20115 Asian Cup without a draw to break the 84-year dust record in world football
On January 19, after the whistle of the national football match against North Korea ended last night, a record of 84 years was broken.There have been no draws in the 20 group matches held since the start of the Asian Cup.In the 1930 Uruguay World Cup, there was no record of a tie in 18 consecutive games.It is worth noting that this record may further improve the subsequent schedule.There are no draws in this Asian Cup dating back to 84 years ago. In the first World Cup in 1930, a total of 18 games were played from the first to the final of the group stage, and there were no draws in these 18 games.Created a record of no draw in the World Series. In this year’s Brazil World Cup, 12 games have not yet been drawn before the start of the game. This has been a continuous record since the 1930 Uruguay World Cup. The remaining 10 games before the start of the gameThere were wins and losses in the field. The previous record was maintained by the Italian World Cup in 1934. The long-term record is 9 games. Other intercontinental competitions have either been interrupted due to the schedule or because of a long history. There is no way to break this record.The reason for the draw in the competition is usually because of the points system used in the group stage. A draw is often a result that is satisfactory to both parties. The final stage will not be a rush, and in the knockout stage, the two sides are more cautious, so the draw is moreEasy to produce.  Since the start of the Asian Cup, the teams have played offensive football. The host Australia has scored eight goals in the first two games. The UAE, Jordan, Japan and other teams have scored more than 4 goals in the game. ChinaAfter the team was also unpopular, all three games were played, and in the Asian Cup before the national football, even the first game in the 2004 local battle also achieved a draw, and the two subsequent matches have also produced a draw.After the Chinese team ended the Group B event with a victory yesterday, it finally broke the long-standing record.(Datian)

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