turns black, and a layer of sticky white film seeps out from the bottom of the pot, leaving only a small amount of sugar leaking from the jujube. At this time, the jujube is cooked, sweet and delicious, and easy to absorb.

In summer, cook less, eat as you cook.

Usually eat 10 per day.

  Professor Wang Hongkun said that he has a lot of physical energy for treating patients, so he pays attention to rest.

Go to bed early and get up early, rest for half an hour at noon; eat good food, but never overeat, eat at noon and evening, never lie down and rest for half an hour, this habit is similar to the one he had suffered from gastroesophageal refluxThe symptoms are very relevant.

  He usually sautees the dishes deliberately.

Add ammonium and white pepper for cooking.

Amomum villosum is used for appetizing, warming the spleen and stopping diarrhea, which can increase appetite and help digestion and absorption.

White pepper smells fragrant, warm in nature, has cold-dispersing, stomach-building functions, puts more white pepper powder when cooking after a cold and fever, and also helps sweating.

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