Doubts about the use of troops | The main defender of the Super 16 team is worse than the injured Zhang Lin Peng?
Zhang Linpeng, who was injured, scored into Oolong.Figure / vision Chinese national football team against the Philippines, Syria has not been able to get the desired result in a row, although the team members have problems, but Lippi’s decisions are also debatable.In previous years, Zhang Linpeng has been appointed as the best right back in the country, and none of them.Note that it is right-back and not center-back.However, Lippi did not believe in evil, and instead wanted to transform Zhang Linpeng into a central defender, perhaps injured by the Asian Cup.At the UAE Asian Cup earlier this year, the country was out of a more foolproof way.In the quarter-finals against Iran, Feng Xiaoting, Liu Yiming and Shi Ke’s three central defenders were slammed by opponent strikers.Lippi was furious after the game, and the three of them never entered his sight again.It has to be said that Lippi is stubborn in the selection of people. He does not give players who have made mistakes a chance, and he has to use all the players he finds.Zhang Linpeng had an injury before the match. Only he knew whether the accidental score of Oolong was caused by the injury.However, knowing that it was hurt or even entrusted with a heavy responsibility, Lippi was unconsidered.In the list of 23 people before the game, only Zhang Linpeng, Zhu Chenjie placed the authentic halfback, where have all the other halfbacks gone?At present, there is a lack of excellent central defenders in China, but it is not to the extent that no one is available. At least half of the main defenders of the 16th Super League team are not worse than Zhang Linpeng who played with injuries.Zhang Linpeng’s oolong is just a microcosm of Lippi’s stubbornness.In the Air Force’s selection process, Lippi seems to have fallen into a mindset. Players with outstanding performance in the league cannot always get into Lippi’s eyes.This may be related to Lippi’s selection method. Before the national team training competition, the task of watching the league’s selection of players was completed by his assistant. Lippi spent more time in Italy.This working mode may also be one of the reasons for the selection bias.In addition to Zhang Linpeng, Exxon’s use has also been criticized by many previous people.The highest and best at the center position is naturalized because the national football team hopes to use his impact and ability to solve the long-term problem of power weakness.However, in the Air Force’s top 40 games, Lippi all let Exxon play as a winger. Exxon, far away from the penalty area, was naturally unable to exert its technical and physical advantages. Lippi’s move was tantamount to self-defense.

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