Newborns should be screened for hearing for 7 thousand years

As the saying goes, “Ten deaf and nine dumb”.

According to statistics, the incidence of hearing impairment in normal newborns is one-thousandth to three-thousandths, and the newborns in the intensive care unit can have an incidence of hearing impairment as high as two to four percent.
How to prevent hearing-impaired children from hearing dumb?

Can hearing impaired children recover their hearing?

March 3 is the eleventh national “Earl’s Day” publicity and education event.

  ”The hearing screening of newborns is an important tool for early detection of deafness.

“Mai Fei said,” Before, because children who were too young could not express, the children were not easy to find in the pupa period. They only discovered when they were two or three years old that they had missed the best treatment period.

Nowadays, the technologies and equipment for newborn hearing screening are constantly being updated. For example, hearing screening can be used to detect whether the hearing is normal 48 hours after birth.

“Internationally, the three-early principle has been implemented for children with hearing loss: early detection, early diagnosis, and early intervention.

Starting from June 1 last year, the “Administrative Measures for the Screening of Newborn Diseases” submitted by the Ministry of Health was officially implemented throughout the country, which stipulates that medical institutions with obstetrics or pediatrics in the diagnosis and treatment subjects have adopted the “Technical Specifications for the Screening of Newborn Diseases”》》 Newborn disease screening should be conducted. If the condition is not met, the guardian should be informed to go to a qualified medical institution for blood screening and hearing screening for newborn disease screening.

It can be seen that newborn hearing screening has become one of the important contents.

  Parents can also find that their child’s hearing is abnormal. In the clinic, they often encounter some regrets that cause headaches and pains for doctors. Many parents ca n’t speak because their children are two or three years old, or their articulate is not clear when they are five or six years old.Hands and feet often delay the best time for diagnosis and treatment.

Mai Fei said that although from a professional perspective, newborn hearing screening requires certain technical standards and equipment, but for ordinary parents, in addition to taking their children to the hospital for newborn hearing screening, it can also be found through careful observation.Whether the child’s hearing is abnormal—the child can hear sounds right after birth. Although they do not trigger an active response, they can generate subconscious reflex activities under the stimulation of sound to avoid avoiding his vision in him.Hitting the object near the ear produces sound, he will make blinking, physical discomfort and other actions; after four months, the child has the ability to actively find the sound source, after hearing the strong sound stimulation, he will use his eyes or turn his head to find.

Children around one year old can understand simple words and make simple actions according to language commands; they can understand simple language when they are two years old.

If a child’s response is found to be inconsistent at this age, it should be questioned whether the child has a hearing impairment.

  ”Once the child’s hearing abnormality is found, he should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

“Newborns can be screened for hearing at 2-7 days, and the Ministry of Health has stipulated that they can be screened for hearing at 2-7 days.

Mai Fei introduced that there are two commonly used newborn hearing screening methods. One is called otoacoustic emission method, which inserts a small earplug into the newborn’s external auditory meatus and then plays a click with a certain intensity and frequency.

A normal hearing organ (cochlea) can echo this sound, otherwise it can be captured and recorded by a receiver in the earplug, analyzed and judged by the microcomputer in the instrument.

As long as the child is quiet, the entire examination can be completed in 1-2 minutes.

Another method is automatic brainstem auditory evoked potential detection. The basic method is: insert multiple small electrodes into the child’s head and correct it, and play a specially designed click through the earplugs, and then use a computer to record the cochlear auditory pathway(Brain stem and adjacent areas) potential changes (response to sound), after computer analysis issued a prompt.

The former is particularly commonly used.

  Once their baby cannot pass the hearing screening, parents often become worried and upset.

“Parents need to have a correct understanding of hearing screening results.

“Mai Fei said.

In general, failure to pass hearing screening only indicates that there may be abnormalities in the sense of audiology, that there may be abnormalities in the cochlea, or that the ear canal is narrow or causes a substitution that affects sound (such as early stage, amniotic fluid or meconium may cause the ear canal), It may also be caused by excessive environmental noise or poor cooperation of the child (activity or crying).

In addition, inexperienced inspectors can sometimes affect results.

Therefore, hearing screening is just a screening, not a detailed audiological assessment. The screening report is generally not written as normal or abnormal, but is expressed as “negative” or “positive”, “passed” or “failed””Wait.

If the first screening test fails, parents do not have to worry too much, but they must review it further.

If it fails to pass after 2-3 reexaminations, a brainstem auditory evoked potential test should be used to make a clear diagnosis within 3 months after birth.

  Intervention before the age of 1 with hearing impairment is best before the age of 3, especially before the age of 1, which is a critical period for the development of children’s language center.

If you have hearing impairment in the Air Force, you will not be able to acquire normal language skills and will not even speak for a lifetime.

Mai Fei said that only a small number of children can recover or improve their hearing through surgery or medication, and most children can only rely on induced hearing aids for hearing compensation.

Patients with severe hearing loss and total blindness, even with hearing aids, will not help. Implantation of cochlear implants, combined with hearing function training, speech therapy, and language training, will enable children to gradually understand the sound and avoid the development of dumb disorders.

It is best to start the intervention at 6 months or earlier, and the specific steps need to be completed under the guidance of a specialist.

  Studies have shown that if a child is found to have hearing impairment at birth, after rehabilitation language training, he can master 300 to 700 words by the age of 3; if he is not found to have hearing impairment by the age of 2, even rehabilitation training, to 3At the age of only less than 100 words.

  ”For hearing children who can’t be treated, they can be taught to do the best early exercises, correct hearing aids in time, and start auditory language training as soon as possible.

Mai Fei said that after language training, children can communicate with others normally, so that they are deaf but not dumb, and disabled but not useless.  Tip: How can a baby’s hearing impairment be prevented?

  At present, the factors of neonatal congenital deafness are not fully understood, but it is found to be closely related to the following high-risk factors: family history of deafness, intrauterine infections (such as cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasma, syphilis, etc.), skull deformities, premature birthOr very low birth weight infants (weighing less than 1500 grams), multiple births, maternal drug abuse (such as gentamicin) and alcohol, maternal diabetes, chromosomal abnormalities, and some syndromes related to sensorineural or complication deafness.

  Some newborns are unable to hear at birth, but can suffer from hearing impairment due to various acquired factors, such as meningitis, use of ototoxic drugs, severe jaundice, severe suffocation, and other serious illnesses, living in the neonatal care unit for a long time,High risk factors for hearing impairment.

  Experts, pregnant women strengthen their awareness of personal health care, prevent others from unnecessary contact, strengthen health care during pregnancy and perinatal period, and prevent infections and newborn diseases, which can reduce the incidence of hearing impairment to a certain extent, but due to the causeComplicated, complete prevention of the disease is not yet possible.

Therefore, strengthening newborn hearing screening, timely detection of hearing impairment and early medical intervention are the most effective preventive measures for deaf children.

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Eight simple skin care tips

Women who love beauty should pay special attention to skin care in autumn, but if they master certain skin care skills, they can do more with less!

  Simple skin care tips: 1. The cleansing of the double-washed skin is very important, especially the cleansing of the facial skin. Once you ignore the cleansing of the face, the next day you will obviously see the dullness of the skin, maybe a acnePox comes out!

jms must also be most afraid of the breeding of acne!

So jms must pay attention to washing your face!

The skin must be cleaned before going to sleep. When cleaning, apply the cleansing cream on the skin, and then remove the makeup with tissue paper. After removing the makeup, you must wash it with soap.

  2. Often massage the skin. Maybe we will massage the skin less, but only occasionally we will be better on the skin.

But massage is very good for the skin. Our skin is more delicate and smooth alternately!

So massage your skin when you have time, don’t be lazy!

Try to choose face-washing soap with less spices. First, make the soap foam, then apply the foam on it, and press the middle finger and the little finger from bottom to top, then gently massage from the inner order; if you use oily skin,Brush for good results.

Remember to wash with water after massage.

  3, eat more beauty foods for eating, but this is why women like it, huh, huh, and it’s all junk food.

Although junk food is not good for us, it is delicious and we have no ability to resist it!

But not here, we are going to eat some foods that are helpful for beauty!

Eat more beauty foods every day, such as rabbit meat, lemon, grapefruit, walnuts, sesame and so on.

These foods not only keep the face white and plump, but also have bodybuilding and anti-wrinkle effects.

  4. With good vinegar, I always know that it is good for beauty.

I have heard that adding vinegar with water can whiten teeth, so I used shortened vinegar to brush my teeth, but the taste is a bit strange (because I do n’t like vinegar), I gave up without insisting for a few days, of course, the effect was not veryAlright!

What I am going to talk about here is the cosmetic effect of vinegar on the skin.

Vinegar has a certain beauty effect.

The method is: add an appropriate amount of vinegar to the warm bath water, and it will be particularly comfortable after bathing.

Mix vinegar with glycerin at a ratio of 5: 1 and rub it often to make rough skin tender.

You can also wash your hair with 200 ml of vinegar and 300 ml of warm water to treat hair loss, dandruff and itchy scalp.

  5. Drink a glass of cold water before bed. Do you have the habit of drinking water before bed? I don’t have it, and my classmates said that drinking water before bed will swell up when we wake up in the morning.

But the beauty master believes that this glass of cold water is very beneficial to the skin.

Because when you sleep, this valuable glass of water is circulated and absorbed in your cells, making your skin more delicate and smooth.

So jms can try it!

  6, working in the air-conditioned room should drink plenty of water jms is definitely working in the air-conditioned room, although it is very comfortable in the air-conditioned room, but we should pay more attention to our skin care!

In winter, the air suffers very little, and it works in air-conditioned rooms.

People’s skin is more prone to dryness, far more severe than the dryness caused by seasonal changes.

Drink a glass of water every hour to keep your skin from drying out.

  7. Bathing with orange peel water has always known that orange peel is very useful. In the past, I often drank orange peel water boiled with dried orange peel, which is particularly effective for colds!

Now I know that using orange peel can be beauty, yes, after eating oranges can leave orange peel!

When bathing, put it in a gauze bag and soak it in the bathtub water.

  8, the correct use of skin care products skin care products I believe everyone is using, but there are ways to apply skin care products!

Essences, lotions are still water-based, cream-based skin care products, it is best to rub with both hands 10 times before applying, warm the skin care products with warmth, and then apply on the face.

After it has been completely absorbed by the face, rub it for 10 times and gently press the whole face to help improve absorption. Your small face will be more ruddy and healthy!

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Solve dull muscles + puffy eyes easily in 3 minutes

The swollen eyes that get up in the morning make the eyes half smaller, and the dull complexion also makes the makeup uncomfortable. It looks good or bad, I’m afraid I was found to have fun all night last night!

I really hope that there will be first aid pills. After eating, the puffy face will immediately shrink into a goose egg face!

  Choosing the right care product In fact, choosing the right care product, plus a 10-minute massage, can quickly improve the problematic morning muscles!

When you go out during the day, you will have a firm and rosy complexion.

  Step 1: Use skin lotion to awaken the skin exfoliating fluid to remove the old waste keratin. Use a cotton pad to soak the horny fluid and massage the skin to help the skin remove the old waste horny skin.

For example, when you get up in the morning, sometimes your face is very dull. That is because the old waste keratin that has not been metabolized is accumulated on the surface. You can choose a mild composition, a lotion that removes old waste keratin, and the force of wiping the skin should be light.Excessive pulling can cause skin injury.

  High-performance water to moisturize skin Select high-performance moisturizing cosmetic water, pat the skin with warm palms, awaken the sleeping skin, restore skin elasticity and vitality, and then use the gentle flapping motion of warm palms to help skin restore function, Let the skin “move” and restore ruddy blood color.

  Step 2: Remove edema and brighten skin tone. Remove eye edema. Select eye cream that eliminates edema. Cover the eye area with the palm to help eliminate eye water.

Some people may drink too much water before going to bed, so their eyes will become swollen, and their eyes will become smaller. You can choose eye cream products with moisture removal to help eliminate water around the eyes.

  To brighten the overall skin tone, choose daily whitening essence, massage the skin with your fingers, and transform the skin whitening ingredients.

The skin tone is dull and dry, and the base makeup is unconvincing. You can choose a daily whitening serum that can increase the translucency of the skin, so that the skin whitening effect lasts all day.

  Step 3: Keep moisturizing all day. Choose a moisturizing lotion, wipe the skin with a cotton pad, and form a protective film on the surface of the skin to lock in moisture.

The facial skin that is full of moisture is very elastic. At this time, you need to apply a layer of oily moisturizing lotion to the skin to form a protective film on the surface of the skin.

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How to train your child’s emotions

It is difficult for children to control their emotions when things do not go the way they want.

The cultivation of emotional stability is a substitute for forming a good personality.

Therefore, emotional development is particularly important.

  First, let children calmly face failure. Many children’s emotions will cause depression after failure.

Teach your child how to face failure properly, and the courage to face it is vital for children.

When playing games with their children, parents do not prevent them from deliberately losing a few times, and let the children see how they face winning or losing.

It can be said, “Although I lost, this game is still very interesting, and maybe I can win next time.

“Let the children realize that all games have wins and losses, and only then can the games be fun.

  Second, let children know how to share. Children often can’t stand others to share everything they like. This is not the same as selfishness, but by nature.

Parents must face up to this characteristic of their children, and help their children put away their favorite toys before other children come to play.

Parents tell the child that you respect what he likes, but sharing is also part of the game.

Also tell the children that children will not take their baby’s toys home.

  Third, make a fair decision. If your little guy fights with the toy for your partner, you should immediately step forward to stop it, and then tell the two children: you must rotate to play.

This kind of statement is better than “bringing my brother”, because the latter statement is not fair and difficult for children to accept.

You need to play the role of referee to ensure that two children exchange toys every second.

  Fourth, the feeling of being ordered with a “prevention shot” in advance will lead the child to correct it, so parents should let the child know that this situation will occur before something will happen, so that the baby feels that it is he who has the initiativeNot mom and dad.

For example, “We should go home three more slides,” or “After eating ice cream, let’s go outside to play.

Fifth, make good rules. When children feel that things are not under their control, they tend to cry loudly and lose their temper.

Rules can give them the necessary sense of security.

For example, when a game expanded with a friend is over, we can designate the child to shake hands with other children; or let him move for a while before going home, and so on.

  6. Let the child rest for a while to complete one activity. Before preparing to start another activity, parents can take the child to find a relatively quiet place to rest for a while and calm down.

Although this is a bit time consuming, it can effectively prevent the child from being over-excited.

  Seven, often give praise If the child can keep crying and follow the parents away from the children’s home or amusement park obediently, we should not miss the opportunity to give praise.

This will let your child know that they are doing the right thing.

We can say, “Baby is so obedient, makes mother proud”, or “I am so happy today!

“Children like positive reviews, so parents’ attention and encouragement for correct behavior can motivate their children to maintain their strengths.

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Be a man like a pig

Earlier, some sages asked the beauties to list the four men and women in “Journey to the West” one by one and select their favorites.

What makes people astounded is that the best person to win the crush of the eyebrows is actually Mr. Pig Bajie!

  For a time, being a pig-like man has become the goal of many men.

  Privately, the choice of Bajie is still reluctant for women, after all, the selection range is too narrow.

What women like most is actually the complex of prodigal, prodigal, knight, and chairman.

Women occasionally turned over Jin Yong, but only in Linghu Chong, Zhang Wuji, Qiao Feng, Yang Guo, and even the old urchins, looking for the kind of man who made his heart beat.

Because there is no guilty guts in life, and keen bones and tenderness, so I have to incorporate love and hate into the rivers and lakes.

  When tenderness is like water, and grandeur is a thing of the past, and the prodigal temperament gradually degenerates from our blood, women have to put away the classical aesthetic vision and hide good men in dreams.

Fortunately, the men quickly polished their clues, and if they could not become heroes, they had to join the ranks of Bajie.

So, where is Bajie after all?

  The Eight Commandments grow up.

It is a woman who wants to raise her pinky finger, and use her index finger to poke the head of Bajie’s immensely large friend, accompanied by a classic line: “Look at you silly”.

One fact is, give women a platform to show shrewdness and coquettishness, and women will like you.

  The Eight Commandments have desire.

Good things like eating ginseng fruit are never left to others. This is called “no independence” and no husband!

Also, Bajie will lie, in which women do not like to occupy men’s honey-like lies with their eyes closed and eyes closed?

  There are so many benefits, so, what other reasons can make men refuse to be the same as Bajie men?

In the second best place, men and women found a place to adapt.

Since there is no love myth, let’s be comfortable with Mr. Bajie, who is ordinary in appearance and sincere with a little desire.

  So, walking on the street, the men learned the way of Bajie, held the beer belly, so that the belt could not be tied to the waist; therefore, the men with beards still pretending to be “Solo boy, you girl”And so, the men pity fragrant and cherish the jade and even start to fear.

  However, we should still thank Bajie. His positive attitude to life and the cleverness of all talents have added a lot of fun to life after all.

A man who is usually happy and has some shortcomings is a true man.

  There are many kinds of men. The most popular and trendy one is the eight-ring man.

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Literary giants “meditation” fitness

Our country’s literary giant Guo Moruo is not physically fit. He suffered a serious illness as a child. He went to Japan to study abroad and suffered from typhoid fever in his youth, which caused hearing loss in his ears.
However, Guo Lao enjoys 87-year-old longevity. What’s the secret?
One important reason is that he has insisted on static fitness for decades, and has played an important role in maintaining health and prolonging life.
  Guo Lao’s meditation dates back to the early 1920s.
In early 1914, he went east to Japan and was admitted to Tokyo’s No. 1 High School in June of that year.
Due to overuse of the brain, he had severe neurasthenia after graduating in a high expected one year.
Heart palpitations, fatigue, restless sleep, and nightmares. I can only sleep for two or three hours a night. The memory of the past is almost gone. I often forget the first line when I read the second line and feel dizzy.Unbearable and exhausted.
At that time, Guo Moruo was very distressed, pessimistic, depressed, and difficult to hold himself back.
  In mid-September 1915, Guo Moruo accidentally bought a “Wang Wencheng Gong Complete Works” in the old bookstore in Tokyo (Wang Wencheng is the Ming Confucianist Wang Yangming).
After reading the story of Mr. Wang Yangming’s “meditation” method of recovering from illness and fitness, he began to try to learn, sit up for 30 minutes each morning when he got up in the morning and sleep at night, and read 10 pages of “The Complete Works of Wang Wencheng” every day.
In this way, less than half a month, a miracle happened. Guo Moruo’s sleep improved greatly, she slept sweetly, and her dreams were reduced. Her appetite returned to normal, and she gradually became tired of riding.
“Sit back” produced a magical effect on Guo Moruo.
Guo Moruo once said meaningfully: “Sitting on cultivation is really effective. I very much agree with my friends.
We use meditation instead of meditation as a means that is not incompatible with aggressiveness.
“” Sitting “fitness method made Guo Lao’s body from weak to strong.

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Constipation with food therapy

[Introduction]Due to the improvement of our living standards, our food is becoming more and more refined, so that more and more people suffer from constipation.

Today I will recommend a few treatments to everyone.

  Due to the improvement of our living standards nowadays, our food is becoming more and more delicate, and thus more and more people suffer from constipation.
Today, Xiaobian came to recommend several food treatments for constipation, which can effectively improve the constipation.

  [Fruit citron sheep]Formula: Cistanche 30 grams, 1 pair of sheep kidney.

  Method: Remove the fascia of the sheep kidney and cut it thinly, and mix it with soy sauce, starch, and rice wine to slightly marinate.

Add Cistanche to the right amount; cook for 20 minutes, remove the residue and leave the juice.

Re-enter the sheep kidney and boil until boiled, add onion, ginger salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil and serve.

  Effect: Wenyang laxative.

  Usage: 1 time daily, 2 times in the morning and evening.

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Reasons for children to eat more orange and green vegetables

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin.

The source of human vitamin A is through eating animal foods such as liver, kidney, cod liver oil, milk, poultry eggs, etc .; the second is the intake of vitamin A precursor (carotene) from plant foods, which is converted into vitamins in humanOne.

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for our body. It can maintain the normal ability of the eyes to adapt to darkness, maintain the normal structure and function of epithelial tissues such as skin, eyes, digestive tract, etc.Normal growth is good.

Therefore, it plays a very important role in the normal growth and development of infants.

  Reasons for children to eat more orange-green vegetables. The orange-green vegetables and fruits we are talking about contain rich carotene, but only about 1/6 of the carotene in the replacement can be really used by the human body.Because it is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is more easily dissolved and absorbed in the presence of fat.

Therefore, when making this kind of food, you must put oil or cook it with meat.

Orange green vegetables and fruits include carrots, spinach, pea sprouts, red sweet potatoes, pumpkins, laver, apricots, persimmons and more.

Why can’t fruit be a substitute for vegetables?

  There are many varieties of fruit, with good color, aroma and taste, which are good for helping digestion and increasing children’s appetite.

The nutritional value of fruits is similar to that of light-colored vegetables, which are mainly rich in inorganic salts, vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Acidic fruits such as fresh dates, hawthorn, citrus and other vitamin C content are high, and because the fruit can be eaten raw, the nutrients contained in it are heated without being destroyed, so the nutritional value is higher than that of vegetables.

However, there is a certain amount of fruit on the market, and the vitamin C content of fruits preserved during the winter and spring season has been affected. Most of the vitamin C has been destroyed due to the high temperature treatment during preparation of canned fruits.

Therefore, children even have the conditions to eat fruits every day, or they cannot fully meet the vitamin C requirements.

  Vegetables come from a wide range of sources, especially in the south. Fresh vegetables are cheap and readily available in all seasons.

Green vegetables are rich in inorganic salts and vitamin C, which can be reconstituted into various forms for children’s consumption. It is an irreplaceable part of the composition.

Therefore, vitamin C supplementation should be based on vegetables, and fruit alone cannot achieve this goal.

More importantly, vegetables contain more cellulose than fruits, and cellulose can promote bowel movements and excrete stool.

Children who have been constipated often do not eat vegetables.

So after eating fruits, you should still pay attention to eat more vegetables every day, especially fresh and dark green vegetables.

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Four ways to make peace between husband and wife

Lead: Sure enough, after they proceed, the life of the couple becomes more harmonious than before.

Especially for couples who are irritable and have high self-esteem, the role of the love convention is more obvious.

  It is not terrible that a relationship problem occurs between husband and wife. If you master the four tactics of restoring husband and wife relationship, you can still reconcile.

  First, on the contrary, the strengths of the other couple are generally seeing each other’s shortcomings, so that the more they look, the less they are pleasing to the eye. In fact, the other party is certainly not the only one without advantages, but if the contradiction between the couple develops to the point that they think the spouse has only shortcomingsIf there is no merit, it is probably because of negative empathy on both sides.

At this time, you should use the method of discovering advantages, that is, consciously discovering the advantages of your spouse to solve the problem.

American psychologists have a three-week plan called Improving Husband-Wife Relationships, which requires couples who are not in harmony with each other to ask themselves to discover each other’s advantages and tell each other within three weeks.

The first few days may feel a little awkward, but after a few days it will be natural.

By the end of the twenty-first day, most couples found that it was difficult for each other.

Of course, the purpose of this method is to make the couples who have different feelings come out of the complications of negative empathy. As long as this purpose can be achieved, the time can be short or long.

  Second, looking at the problem from another perspective, research by psychologists found that about half of the couples who have become weaker in feelings are only because each other has a stronger personality, and as a result, they ca n’t get along with each other.

In fact, if you look at it from another angle, you will find that many things do not involve the principle of right and wrong, so don’t take these too seriously.

Another thing is to change your behavior.

Whether they can tolerate each other, understand each other and adapt to each other’s personality.

If you can do not demand the other side, first change yourself, I believe that the emotional crisis between the elder wife will not be easy to form.

  Third, a couple of love conventions often quarrel over small matters. Later, the husband feels that he hopes to use the following conventions: 1.

Be patient with each other in everything; 2.

2. If you disagree and want to speak aloud, leave each other for a while; 3.

Husband and wife should treat each other with sincerity; 4 Husband and wife show love to each other; 5.

6. If one party is unhappy, the other party wants to help the other party to forget the unhappy things; 6.

Every night before going to bed, couples need to check each other’s events and plan tomorrow’s events together.

Sure enough, after they did this, the life of the couple became more harmonious than before.

Especially for couples who are irritable and have high self-esteem, the role of the love convention is more obvious.

  Fourth, leave the law for the time being. Most couples have had such a psychological experience, get along day and night, and once separated, think about it.

The reason is simple. The separation provides favorable conditions for both sides to calmly think about the problem.

Moreover, people generally have the mentality that memories of past things have a certain instinct to promote goodness and abandon evil over time, and happy things will gradually become prominent.

Therefore, for those couples who are not in a harmonious situation, they should consciously use the temporary separation method; so that the couple’s beautiful feelings can be awakened in the separation.

  Tips: Most couples find it difficult to copy each other.

Of course, the purpose of this method is to make the couples who have different feelings come out of complications of negative empathy. As long as this purpose can be achieved, the time can be short or long.

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Six ways to help children cope with emotional crisis

Xiao Sha got up early in the morning and said, “I don’t want to go to kindergarten at all today.

After arguing with her best friend Deline, she ignored me again, which made me sad . “With age, my child’s life gradually expanded from family to kindergarten, school, emotional problems encounteredIt’s getting more complicated.

  ”Xiao Sha has no appetite at all; Xiao Sha is very upset; Xiao Sha is so nervous that her stomach hurts; Xiao Sha really wants to cry”, and all this is just for “arguing with good friends”.

For adults who have been fighting for hundreds of years but have forgotten their childhood experience, this is just a small setback in life. For children, it is a real physical reaction and psychological feeling.

It is uncomfortable to have a conflict with a good friend. If this good friend is well-connected with his peers, his reputation is high, and the child ‘s situation is more difficult.

“It is quite lethal to children.

  However, social conflict is the best time for children to develop their emotional processing skills.

From observing the emotional expression of others, describing their emotional feelings, imitating the emotional processing of others, and experiencing solutions, etc., children learn everything about emotions, and from this they develop more elements, more flexibility, and coordination.More sophisticated emotion processing skills.

  When a child encounters friendship setbacks, parents can do this: 1.

Believe in your child’s feelings and accept your child’s emotions2.

Carefully observe the child’s physiological response when his emotions come 3.

Guide your child to observe how others solve problems 4.

Encourage your child to tell sad things to someone they can trust.

Tell your child that one way won’t work and remember to see if there are other ways to go 6.

Trying to make the child understand that the loss sometimes makes us better. Parents can also tell him the truth by telling stories.

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