[Can apricots and strawberries be eaten together]_Strawberries_Eat at the same time

Apricot is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. Apricot can treat wind and cold lung diseases, can promote fluid and quench thirst, and has certain effects on moistening lungs and reducing phlegm. Apricot can also clear heat and detoxify.

Apricot meat can be eaten directly. In addition to eating, apricot meat can also be made into dried apricots or dried apricots, apricot juice, apricot green plums, etc. Strawberry is a kind of fruit that many people like to eat, and many people do n’t know whether apricot and strawberry can be eaten together., Can apricots and strawberries be eaten together?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Can apricots and strawberries be eaten together?
Can eat together without conflict.


Apricot effect Apricot is an important part of Chinese herbal medicine. It treats wind and cold lung disease, refreshes and quenches thirst, nourishes lungs and reduces phlegm, clears heat and detoxifies.

Apricot meat can be processed into fresh apricots, canned apricots, candied apricots, dried apricots, apricot jam, apricot juice, apricot wine, apricot plums, apricot plums, apricot peels, etc .; almonds can be madeAlmond cream, almond milk, almond butter, almond butter, almond dessert, almond pickles, almond oil, etc.

Almond oil is slightly yellow and transparent, and has a delicate fragrance. It is not only an excellent cooking oil, but also an important raw material for advanced paints, cosmetics and high-quality soaps.


What apricot can’t eat with: 1.

Almonds are equivalent to pork. Almonds should not be eaten with pork, as they can cause stomach pain.

Almonds and chestnuts should not be eaten together. When taking almonds, it is not advisable to eat chestnuts at the same time. At the same time, it will produce substances that are harmful to the body.


Almonds cannot be eaten with pig lungs. Pig lungs with rhomboids and almonds can cause adverse reactions and are not good for the body.


Almonds are equivalent to dog meat. When taking almonds, it is not advisable to eat dog meat. The same food can produce harmful substances to the body.


Almonds and millet are in grams, and almonds and millet are eaten together, which makes people vomit and diarrhea.


Almonds and chestnuts are in grams. When taking almonds, it is not advisable to eat chestnuts at the same time. At the same time, it will produce substances that are harmful to the body.


Almonds cannot be eaten with traditional Chinese medicines such as astragalus, scutellaria, and pueraria.

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[How to make lemon pound cake]_Homemade lemon lemon pound cake_How to make lemon pound pound cake_How to make lemon pound pound cake

For many foodies, seeing food is their greatest happiness, so today I will give you a chance to learn with me and try to make this lemon-flavored cream pound cake. I believe that if you do it yourself, you will eat it.Even more delicious!


Mix low-gluten flour, almond flour, powdered sugar, baking powder, and sieve for later use.


12 The whole eggs are broken up; the butter is softened in the room; the lemon rind is ground into a grinder, and 10 grams of fine white sugar are added to mix well; the lemon is cut open, and the lemon juice is squeezed out for use.


21 Put the sieved powder, salt, milk, and softened paste into a mixing bowl.


Beat slowly with an eggbeater until the peanuts are completely absorbed, the batter turns white, and it is slightly bulky (stop in the middle, use a rubber spatula to scrape the edges of the container, and brake all the materials to stir well).


3 eggs?
Joined 4 times.

Stir slowly with an eggbeater until the egg liquid is completely absorbed, then add it again; after the egg liquid is completely added and absorbed, continue to stir at a slow speed until the batter is soft and smooth; then add the lemon peel in step 2 in sequenceAnd lemon juice, continue to stir at a slow speed until the batter color is brighter, and the pound cake batter is completed.


Pour the batter into the mold for about 7 minutes.


Preheat the oven, heat 180 ° C, medium, 40 minutes.


With a glass of cold watermelon juice, good summer refreshments.

This lemon-flavored cream pound cake is not as difficult as everyone thinks. As long as we follow the steps to make a delicious and delicious substitute, housewives who like to cook, hurry and try this recipe introduced by Xiaobian todaydish.

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[Cumin powder potatoes]_cumin potatoes_how to make_production method

Stir-fried potato chips with cumin is very convenient and simple, and this food can also have a good appetizing effect in series, especially those who like to eat peppers, put some dried peppers appropriately, and solve greasy during the New Year, absolutelyA most effective food.

Ingredients 2 potatoes, salt, cumin powder, green onion, vegetable oil. Method 1, 1, peel and wash potatoes, and cut into thick slices.

2. Brush oil in a frying pan and add potato chips after heating.

3, turn over and fry until the potato chips are half cooked and sprinkle salt, cumin powder.

4, continue to fry, sprinkle with green onions.

Practice two, 1.

Peel the potatoes and cut into slices. Soak them in water to remove the starch 2 inside.

Put oil in a non-stick pan. Put the soaked potato chips in one side. After one side is cooked, fry the other side in turn and fry until golden on both sides.

Then pour the cumin and dried peppers into the pot, fry it slightly with a shovel, season with salt, and eat it out of the pot. The sliced potato chips must be soaked in water to remove the starch inside, or they will be fried.At that time, I will not put chili in the pan. I can make snacks for children. You can use the oven to bake.

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The awards will be presented to the audience, and the awards will be given to the mustards, and the awards will be given to the awards. The awards will be given to you.儰鐫€鍚冦€傚钩鏃跺湪澶ц涓婂氨鍙互鐪嬪埌涓€浜涘皬鍟嗚穿鍥寸潃涓€涓ぇ鐏倝锛岄噷闈㈠氨鏄儰濂界殑绾㈣柉锛岄鍛虫墤榧汇€傚钩鏃剁敓娲讳腑锛屽悆涓€浜涚孩钖笉浣嗗彲浠ヨВ鍐抽ゥ楗跨殑闂锛屽悓鏃惰繕鑳藉缁欒韩浣撹ˉ鍏呭ぇ閲忕殑钀ュ吇銆傞偅涔堬紝绾㈣柉绮夋€庝箞鍔犲伐? 涓€銆佺畝璁猴細绾㈣柉鏄垜鍥芥櫘閬嶇妞嶇殑涓€绉嶅啘浣滅墿锛岀孩钖骇閲忛珮閫傚簲鎬у己鍦ㄦ垜鍥藉悇鍦板潎鏈変笉鍚岄潰绉殑绉嶆锛岀孩钖瘜鍚泲鐧借川銆佹穩绮夈€佹灉鑳躲€佺氦缁寸礌銆佹皑鍩洪吀銆佺淮鐢熺礌浠ュ強澶氱鐭跨墿璐紝钀ュ吇淇濆仴浠峰€奸珮銆傝繎骞存潵寮€灞曠孩钖繁鍔犲伐椤圭洰I ‘m not sure how to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it.犲伐浣庢姇鍏ャ€侀闄╁皬銆佸埄娑﹂珮鍙欢浼稿彂灞曡嚦浜т笟閾剧殑鍟嗘満銆?爾 ㈣ 柉 迪 垞 姸 姸 姸 僸 姸 僸 姸 僸 僸 僸 司 叜 儠 Ammonia 栠 ヤ 笁 嬸 姞 宸 僸 僸 帶 嬶 嬶 寶 尹 璹 璹 璹 咴 倉 値-尡 尤 嗤-員 嗤嗤-囤- Roubeng - Yao peristaltic Yui – Gu Yi Zi He riverbank Crimson – Xian Hua correction – identified by Xi – Qian crop Bo – purple riverbank He TOWER crafty 2 percent of the Man off mask plate Po Huan Shou ¢ Rangrou Cis fine meat guillotine Shi-呓 呮 礂-Juan 僃 务 -Scythe inch- 鍒 嗙 - 闄 ゆ Starting point-Ying 嶛 嶘 垎 垎 咋 凋 卋 勫 凫 堫-鎼 呮 妈-閬 嬬 倲-鎴- Wan Feng Mian – Suo g Mengxiujuyin (Ekuawenqi Ling stagnant water Zu ュ chi Hay yu Fanechaifa Qiqunxunben An altogether Zan yu Wenqibianmei Tuanhua Beihongxiwen Qilingtanggao? 3 銆 侀 槻 氻 嫔 髒 Do you want to know how to do it? Do you think it is argon?呓 呮 礂-Juan 僃 -Sickle--- 闄 ゆ-闄 ゆ-軒-撶-撶 discriminate-single-stubble- 绛 涘 垎-撹 姟-撹 姟 宼-浼 屼 閿ょ矇涓嬮攨-鐔熷寲-鍐峰嵈-鐩樼矇鎸傛潌-鍐峰喕-鏁g矇鏅炬檼(棣栧厛鏈€濂芥槸鏅炬檼娣€绮夎繘琛Han Ji Chen wa Ren Qianchapaoyang Yiaiweiduo Yichakuiwen Qilinghaiyang  Mao Wenjujiaolian Gaixunjuanhun  Qiehuagongyang Tiaotang ho у Fan)

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銆 愮 剑 瑮 栨 厱 揂  殑 鎭 氭 框 銆 鸒 ︾ 硸 掸 曉 樉 冫 Ning drafts of the 四 娉 雉 鸒 ︾ 硸 鎱 曉 啫 啫Guo pot?
鐒︾硸鎱曟柉杩欓亾鑿滅殑椋熸潗绠€鍗曪紝鍋ュ悍鍙堝崼鐢燂紝鏃犵壒娈婃儏鍐垫槸閫傜敤浜庡悇涓勾榫勫眰闃舵浜哄悆鐨勩€傝棌涓嶄綇鐨勭編鍛筹紝璁╀汉鏃犳硶鎷掔粷锛屽湪瀹朵篃鑳藉仛锛岃浜哄悆浜嗗繕涓嶄簡锛屾瀹楃殑瀹跺父鍙e懗銆傜編鍛炽€佷竴瀹朵汉锛屽氨鏄垢绂忋€?銆佹寜涓€鑸垰椋庤泲绯曞仛娉曪紝鍏堝仛涓€涓垰椋庤泲绯曞喎鍗磋劚妯★紝鎴氶铔嬬硶妯埅鍒嗘垚2鐗囷紝骞跺帇瀹炴瘡涓€鐗囷紱2銆佸啺涓€纰楀喎姘村湪鍐扮閲岋紝涓€浼氬効瑕佹场楸艰兌鐗囩敤锛涘緟姘The village is phoenix, afraid of hardships and arrogant to play against them? 憈 澶 囩 啤 啤Swords, swords, swords, swords, swords, swords, swords, swords, swords, swords, swords, sword, sword參鎱㈠彉鐒︾硸鑹诧紝绋嶇◢鏅冨姩閿呭瓙锛屽緟鍒扮爞绯栧叏閮ㄨ瀺鍖栥€傚彟璧蜂竴閿呭€掑叆鐒︾硸閮ㄥ垎娣″ザ娌圭叜寮€锛岀鐏€傚弻鎵嬫埓涓婃墜濂楋紝灏嗙叜娌哥殑娣″ザ娌规參鎱竴鐐圭偣鍊掑叆鐒︾硸涓紝涓€杈瑰€掑叆涓€杈规悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛岃嚦姝ゅザ娌圭劍绯栭叡宸茬粡鍋氬ソAdze?It ‘s hard to realize it, and it ‘s hard to realize it. The total number of villages in the world is as follows: The world ‘s real estate industry is very difficult to change, and it ‘s very difficult to change it.锛?醆 俺 О 忔 厔 叱 鏂  硦 閮 ㄥ 垎 迪 “ザ 娌 詟 纴 锷 犆 厱 雟 柉 閮 ㄥ 垎 雜 雸 對 雸 對 雉 尽 唽 傽 雉 储 雨 唽 唽 傽 集Do you want to buy a gallium-grade gallium?What’s the matter? Mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother.銆佹參鎱㈢殑涓€鐐圭殑寰€濂舵补鐒︾硸閰遍噷鏀惧叆鎵撳彂鐨勬贰濂舵补锛屼笉瑕佷竴涓嬪瓙鍊掑叆娣″ザ娌癸紝涓嶇劧寰堝鏄撶粨鍧楋紒涓€杈瑰€掑叆娣″ザ娌逛竴杈硅交杞荤殑鎼呮媽鍧囧寑锛?This is the best way to do it, but it ‘s very difficult to read it. It ‘s a good way to do it.彲鍙垰椋庤泲绯曠墖涓€灞傛厱鏂硦锛屽啀涓€灞傚彲鍙垰椋庤泲绯曠墖鍐嶄竴灞傛厱鏂硦锛屽綋鍊掓弧鎱曟柉绯婂悗锛岀◢杞荤涓€涓嬫ā鍏凤紝璁╂厱鏂硦娑堝幓娉℃场鍚庡氨鍙互鏀惧啺绠卞喎钘?Do you have a bad time?I ‘m going to tell you how to tell you what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on? ”Shi Yu cracking 2 Shi Yu Ren – Welding stamp Menuu ang Cun Juan  Teresa Hamamatsu Election ā Weifengjingshou  Dao Niechongluzhou “Hongjuanrongnan Feifanganjian Jiongboyingxie Ren Fucaoningzha Rong ā WeiThe peak line is awesome, and the line is very simple. What?0 銆 垹 锷 熻 妯 妯 $ 掑 鎟 擉 嬬 塬 塶 11 劆 嬴 嬫 咫 咭 园 松 图 囸 囸 常 囸 囸 囸槗瀛︼紝鏄€傚悎涓婄彮鏃忕殑鍦ㄥ鍋氱殑鑿滆偞锛屾柟渚垮揩鎹凤紝杩樺彲浠ヤ韩鍙楀埌瀹剁殑鍛抽亾銆?

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[How to cook dried chicken head rice]_ delicious conventions _ how to make

Dried chicken head rice is a food and should be accepted as a staple food.

But the preparation method is different, because some dried chicken head rice can be cooked and eaten, but some can be made into other foods.

Therefore, according to your personal tastes or hobbies, you should be able to study how to eat for you.

And this is very important and good for the human body.

So how to cook dried chicken head rice?

Do I need to soak water before cooking?

How do you eat it?

We usually soak the dried fruit for two hours before cooking it.

Dry with water.

Because the dried fruits are soaked in boiling water, the nutrients in dried fruits will be lost, so you must soak the fruits directly with water.

How long will it dry after cooking?

1. The dried lotus root must be cooked beforehand. The dried lotus root is more difficult to cook. It takes more time. 2. If the white fungus can’t finish eating at one time, you can put it out when you just finished it. Don’t stir it., Put it in a fresh-keeping box, and then put it in the refrigerator for refrigerated storage. It can be left for 1-2 days.

Just reheat when you eat.

Shrimp and Shrimp Ingredients: 300g of fresh river prawns, 100g of fresh prawns, 4g of salt, 1 egg white, 5g of dried starch, 5g of wet starch, 5g of cooking wine, 1g of monosodium glutamate, 1g of Totole chicken essence, 5g of sesame oil, 5g of onion ginger juice, and chicken broth100g of salad oil (750g consumes about 75g).

Method: 1. Rinse the shrimps, absorb the moisture with a clean towel, add salt, cooking wine, green onion ginger juice, monosodium glutamate and eggs in the bowl until they are sticky, then add the dried starch and mix well.

2. Wash the pot and place on medium heat. When the salad oil is heated to 40% heat, pour the shrimps into the sizing and remove until the whiteness is broken. Then pour the scallion into the colander when cooked.Filter oil.

3. Add chicken broth, green onion ginger juice, cooking wine, salt and monosodium glutamate, and chicken essence from Tailale, adjust the salty and umami flavor, and then add the wet starch to the thin lotus root. Then, pour the lotus root, shrimp, and turn evenly.Serve with sesame oil.

How to choose?

1. Look at the real color.

The solid color is bright and white, the shape is round without damage, and the powdery fine particles are attached. The thickness is generally waxy, the appearance is white but the gloss is insufficient, and the blobs are blocking.

The yellow ribbon may be obsolete, and its thickness is also obstructive.

2. Look at the solid shape.

The solid particles should be round and uniform in size.

3. Bite it with your mouth.

It is necessary to choose dry, otherwise it is prone to mildew. To identify whether it is dry, it can be consistent with mouth bite, tooth bite is crispy and fragile and dry, with a slight identity tide.

4. Smell the nose with your nose.

If there is any smell, if there is a sulfur smell, it may be processed after being moth-eaten.

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[How to measure blood lipids at home]_How to test_How to test

Middle-aged and elderly people are prone to elevated blood lipids, and once they occur, blood lipids cannot be dropped all at once, and they need to be constantly adjusted to maintain blood lipids within a reasonable range.

Therefore, in this process, it is very important to constantly grasp the situation of your own blood lipids. It is necessary to master the method of measuring blood lipids at home.

So how do you measure blood lipids at home?

Let’s take a look below.

There are five methods for self-testing hyperlipidemia.

If middle-aged women have yellowish-brown eyelids, blood lipids have increased.

Eyelid warts are small yellow rashes that mostly grow on the eyelids and can even cover the entire eyelid.

It may be as large as rice grains in the early days, slightly selected.

It should be noted that the tarsal skin is separated from the normal skin and the border is irregular.


If the fingers cross yellow, it means that the plasma and neutral aunt are too high.


If the body’s hypertension is too high, the patient’s eyelids, elbows, thighs, heels, etc. will bulge yellow patches.


When the neutral adult is too high, the patient’s wrists, arms, hips, chest, chest and other parts of the skin will appear a lot of soft soybean-sized small acne scars, the skin is normal skin, no pain and no itching.


People with diabetes accumulate high blood pressure in the liver, which can cause liver enlargement. The patient can touch the lower edge of the liver when breathing deeply.

High blood fat diet should pay attention to the following points: 1, usually eat more light food, some more vegetables, more fruits can reduce blood lipids, so in the usual diet, you must eat less meat,Eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as foods that contain thicker fibers, such as apples, hawthorn, broccoli, celery, tomatoes, etc.

2, excessive intake of sweets or starch, such as rice, noodles, cakes, biscuits, etc., can be converted into triglycerides in the liver, causing endogenous triglycerides in plasma to increase, which is not conducive to regulation and lowers blood lipids.

3. Eat less high-cholesterol, high-fat foods that can cause triglyceride to increase, such as egg yolk, fatty meat, animal offal, crab, river shrimp, animal oil, etc.

You can usually choose to eat a variety of lean meat, milk, vegetables, soy products, jellyfish, etc., especially eat more vegetables containing more cellulose, can reduce the absorption of intestinal cholesterol.

4. Drink plenty of tea daily. Tea polyphenols in tea can inhibit lipid peroxidation, anticoagulation, fibrinolysis, antiplatelet aggregation, lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, atherosclerosis, and protect the heart muscle.
Drinking tea is best to drink green money willow horseradish leaf tea (golden tea, moringa leaves, kudzu root, mulberry leaves, green money willow leaves, corn whisker), you can drink before and after meals, which can greatly reduce the highBlood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia.

5. Eat more grains, fresh seeds and meat.

Eat less junk food and more food with additives.

Examples include sausages, bacon, ham fumigated and frozen foods, and canned foods.

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[Can you eat pork with fever]_Fever_Effect

In the process of fever, a large number of people have no appetite, because the fever becomes a person’s body temperature becomes higher, and it will also make a person feel top-heavy, light-headed, dizzy, nauseous and nauseous.

And in order to prevent the fever from causing more serious consequences, everyone must treat their fever symptoms in a timely manner, and pay attention to their eating habits during the fever, try to eat some light food, but you can continue to eat pork during the fever?

Can you eat pork with a fever?

Everyone is very concerned about this problem, because everyone knows that this problem will be related to their physical health, and often it will affect their normal life.

When it comes to fever, maybe many people will behave indifferently, because they don’t need to worry about the fever when they are in jail, it will be fine in a few days, and sometimes they don’t need the help of drugs.

In fact, the above situation exists, but it is still rare.

Most of the time, the fever still needs medical treatment. In addition, there are many foods that can not be eaten during the fever, because these foods may worsen a person’s fever, which is something everyone is worried about.

So, let ‘s talk about the issue of whether pork can be eaten by fever.

Fever can be pork, just don’t eat spicy and cold food.

Fever diet taboos: 1. Do not eat eggs. Many people think that eating eggs when fever is sick is not only light and easy to digest, but also nutritious, which is good for restoring health, but this method is unscientific.

Fever patients eat eggs, because the body increases in the body, because it can not be dispersed and distributed, in fact, “oil on the fire” will burn more severely.

Doctors say that eggs are rich in nutrients, but they should not be eaten during fever, especially fried poached or scrambled eggs.

Eating eggs exacerbates the symptoms of fever, as eggs mainly contain egg protein and ovoglobulin, which is a complete protein, 99.

7% can be absorbed by the body.

After eating eggs, there will be a certain amount of extra content, which will increase the body volume and exacerbate fever symptoms.

2. Don’t eat river mussels, also known as river mussels. It has natural cold discharge and has the power of nourishing the shade and cooling.

In addition, due to environmental pollution and excessive heavy metal content in river fresh, the elimination of fever and stomach is aggravated by the workload, which is not conducive to absorption and excretion.

3. Don’t eat persimmons. The persimmons are inherently cold and condensed and stayed. They have the effect of nourishing yin and moisturizing, but do not cause wind-chilling fever crowds. More food will easily converge, delay the healing of the fever, and worsen.

4. Avoid coriander. For people with fever, coriander must be avoided. When we have a fever, we will all have different levels of qi deficiency, and coriander flavor will dissipate. If we eat it at this time, it will consume gas.Thereby aggravating the degree of fever.

Not only people with a fever cannot eat coriander, but people who are prone to fever should also stay away from coriander to avoid causing or aggravating qi deficiency.

Experts point out that postpartum patients who have recovered after the illness often have a certain degree of qi deficiency, so they should also avoid eating coriander.

Therefore, people with fever can actually eat pork, and proper consumption of pork will not aggravate the fever and will not affect their physical health.

In addition, when you encounter a fever in your life, there are many foods that you cannot eat, as mentioned above: eggs, river mussels, persimmons, coriander, etc. These foods are allIt is not edible.

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East Sunshine (600673): New Materials and Chemicals Continue to Enjoy Environmental Dividends and Expected Growth in Pharmaceutical Business

The company’s 北京桑拿洗浴保健 electrode foil and fluoride industry environmental dividends continue, and downstream demand is stable. It is expected to make steady progress in 19 years; in the pharmaceutical sector, research and development investment will continue to promote continuous development in research categories, continue to be optimistic about the company’s future development potential, and maintain “strong recommendation-A “rating.

Leading in the aluminum electrode foil industry, grasping the contrarian expansion, it is now entering the harvest period.

The company has established a new electronic material industry chain of electronic optical foil-electrode foil (including corrosion foil and chemical foil) -aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The main and core competitive products are electronic optical foil and electrode foil (including corrosion foil and chemical foil)) Is aluminum foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

The company is advancing the expansion project of chemical foil production line in Ulanchabu, with a design capacity of 30 million square meters, of which 7 million square meters has been put into production recently, further increasing the company’s production capacity.

In addition, relying on Ulanqab’s low power cost, the company’s cost of copying has gradually increased and declined.

Accurately grasping the wind direction of the industrial chain, the fluorine chemical business has made steady progress.

In 18 years, the company’s revenue from chemical products was 20.

8.1 billion, +45 per year.

12%, gross margin 33.

twenty two%.

The company has developed the chloro-alkali chemical industry-methane chloride-fluorine-fluorine resin chlorofluoro cycle industrial chain from the process of corrosive formation of electrode foil. The main fluorochemical products are new refrigerants, and the downstream industries include air-conditioning and household refrigerators.

18 years of refrigerant sales reached 3.

7 Initially, at least +55.

32%; Considering the increase in the downstream industry’s mass base and the company’s product penetration rate, the chemical business is expected to stabilize and progress.

The integration of pharmaceutical assets brought new breakthrough points to the company.

In July 18, the company has passed the additional issue for a price of 32.

200 million acquisition of Dongyang Medicine 50.

04% stake.

Dongyang Sunshine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in drug development, production and sales.

24 ppm, +131 a year.

twenty two%.

Its core product Kewei can occupy more than 90% of the domestic oseltamivir phosphate market, tandem insulin and 1.

New class 1 hepatitis C drugs will be launched this year.

The sales revenue of Dongyang Pharmaceutical in 18 years 南宁桑拿 was 25.

1.6 billion, +57 per year.

08%; Net profit 9.

43 trillion, +45 a year.

66%; gross margin 83.


Profit forecast: It is estimated that the net profit of the mother will return to 2019-2021.

69, 15.

33, 18.

160,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS0.

42, 0.

51, 0.

60 yuan, the current market value corresponding to PE is 18.

4, 15.

2, 12.8 times.

As the company’s three businesses are in the boom phase, the rest has room for improvement, maintaining the “Highly Recommended-A” level.

Risk warning: raw material price fluctuation risk; downstream demand is less than expected; capacity expansion and construction are less than expected, etc.

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Shanghai Construction Engineering (600170) Quarterly Report Review 2019: 1Q19 Revenue Growth Rate Innovative High-tech Breakthrough Orders Continue High Growth

Event: Shanghai Construction Engineering released the 2019 first quarter report, and the company’s revenue in 1Q19 was 合肥夜网 471.

1 billion, +51.

6%, net profit attributable to mother 13.

2 billion, a year-on-year increase of +147.


The revenue growth rate in 19Q1 reached a new high, and the single-year growth rate in the new decade continued to be high: The company’s revenue growth rate in 1Q19 exceeded 35.

One piece reaches 51.

6%, the highest growth rate in recent years.

In view of different industries, the company’s 1Q19 construction construction / real estate development / design consulting revenue YoY 47.

9% / 140.

6% / 80.

7%, the revenue share was 79.

3% / 8.

3% / 4.

9%, we judge that the high growth of the construction / design consulting business benefited from the company’s in-process project overlap / advancement, and the real estate development business benefited from the concentrated carry-over of real estate pre-sale (1Q-19-5).


Benefiting from the improvement of the strategic objectives of the Yangtze River Delta integration, the regional capital investment boom is high, and there are a large number of orders in hand. It is expected that the high growth rate of traditional main construction business income is expected to remain. Considering that the growth rate of pre-sale contract of houses in 16/17 will slow down, real estate is expected to decrease.The growth rate of development business income will gradually decline.

The value of new contracts signed in the first quarter of 19 was +30 year-on-year.

8%, continued high growth, and the number of new contracts signed in the first quarter of 2018 reached 3,253.

900 million, one of 18 years of revenue.

9 times, plenty of orders in hand.

The gross profit margin in 1Q19 dropped significantly, and the profitability is expected to gradually pick up: the company’s gross profit margin in 1Q19 is 9.

5%, down 2 every year.

0, gross profit margin is obvious.

By industry, gross profit margin for construction / real estate development / design consulting is 5.

9% / 30.

7% / 32.

8%, ten years change -2.

4 / -8.

5 / + 8.

5pcts, the gross profit margin of the construction business is gradually increasing or related to the increase in the proportion of large projects and the incorrect recognition of revenue / costs. It is expected that it will gradually return to a reasonable level in the future (?
7%), referring to the company’s historical situation, the actual business gross profit margin may still fall slightly.
The gross profit margin of the traditional main construction business is returning, and it is expected that the comprehensive gross profit margin will gradually rise.

During 1Q19, the company’s expense ratio decreased by 1 year-on-year.

5% to 6.

4%, excluding trading financial assets increased by fair value measurement6.

900 million (the implementation of the new financial instrument specifications in 19), the company’s actual net interest rate fell to 0.

4 points to 1.
3%. It is expected that the net interest rate attributable to mothers will gradually improve with the improvement of gross profit margin in the future.
Significantly benefit from the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and maintain a “Buy” rating: Shanghai Construction Engineering is the leader in the construction of the Yangtze River Delta region, and the company will significantly benefit from the strategic integration of the Yangtze River Delta and the high prosperity of regional infrastructure investment.

The company has abundant orders in hand and strong performance guarantee. Considering that the revenue growth rate exceeded expectations, the fair value gains brought about by the new implementation of new financial instruments in 19 increased, and the company raised its net profit forecast to 34 in 19-21.



400 million (previous value was 30.



100 million), the current price of PE is 9 respectively.

6x / 7.

9x / 7.

2 times.

The current price corresponds to 1 for 2019 PB.

0x, refer to the average PB of comparable companies.

2x, maintain the company’s target price of 4.

39 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: real estate business, fair value gains change rapidly, infrastructure investment is less than expected

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