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[Can pregnant women eat fried yogurt?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Usually people often drink yogurt. Parents also like to give their children yogurt. Drinking some yogurt is good for health, especially for mutual health. Of course, the nutrition of yogurt is also very rich.It is a kind of trace element. In summer, you can drink yogurt with ice cold, and it has a sweet and sour taste, so it is very popular. Can women during pregnancy eat fried yogurt?

Can pregnant women eat fried yogurt?
1. Can pregnant women eat fried yoghurt? 2. Six foods are beneficial to pregnant women. 1. Whole wheat products include whole wheat crackers, cereals, whole wheat bread, etc .; 2. Pregnant women should consume about 1,000 milk and soy products every day.Calcium in milligrams, as long as 3 cups of skim milk can meet this demand; 3, there are many types of fruits and fruits, which can be supplemented with vitamin C, folic acid and a lot of fiber, which can help pregnant women maintain their strength and prevent fatigue caused by lack of water; 4,Lean meat causes iron due to lean meat and is easily absorbed by the human body; 5, dark-colored vegetables often means high vitamin content; 6, nuts such as dried fruit peanuts are rich in unsaturated adults that are good for heart health.

Third, “six do not eat” foods that are harmful to pregnant women 1, spicy hot seasoning peppers, peppers, peppers, etc. easily absorb water in the body and reduce metabolism and secretion, causing stomach pain, hemorrhoids, constipation 2, diet with caffeine that has an exciting effectAfter being heavily metabolized by pregnant women, the beverages and foods may cause nausea, vomiting, headache, and rapid heartbeat. 3 The metabolism of sweets and sugars in the human body will consume a lot of calcium, which will affect the development of teeth and bones. 4,MSG and MSG are usually ordinary condiments, but pregnant women should pay attention to eat less or not; 5, pregnant women with ginseng, longan and other supplements have a large amount of yin and blood deficiency. Consuming ginseng can cause qi and stagnation, aggravate early pregnancy reaction, edema andHypertension, etc .; Longan helps warm the sun, and pregnant women are prone to hemorrhagic fetuses6. Additives and taboos contained in canned foods containing additives are risk factors for teratogenesis and miscarriage.

Fourth, foods that pregnant women cannot eat: 1, raw beans, green beans, lentils, red kidney beans, white kidney beans and other beans can cause poisoning when fresh or incompletely heated.

2. Raw soy milk Raw soy contains toxic ingredients. If you eat uncooked soy milk, it can cause food poisoning.

3. Roots, stems, and leaves of cassava cassava contain toxic substances. If raw or undercooked cassava is consumed or its soup is consumed, it can cause poisoning, and its toxins can cause neurological paralysis and even cause permanent paralysis.

4, germinated potato toxin-solanine is tens to hundreds of times higher than its fleshy part. Once ingested, mild disturbance of consciousness, dyspnea, severe cases can be caused by heart failure and respiratory paralysis.

5, fresh daylily daylily contains colchicine, this toxin can cause dry throat, burning sensation in the stomach, hematuria and other poisoning symptoms.

Before eating, you need to cook day lily, boil it and boil it in boiling water before cooking.

6, green tomatoes Green tomatoes are rich in toxic solanumene. Consuming this immature green tomato, the mouth has a bitter sensation, and symptoms of poisoning such as nausea and vomiting can occur after eating. Dangerous diseases are eaten raw.

7. Rotten ginger Rotten ginger produces a very toxic safrole.

People eat this toxin, even in small amounts, can cause liver cell poisoning and degeneration.

8. Raw bamboo shoots Fresh bamboo shoots contain natural toxin cyanide. Eating raw or undercooked bamboo shoots may also cause food poisoning.

After reading Xiao Bian’s article, is there an answer to the question whether pregnant women can eat fried yogurt, that is, not eating.

After all, yogurt will contain some additives after all, and it is relatively cool, so eating it will have a certain impact on the baby’s physical development. It is recommended that pregnant women can eat more fruits and cereals.

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