Lin Yilian opens a yoga sing to keep young

Lin Yilian appeared in Beijing to publicize her “Yi Yilian” 2010 Beijing concert, which will be sung in the Capital Stadium on April 17.

Unlike previous big-name singers who are accustomed to belatedly late, Lin Yilian arrived on time with a new spring outfit “lightly on the battlefield”. She said that she would like to become a female rock singer because she likes listening to rock now.

  As a young man in yoga, many of Lin Yilian’s fans came to the press conference yesterday. Some of these fans are already mothers, and some are middle-aged people with successful careers. The host also humorously referred to the fans who sent flowers.”Big Brother.”

Because of the presence of these “mature” fans, everyone also recalled that Lin Yilian’s debut has been more than two decades.

Although the fans are no longer young, Lin Yilian’s appearance has not changed much.

Yesterday, she wore a motorcycle jacket and a short skirt, which was both fashionable and vibrant, with no traces of years on either end.

Regarding her long-lasting appearance for so many years, Lin Yilian said that she had her own magic weapon. She revealed: “I do yoga every day, which is good for maintaining my health and body.

I often do an inverted pose in yoga to fight gravity.

During the concert to play the “Yi Yilian” Beijing concert, Lin Yilian had to show her 9-tone melody sings in succession, and also transformed into a female rock singer to increase the popularity of the concert.

Normally, it is quite low-key. Lin Yilian, who is steady, pointed out that she would try to rock when she joked, “I like listening to jazz when I was young, but now I like rock when I grow up.

I know that Beijing audiences are very fond of rock, because this is the most direct way of expression. I hope that the rock songs at the concert will evoke the emotions of the audience.

Lin Yilian, who always sings old songs at each concert, will re-interpret the works of several young singers at this concert, including Zhang Zhenyue’s “Love Me Don’t Go” and Sodagreen’s “Little Love Song””, Fang Datong’s” Love Love “and Lu Guangzhong’s” I Love You “.

The host joked yesterday that Lin Yilian should do this to put pressure on the newcomer. Lin Yilian hurriedly explained: “No, they are all male voices. I sing with female voices, and I will sing different feelings from them.

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