China Cup China Men’s Football Team vs Croatia Premiere Video Live Address
At 15:35 on January 14th, the finals of the first and third China Cup International Football Championships took place at the Guangxi Sports Center, and the national football team played against terrorism.National Football VS Colombia live broadcast address: LeTV Live (without plug-in) CCTV5 (CNTV without plug-in) Chinese men’s football VS Croatia side starting level 1 has been announced: Chinese national team’s starting goal appearance list (541): Goalkeeper: 1-Shi Xiaotian;Defenders: 4-Fan Xiaodong, 6-Gao Zhunyi, 5-Yang Shanping, 17-Cui Min, 13-Deng Hanwen; avant-garde: 11-Yin Hongbo, 8-Cai Huikang, 3-Pei Shuai, 15-Chi Zhongguo; forward: 21-Hui Jiakang; Substitutes: 7-Wang Jingbin, 10-Hu Rentian, 12-Zou Dehai, 14-Feng Gang, 20-Wang Jinxian, 22-Chi Wenyi’s first starting exit appearance list (442): Goalkeeper: 12-Priscaro; Defenders: 19-Pivaric, 4-Datkovic, 13-Filipovic, 17-Hulanovic; Avant-garde: 3-Barisic, 8-Antolic, 15-Misic, 16-Tudor; Forwards: 9-Malici, 14-Ivanushech; Substitutes: 1-Rivakovic, 5-Barak, 6-Matas, 7-HereTum, 10-Andrea Serevich, 11-Pelosevich, 18-Ozobi? lost to Iceland 0-2, Croatia defeated Chile 2-5 after penalty shootout, China and Croatia lost in ChinaCup 3, 4 meet in the game.In history, the two teams have no record of confrontation in the international A-level competition.According to the latest FIFA national team ranking, the Chinese team ranked 81st with 424 points and ranked 8th in Asia; Croatia ranked 14th with 1103 points and ranked 9th in Europe.  Judging from the battle of China-Iceland, most of the national football team members are indeed not in the best condition, and the players’ physical fitness is difficult to support the 90-minute game.According to the agreement between Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Club and the National Football Team, Shenhua International will return to the club to prepare for the AFC Champions League after the first match of the China Cup. Therefore, Cao Yunding, Mao Jianqing and Bai Jiajun left the national football team. Li Jianbin had previously withdrawn from the national team due to injury.  In addition, Shang Gang right-back Fu Huan also left the national team due to injury. Chen Zhongliu did not participate in training for two consecutive days due to physical reasons. Therefore, in the battle of China and Croatia, only 17 players can compete, including 3 goalkeepers.  There are three adjustments to the national football index for the starting match against China Ice. Shi Xiaotian, Cui Min, Pei Shuai replace Chi Wenyi, Cao Yunding, Mao Jianqing.Seven conservative rotations, Pivaric, Filipovic, Antolic, Misic still start.  In the national football, Lippi sacrificed a 5-guard formation, the goalkeeper was Shi Xiaotian, and from the left to the right, Fan Xiaodong, Gao Zhunyi, Yang Shanping, Cui Min, Deng Hanwen, Cai Huikang, Pei Shuairen served as double backs, Yin Hongbo, Chi Zhongguo hit a double front waist, can pull the edge when defending, Hui Jiakang as the single arrow.

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